Yodel: the can't cope with all your parcels

yodel The Royal Mail have been complaining about having to deliver to everyone, so they'll be pleased that someone else is having a bad time of it all too. Yodel, the couriers, have stopped collecting parcels from shops because they can't cope with the spike in online orders after Black Friday.

So what's the craic? Well, Yodel say that some people are going to have to wait for 72 hours while they clear their backlog. Now, that might not seem like a big deal to some, but you should know that there's a load of nutters out there who demand everything, AND NOW.

Yodel have told their clients that there's going to be no collections from distribution centres on today. They didn't do any yesterday either. They're hoping that everything will be back to normal on Monday, when of course, they'll have another rush starting because it is the build-up to Christmas.

Hardly inspires confidence, does it?

In a letter to clients, the company's executive chairman, Dick Stead, said that Black Friday and Cyber Monday had exceeded expectations and that, orders had doubled from the same time last year.

"This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but one that we have had to take to protect service levels," he said dramatically.

In a statement, Yodel said: "We would like to reassure shoppers that there is no suspension to our delivery service. Deliveries will continue throughout this period, and we are working hard to ensure that these are made as soon as possible. However, some parcels may be delayed for up to 72 hours."

"By Monday we expect to resume our normal service. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our clients and their customers."

Who uses Yodel? Well, Argos and Amazon for starters, but Amazon assured that those asking for next day delivery will still get their packages in the correct timeframe while Argos were a little more browbeaten and said: "We are very sorry and are urgently contacting all affected customers to rearrange their collections."

"In the meantime, unlike other online retailers, customers have the option of returning items at their nearest Argos store. 90% of the UK population lives within seven miles of one of our 734 stores."

So there you have it.


  • Aelynn
    Yeah, Amazon is lying when they say that Prime customers aren't/won't be affected. So far, 4 separate orders over the last two weeks have been either delayed or returned to the warehouse without the courier even attempting delivery at all.
  • fuqstix
    Tablet ordered on Nov 29th. Yodel still have it in their service centre. It's hasn't moved since Dec 3rd. Looks like Christmas is fooked.

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