Zavvi suspend all online sales because of Woolworths deal

The effects of the collapse of Woolies have reached beyond the ill-fated brand to claim another casuality. High street entertainment chain Zavvi has suspended all online trading for the time being, less than a fortnight before Christmas.

The problem stems from an arrangement for Zavvi (better known under their previous guise of Virgin Megastores) to receive a significant amount of its stock from Entertainment UK, the distribution arm of the Woolworths Group. Recent events mean Zavvi are struggling to fulfill orders, and given the choice between losing trade on the floor of its stores and losing online orders, have decided to opt for the latter.

If you've previously placed an order with Zavvi, you should have already received an email and been told whether your order has been cancelled.


  • Alex T.
    got no sympathy for them what so ever! Surly a company of this size would have contingency? Lets go back say 6 months, when Woolies started flapping Someone should have thought, 'hang on... we best re-think where we get our stock from...' Idiots! This, and the fact that they a well overpriced is why i never shop at Zavvi!
  • Andy D.
    Let's get them on the Deathwatch list.
  • chilliman
    "Any payment that has been taken will be refunded in full". Surely they shouldn't take payment until an order is dispatched, I have never ordered from them and never will based on that statement!! I agree with Alex above, a big company should NEVER rely on a single supplier, that's madness!!
  • Thir13en
    Like everyone stated, its a BIG company, so 1000's of order, therefore not to take payment takes huge resource, so wouldnt you think to take payment then refund would be less strain? agree with the contingency, but how many suppliers there can be trused at this point? would they provide same quality of service? if not why should Zavvi risk? no win situation then?
  • wanderer
    its ashame to see that a large company like woolies going under but you would have thought with all the companies it supplies a group buy out would have been possible to protect their business interest even to keep the business as a supply chain then sell the name
  • Deathwatch B.
    [...] the collapse of Woolworths; not only was Entertainment UK (the distribution arm of Woolworths) the major supplier to Zavvi, but according to the Guardian, Zavvi owed Entertainment UK over [...]

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