One in five older people want to downsize

Getting older isn’t all easy chairs and Werther’s Originals you know. For today’s over 55s, money is getting so tight that one in five are looking to downsize because they can’t meet costs on their homes.

golden girls

Retirement specialist Key Solutions found that 19% of over 55s are struggling to afford to run their homes, and 4% can’t pay the mortgage at all. Dean Mirfin, group director at Key Retirement Solutions, said: "There is huge demand for downsizing with nearly one in five or around a million people planning to do so in the next five years."

Many of the people in the survey said that they aimed to raise money by downsizing to help their feckless kids pay deposits on their own houses.

Three quarters of pensioners now own their own homes, compared to half 20 years ago. But instead of selling up and living it up on Saga holidays, they’re moving to tiny boxes and giving their equity away to their children while they’re still alive.

Come on old people! Where's your sense of adventure? What happened to spending the kid's inheritance on pastel coloured leisurewear and condos in Florida? Did the Golden Girls teach us NOTHING?


  • shiftynifty
    Lucy....can you and me get old together.....
  • Paul C.
    Christ man. Have some fucking dignity.
  • Marky M.
    @ Paul Coia Pah! You left your dignity behind when you went on Pebble Mill At One.
  • Ting T.
    No...his dignity was in bits when he did Catchword.
  • Dr Z.
    @Paul Coia: Debbie Greenwood. Ahahahahahaha.
  • badger
    You've crossed the line, Zoidberg. Debbie Greenwood is/was a total honey. A legend. You hear me? And I'm betting you're no doctor either.
  • Paul C.
    Debbie Greenwood, indeed. Now who's fucking laughing?

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