Would you buy from OutletBestShops.net?

Recently, while picking our way through the web of scam retail websites, we've discovered plenty more other than Splatt. We're still working our way through them and establishing the links between them. In the meantime, here's a retail website we unearthed this morning that doesn't instill confidence in us - OutletBestShops.net.

Why won't you find Bitterwallet buying from OutletBestShops, then?

• The website claims it was founded in 2007; the domain name was only registered last month.

The FAQ appears to have been cut and pasted from MandMDirect.com (click for full size).

Bitterwallet - OutletBestShops

• The website claims it was founded by Brent Hoberman, founder of LastMinute.com. You need roughly quarter of a second of examining the homepage to appreciate this clearly wasn't the case. Hoberman's bio, and that of OutletBestShop.net's "co-founder" Nicole Vanderbilt, have been cut and pasted from Hoberman's and Vanderbilt's company MyDeco.

Keep your eyes peeled, people - let us know if you stumble upon any other retail sites that give you cause for concern.


  • Nick
    So, do they use £ or $? Prices seem to be in £, but then there's stuff at the bottom advertising stuff in $
  • Skymarshall
    They also appear to think that the hot water bottles are made by both Caravan and Vagabonds.. Be it on my head if I'm wrong, but do the hot water bottles have 2 manufacturers!?
  • Keith
    A good article - for a change! Nice to see you with a story of your own rather than copying and pasting one you read somewhere else. Effort does count you know.
  • Steve O.
    So, Keith, will you be demanding a refund of your Bitterwallet subscription fee?
  • Keith
    No, I think today you finally made it worth the cost.
  • adamck
    Im surprised the gov't doesnt start there own DDOS attacks on these scam sites to bring them down. Would be much easier and quicker way to protect the public from these pirates!
  • Richard M.
    Woo-hoo, taking on a dodgy hot water bottle seller... What next? A harshly worded reply sent to a penis enlargement spam email?
  • Paul S.
    Keith - I hope you point out to Wired when they run stories several weeks after we do, or pick up the BBC when they steal articles from our website. Nobody tends to cause too much fuss when it happens... :) Richard - I'm sorry, would you like a refund too?
  • Richard M.
    Yes please Paul. You can contact me through my Abercrombie & Fitch website: http://www.abercrombiefitchonline.net/
  • PaganWolf
    If you google the address there are a lot of similarly named sites quoting the same address. That's a real wide net they've got for catching card details.

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