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one-pound-coin If you've been waiting with baited breath for the chance to spend your money on, you're going to have to wait a bit longer.

The company have announced that they won't be going through with the venture that they launched with Poundland founder, Steve Smith. Basically, the family who run the world of pounds can't come to an agreement with those from the land of pounds.

Poundworld announced the joint venture in February 2014 and would provide stock to a site that would, they say, be the first ever online single price point website. Of course, everything costs the same on a torrent, but that's nitpicking.

While Poundworld would provide the goods, other aspects of managing the business, from operations and fulfilment and all that, would be overseen by Steve Smith. It looks like Poundworld didn't think Steve Smith was up to the job of looking after the customers.

Instead, Poundworld plans to launch their own online shopping portal later in the year.

Chris Edwards, a junior trading director at Poundworld commented: "A mutual and constructive decision has been made by both parties for Poundworld to end its association with the brand. We are still committed to online and Poundworld is putting plans in place to go it alone with our own online venture. By doing so, this will enable us to have full control over all aspects of the business ensuring that the site reflects our ongoing brand values and strategy."

"We wish Steve every success for the future," they added, like they'd just sacked some 17 year-old who didn't impress during his probationary period of their first office job.

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