How crime laden is your postcode?

burglar Attention all curtain twitchers! Calling all the paranoid! You've been worrying about the state of the outside world for a while now, but for the most part, your worries have been based on guesswork and furiously biased news outlets who want to keep you jumpy and petrified.

Well, no more! That's because you can find out exactly how much crime is going down in your area! You can search down to the postcode of your street!

The folks at say that they've got "over 1.7 million Royal Mail postcodes available for search with a crime archive stretching back to December 2010", which is nice isn't it? They add: "Crimes are displayed within a 1 mile radius of the postcode selected."

It breaks crimes down into anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, sexual assaults, drugs, burglary, possession of weapons, public order offences and even tells you the crime that goes around specific streets and nearby pubs and nightclubs.

This could be handy if you're thinking of moving house or are desperate to prove to everyone else that things aren't as safe as they used to be. Anyway, get stuck in and see what it is saying about the street you live on, if you like. If you are the person doing all the crimes, you might want to use it as a tally for your bad deeds.


  • Oliver h.
    [postcode removed] - Editor's note - check the site in the article and put your postcode in there
  • Therese R.
    [postcode removed] Editor's note - check the other comments on this article
  • Bruce W.
    [postcode removed] Editor's note - do check the site that is linked to in the article, ta.
  • senga k.
    [postcode removed] Editor's note - we don't need to know your postcode - visit the website in the article and put it in there.
  • charlotte
    [postcode removed] Editor's note - no, don't tell us your postcode - have a look on the linked website and put it in there
  • meh
    Wow. Just goes to show the intelligence of the average Bitterwallet reader. Unbelievably thick.
  • Mike
  • Euan
    So, if I give it my home postcode: Error: We couldn't find the location you were searching for. Or the postcode for my previous address: Error: We couldn't find the location you were searching for. The postcode for the address before that does chuck up some stats. Since all three postcodes are within Edinburgh, and are fairly old roads (the newest one is 1950s era), it doesn't fill me with too much confidence in the site...
  • bob
    Some people are such dumbasses How they manage to get online when they can't read, is beyond me.

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