Mumsnet team up with Asda to save our children from sexiness

asda-basketYou've heard of Mumsnet right? Essentially, they're a bunch of Mary Whitehouses in Birkenstocks, all fussing over perceived threats to the nation's children. Now, Asda is teaming up with them so they look like they care as well.

The supermarket is giving the tutting online community the power to help gauge whether their products promote the sexualisation of children. This, of course, comes on the back of those bikinis that Primark sold. If you missed the story, the bargain bin shop were selling padded bikinis for foetuses which apparently exploited the 'Paedo Pound'.

Obviously, kiddie-fiddlers were thrilled when the bikinis were taken off the market because now, they'll be able to see children's nipples as they charge around the swimming pool as opposed to witnessing the illusion of breasts which, if you hadn't twigged, are a very adult trait... and of course, they're not interested in adult traits at all.

Justine Roberts, managing director and co-founder of Mumsnet, said Asda (specifically, the George clothing line) had joined House of Fraser and Mothercare in signing up to its 'Let girls be girls' campaign, which asks retailers to end 'the premature sexualisation of children through their products and marketing'.

Asda asked Mumsnet members for guidance on whether a product it was considering selling fell foul of the campaign aims. Its members' verdict was that the product was 'tasteless, but not overtly sexual'.

Speaking of which...

Next Week: "Are pencils deemed too phallic and are they making our toddlers aroused?"



  • Nobby
    ‘Let girls be girls‘ - does that mean they want them to dress up as sluts or not?
  • Nobby
    Do asda still sell make up for kids? If so, this is just a sham.
  • Yahoo
    FFS, parents buy the kids their clothes. Looks to be a big failure on the part of the parents....AGAIN!!! All of this scapegoating and no one takes responsibility for their own kids. Deplorable.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGun
    Not bad for you. How long until your promotion to Grand Mof (or until someone from the rest of the bitterwallet team gives a remote fuck about by you including you as part of said team) Dum Dum Dum Dum Der Der Dum Der Der and so on....
  • buyer b.
    Principles go out the window when there's a freebie - on the iPad for example before seeing it " What's not to like about the iPad apart from the price? Apple should send us some to product test straight away. They are perfect for our networking, mobile, busy mums" mumsnet MD
  • IP F.
    MUM's GO TO ICELAND for their LOLcano treatz
  • hippy
    didnt asda once sell black and pink lace knickers for 5 year olds. I also think they may have sold a tshirt with tramp or sexy or something on it too. To be honest as someone already said, its the parents buying these clothes which is why shops sell em.
  • Jeffrey A.
    "Mumsnet. Because dads obviously don't have a say in the upbringing of children." - that can be their new slogan. Anyway, thats my rant against the self obsessed, petty trout faced cunty bin liner feminist sluts. I'm off to the park, although with kids dressing as prostitutes and prostitutes dressing as kids, I don't fucking know whether to carry money or sweets anymore.
  • hardrock
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  • Avid
    So, if this exploits the paedo pound, and they were obviously bought by mums for their kids, does that mean mumsnet is a site for paedos?
  • Mr G.
    All this hoohah about paedophiles, when are us paedophobes going to get some attention?
  • vipit l.
    You made some first rate points there. I looked on the web for the problem and found most individuals will associate with together with your website.
  • vippailu v.
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