Worst Company UK Round 14: 3 vs PayPal and Setanta vs Dixons

Virgin Media and Tiscali Carphone Warehouse beat BT and Natwest moving themselves into the semi-finals.

Update 30/12/08: Due to technical errors with Polldaddy's automatica poll closing system over the holidays, the results of this poll has been amended as of 2:53 on 30/12/08.

At the initial vote count past midnight on 29/12, Natwest led by 64 votes over Tiscali. However, Polldaddy's poll system failed to close automatically as scheduled over the holidays, resulting in some confusion of the end results.

Due to a large number of new votes since, Tiscali has beat Natwest with 1007 votes over 806 votes. 

Polldaddy does not have any in-built timestamp functions to capture actual results at the time when Polldaddy was supposed to close the polls, nor do we have any screenshots at the time of vote count. Therefore, we feel that it is only fair to those of you who put in your votes to go by the evidential end result seen here at the close of the poll. 

And as CPW beat Tiscali previously by a whooping 2138 votes vs 1790, CPW has now been amended as the winner to enter the semi-finals to face off Virgin Media.

On Polldaddy's behalf, we apologise again for this error.

Also, please remember: polls will now be manually reviewed and closed at midnight as mentioned previously in Round 1, so make sure you vote soon to give your favourite company a fighting chance to enter the finals!

Today, it's 3 vs Paypal and Setanta vs Dixons.  So who is it going to be?

This should be a great fight. Happy voting!








