Free medicine for children through Minor Ailments scheme

19 May 2015

medicine Getting sick is pain, but help is at hand where you can get free medicine over the counter at a pharmacy near you, if you use the minor ailments scheme.

So how does it work? Well, go to your pharmacy and ask for the minor ailments scheme form, and fill out your order, and you could get your meds through your NHS contributions.

This scheme is meant only for baby and children's medication, and is there to alleviate the burden on the NHS. If you don't need to go to your GP, you don't have to.

If you want more information on this, the NHS have a page about it all, which is helpful.

There's a search engine about the minor ailments scheme, which you can check out by clicking here. Not all pharmacies run a minor ailment service, sadly. If you have a Boots nearby, they're on-board with the scheme. You can check out their information on it all, here.

Basically, if you just need some Calpol or nappy rash cream, you can avoid the wait at the GP's and get it for free at participating pharmacies. This scheme has been around for a while, but it seems there's a lot of people out there who still aren't aware of it, so have a look into it and make the most of this very useful service for new parents which will save you time, as well as money.

If you're an adult picking up a prescription, there's also a thing where you can save money. In some cases, picking up a private prescription is significantly cheaper than doing it through the NHS. Have a look here for more details on that.


  • meh
    Yes, but don't go getting your Calpol free if you don't need to. Otherwise you'll be just costing the NHS more.
  • jaffacake
    when I told her about this scheme, my wife just lectured me about that exact same thing, meh :-) better to buy a generic brand pain relief medicine for kids from wilkinsons than to go to an expensive pharmacy and charge the NHS three times the price.
  • Luna
    The scheme is ONLY for low income, no income and those on benefits, for those who have NO means of buying the medicines and cannot get into the GPs. its it NOT for everyone to get free medicines. There are criteria that one must meet in order to receive the medicines and the pharmacist is the one who has to talk to the parents and see if they qualify. Keep in mind that a £3 bottle of your "free" meds will cost the NHS £8.20.
  • Edwards
    I can see this scheme not being around much longer now it's being advertised everywhere. We'll have a shortage on child medication next!
  • Bob
    Luna, why on earth would it cost the NHS £8.20? That is not how it is funded at all.
  • Sheogorath
    This scheme is meant only for baby and children’s medication [...] No, it's not. It's actually open to anyone entitled to free NHS prescriptions including babies and children under 16. Fact check, please!
  • Quanto B.
    Where did the feral trolley go? That was the best bit about this site...

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