Scottish island for sale – Edward Woodward need not apply

Ever fancied starting your own weird cult on an idyllic Scottish island? Well, if you’ve got £2.5m to spare, you can buy Tanera Mor, the largest of the Summer Isles, after the local community decided not to stage a buyout.

christopher lee

Estate agents CKD Galbraith describe it as a ‘flourishing tourist enterprise and superb family residence’, which is estate agent speak for ‘nine houses, three jetties, a café, a post office and a shitload of sheep.’

As the new laird of Tanera Mor, you can actually legitimately pretend to be Lord Summerisle, and don a mustard coloured polo neck while singing haunting folk songs and firing up the Wicker Man - I mean, BBQ.

John Bound of CKD Galbraith said: ‘With ongoing support and commitment from the local Coigach community, Tanera Mor offers a truly fantastic prospect for interested parties who will very much have the island's heritage and sustainability at heart as well as a fantastic lifestyle.’

The estate agent didn’t mention anything about Britt Ekland in the scud, but I’m sure it’s in the small print somewhere.


  • Sporky M.
    That's a really cheap shot at a dead man.
  • Aunt B.
    John Bound of CKD Galbraith clearly is not dead.
  • chewbaccca
    “Applicants must be able to spell “Tennent’s” correctly.”

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