Lidl bans junk food at the checkouts

Lidl have become a surprising vanguard of our children’s health by being the first supermarket to ban crisps, sweets and other naughty treats at the checkout. There’s been a lot of hysteria about sugar and obesity in recent days, backed up by compelling scientific evidence that by 2050 we’ll basically all be large blobs of…


Britain lives in filth

Britain lives in filth

Remember Mr Trebus, who lived amongst mountains of poo in carrier bags? Well the rest of the UK are also guilty of being squalid hoarders, according to a survey by market research group ICM. One in five of us has oceans of rubbish we don’t need in our houses, clutter that could fill an entire…

£1 houses for sale – damp and rats included

Ever thought of moving to Stoke on Trent? (Thought not). Well, now, you can score yourself a derelict terraced house in the land of pottery for just £1. 35 2 bedroom houses in the Cobridge area of the city are being sold off by the local council for the price of a white sliced loaf,…