EstatesDirect – the Poundland of estate agencies

The moneybags owner of Poundland, Steve Smith, has his sights set on becoming Britain’s cheapest estate agent. He reckons that he can shift your house for a fixed price of £390 plus VAT, and he’s teamed up with the people behind to launch the EstatesDirect website.

estates direct

Smith, ever the bargain basement dandy, has decided to get rid of the middle man and do it on the cheap. For £195 you can get a basic package which will stick up your home on Rightmove, Zoopla and other sites.

But although EstatesDirect will field calls from prospective buyers, you’ll have to put a For Sale sign up yourself and do all the viewings. If the house sells, you pay another £195. The end. You can pay a flat rate of £1495 to get the extra bells and whistles of a traditional estate agency – like glossy brochures and vicious negotiations – but otherwise, it’s a Kwik Save No Frills kind of a deal.

‘For us, it’s all about giving sellers more control and removing the hefty commission fees associated with the traditional estate agency model’ said Steve, from behind a crate of knock-off Chinese deodorant. ‘We have ambitions to make the UK’s largest, single branded, personal estate agency network within the next few years.’

So will Steve’s cheapo business model mean the end of the sharky, overpriced estate agent in a Burton's tie? Who knows. But Mr Smith is certainly starting to give Easyjet's Stelios a run for his money when it comes to budget crappiness.


  • ihateputtingnamesin
    If I remember correctly, Tesco did something like this a few years ago and was shut down after intense lobbying from the estate agent rep body.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Something like this
  • dino
    anything that brings down the cost of selling homes must be good news however I cant see how this will speed up the process of house selling till law stops sales falling through due to guzump and guzundering -- peeps should pay 5% of sale price up front and that property should be taken off market this would protect both seller and buyer for further fee outlay

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