  • ODB
    HAS to be Paypal!!!
  • Anon
    Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to vote for Payapl AND 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • yep
    How did Tiscali Lose, when It has been winning all morning (even now, Natwest 45% 789 votes, Tiscali 55% 980 votes) Someone can't count! lol
  • Eshtal
    paypal or Sentanta !!!! yeah Setanta go on ..
  • Flodd
    Paypal without a shadow of a doubt... legalised robbery.
  • SJT
    Dammit. How can I possibly choose between 3 and paypal? It took a while to decide, but Paypal, the robbing b****rds, have clinched it....
  • Craig
    How the hell has Natwest got this far?? I've been with them over a year now and have had no problems at all, was previously with HSBC, now they definetly should have been a contendor, my local HSBC branch is now part time, and if you go in you can't speak to an advisor anymore, it's all telephone/internet based!!!
  • MPG
    Paypal are thieves!
  • Sean
    Without any doubt whatsoever - if Paypal do not win this entire thing then there is something wrong and i call shennanigans. Some people have called legalised robbery, well its dubious whether what they do is actually legalised or not. Having personally had my account with several hundred pounds witheld by them and never released, i hope they burn.
  • Paul
    Got to be Dixons...no customer service at all!!
  • Vince V.
    As of 3am last night, Natwest beat Tiscali by 64 votes. And as mentioned at the start of the competition vote counts get closed at midnight on the day. So make sure you vote now rather than later to give your favourite company a fair chance!
  • Zain
    Paypal without a doubt!
  • Spark
    Well my favourite is now out of the running, although how the dodgy italian bastards managed that I will never know, but it has to be PayPal now and if PayPal doesn't win then I'm calling this a fix.
  • Wayne
    All those commenting that Paypal should win this are obviously with Sky and have never had cause to call Virgin Media "Customer Services". VM are by far the worst company for customer service and will openly admit that they are encouraged to lie to customers in order to close off calls. We spoke to a chap in India who told us that they tell people an engineer will be arranged in 48 hours, even though their guidelines say that the engineer does not need to be arranged for 5 days. The chap in question also claimed he was in charge of the company and the only person more senior than him was Richard Branson (whom he wouldn't let us speak to)!
  • Mark
    Setanta are horrible to deal with and must surely be the worst. You should see the dance they lead you around to cancel. I was going to re-subscribe later, when work eases up, but after spending 2 hours on the phone, with them asking question after question about why i was leaving them, only to be told they needed an e-mail to cancel my subscription. Needless to say the first 5 e-mails bounced back and nothing happened. I would never go back to them now.
  • Guy
    Tiscali: "No I'm afraid if you want to cancel you'll have to pay your remaining contract." Me: "Actually I can because a different guy yesterday told me I could on an account of extremely slow service in the first 30 days" Tiscali: "Oh, ok then..." And Vince it's all very well saying tough luck when people vote too late but it destroys the point of this whole competition if the answer to the question: "What is Britain's worst company?" isn't correctly answered.
  • Mike
    PayPal has to win this compition. I cannot believe they are so far behind three! The only reason this could be, is some buyers have not had the experiences with paypal that largers sellers online do. If only they knew, and stopped wanting to pay by PayPal!
  • Sean
    This competition should be renamed 'Company that most people have had problems with'. 99% of people only use Paypal to buy things with. Ask the other 1% that use Paypal to sell items through, and they would probably sacrifice their own children to see Paypal destroyed and a decent alternative to replace it.
  • steadyeddie
    I'm still waiting to hear why Tiscali beat CPW despite CPW having more votes? Conspiracy? Cock-up? Any chance of an answer?
  • ad
    dear payapl customer , there has been a discrep discreep mess witd your account , log in to the following link and give me all your details as i intend to fuck you over big style , do not worry about unsolicited emails as paypal have been doing nothing about them for the last 10 years so they will also ignore this one also , its not like some bastard has an account the money is paid into so its easy to trace now is it so how hard would it be to arrest some nigerian twat ? , so log in and i will love you love you long time , yours the paypla team ( out to lunch )
  • ad
    HELLOOOOOOOOO , theres been a balls up Thank you for voting! Natwest 44% (803 votes)Tiscali 56% (1003 votes) Total Votes: 1806 Comments (0) Return To Poll PollDaddy.com tiscali won it easly and im not suprised
  • WTF.
    How the heck is 3 beating paypal? More proof that my fellow Brits are chronically retarded.
  • Vince V.
    Hey guys - I've just discussed this with the team, and we've decided to amend the results to reflect what is showing on the polls at time of closing the polls. Here's what happened: Polldaddy's system was scheduled to automatically shut off each poll at midnight on the relevant day of voting. But over the holidays, it didn't. This technical error only recently came to my attention. Here's the initial plan: we wanted to stick to go by votes at midnight to maintain consistency, but as the polls didn't shut properly and we don't have any screenshots at time of poll counting, nor does Polldaddy have any in built 'timestamp' function to track back, it would be unfair to all those who voted, as every vote should count, and the final result IS the final result. The decision: In view that the actual results at close of poll for Tiscali vs Natwest shows Tiscali as the majority winner, we have amended Tiscali as the winner. However, the technical error has also affected CPW vs Tiscali on the 27th, where CPW beat Tiscali by a large number of votes. Therefore CPW has beat Tiscali, moving into the semi-finals. So: I've just spent the last 2.5 hours reviewing every poll and recounting every vote. I've now updated all the relevant posts as of 3:13 am. While I'm aware this may not satisfy everyone (we all obviously have companies we want to win!), I feel that in view of current circumstances that's the fairest way to proceed for all who voted. I wish in hindsight I was able to review each poll manually, but I've been mostly away over the holidays. So I do apologise, and I will personally take full responsibility to ensure that from now until we announce the winner on the 1st of Jan, every poll is manually checked and manually closed off. Even if it means more late nights! :) So let's keep up the spirit of the competition, 2 days until the final winner is announced! Yipee! Ding!!!
  • Funny a.
    What a Mess! Was my bed and I, transported to Zimbabwe whilst I slept? I think you should cancel this right away, and do ONE poll with ALL the companies, and leave it for a week.
  • Funny a.
    [QUOTE] Update 30/12/08 Today, it’s 3 vs Paypal and Setanta vs Dixons. So who is it going to be? This should be a great fight. Happy voting! >>>>3 vs Paypal (Poll Closed)<<<<<< [/QUOTE] LOL
  • Bob
    Can anyone help me? I'm trying to organise a piss up in a brewery but due to letting BW help I appear to have ended up with a fuck up in a whorehouse.

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