£1 houses for sale – damp and rats included

Ever thought of moving to Stoke on Trent? (Thought not). Well, now, you can score yourself a derelict terraced house in the land of pottery for just £1.

derelict houses

35 2 bedroom houses in the Cobridge area of the city are being sold off by the local council for the price of a white sliced loaf, with a further 89 to come. It’s all part of a £3m project to regenerate the area, which at the moment looks like Coronation Street after a tram crash.

The local authority will then offer £30,000 home improvement loans to the successful candidates, so they can do things like put a roof on them, and remove all the dead pigeons from the living room.

Stoke on Trent residents get priority in the scheme, and there have already been 600 applicants. But the council are randomly selecting applicants, so if you register your interest by the 21st May, you too could have yourself a pile of bricks to call your own.

With an estimated 870,000 empty homes in the UK, and the majority of first time buyers unable to get on the property ladder - this is the kind of thing that gives you a warm glow.

The only drawback is that you’ll have to live in the birthplace of Robbie Williams.


  • Groovy
    £1 ! To live there... Fuck off
  • dvdj10
    Also if you read the actual article (which we know the "writers" at bitterwallet don't - lets not let facts get in the way of a good diss eh?) you have to have lived in the area for 3 years. So you can't move there for £1.
  • Yubba B.
    The reason why the houses are being offered for £1 is because the area is a fucking dump. Every other house is a 'mosque' and the kids pretty much shit in the streets. Not forgetting about the countless crimes and grooming going on. Even if they paid me the £30k free I wouldn't live there.
  • Yue
    More of this sort of thing.
  • Captain.Cretin
    £1 ?? Overpriced IMHO. I suspect these are houses they evicted people from when they were expecting the "Pathfinder" regeneration money a few years ago - and have been boarded up and empty ever since. Before "Pathfinder" and the property boom you could buy one of these in decent condition for £1,000 - £8,000- not all the neighbourhood were bad; but even the good ones made you want to slit your wrists after a few hours visit, the whole area is so depressing.
  • chewbacca's m.
    Dirtiest people I've ever known are poor white trash living off of benefits. And that is coming from a Christian white female born in this country.. You racist fucking moron!
  • ryouga
    And the dirtiest people I know are middle class students who are used to having everything done for them, that is not a generalisation I have been a student, and you also see this on the Kim and Aggie shows years ago, I have seen places with toilets coated in poo and walls and furniture coated in dirt, alcohol and places stinking like a dump. Isn't pure hate or prejudice towards people on benefits similar to racism, its just hate of people for no good reason.
  • kv
    cheaper in the 99p store
  • *****
    Looking at that picture...I'm thinking...who would want to live nextdoor to Chewbacca?
  • noshit
    I couldn't get my lardy arse through that doorway. I'm out. If your the type who couldn't give a fuck, ethnic background irrelevant, why don't you come and be lazy and poor on the south coast? It beats the shit out of me why you wanna stay up north in the cold. Lazy, poor and stupid? Whilst our workless 'common law' husbands sit at home playing xbox we can meet up at the park. Chain smoke, over eat and ignore the kids.
  • Kevin
    Also got to stay there for at least 5 years as well.
  • ha h.
    this will help alotta people if they have the skills to fix them up i want 1 :D how do i buy 1?
  • HarryMonmouth
    They should sell these in the pound shop. That would be amusing.
  • £1 m.
    Are they six for five pounds or one pound each?

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