Worst Company UK Round 13: BT vs Virgin Media and Natwest vs Tiscali

By popular vote, the final 8 contenders have now come down to:

BT, Virgin Media, Three, Paypal, Natwest, Tiscali CPW, Setanta, and Dixons.

Update 30/12/08: Due to technical errors with Polldaddy, the results of this poll has been amended.

At the initial vote count at midnight on 27/12, Tiscali beat CPW by a number of votes.  Our announcement was made during the manual review past midnight on the day.

However over the holidays due to technical errors, Polldaddy's poll system scheduled to close automatically at midnight failed to function.  We do apologise for not catching this in time.

And due to a large number of new votes between then and the closing of the poll, CPW has beat Tiscali by votes from an overwhelming majority (CPW's majority of 54% 2138 vs Tiscali 46% 1790).

Polldaddy does not have any in-built timestamp functions to capture actual results at midnight on the 27th, nor do we have any screenshots at the time of vote count.  Therefore, we feel that it is only fair to those of you who put in your votes to go by the evidential end result seen here at the close of the poll.

CPW is therefore amended as the winner of this round.

And on Polldaddy's behalf, we apologise again for this error.






  • Gus
    I did not know that nat west was so crap! It is easier to choose another bank and never have to deal with then.
  • MD
    Oh no... BT are behind. They are undoubtedly the worst company in Britain, for so so so so many reasons! Please get voting for BT.
  • JT
    You having a laugh? Virgin better than bt? it takes about 3 of virgins monkeys just to install a line lololololol, seriousley have a word with all the people who have had their bills just go up and up and up with no extra usage.
  • Ed.
    WTF, Virgin are beating BT? How is thst possible? BT are useless and Virgin are great.
  • Pongo U.
    I'm late onto this competition, I see PayPal are still there (runaway winners for sure) but why weren't eBay ever part of the starting line-up?
  • Joe
    How are natwest beating tiscali???
  • dh
    Paypal are absolute fuc**** but they know they can be....
  • yamom
    Fuc* Paypal and Fuc* ebay
  • Ask B.
    There cannot be a company so untrustworthy, that snoops on your browsing and sells your data onto spyware writers and vendors, that cannot be as bad as BT.
  • jc
    How any company can possibly beat Tiscali into being the worst company ever is beyond me, although I think Setanta have a good chance given they employ the same tactic of not cancelling your service when you want it to be cancelled. The competition should be ended early and Tiscali should be handed what is rightfully theirs. Bet bitterwallet can't get through to anyone to tell them about the prize though....
  • Mr I.
    This whole thing is a joke. How did littlewoods get crossed out??? Should have just taken votes for each company and the ones with the most votes are the worst. Not putting two different companies together. This is bullshit and it was the best this shit website could do. Bitterwallet sucks bg1 balls.
  • MBeeching
    Over the last year Virgin customer services have been superb, I would even argue the best I've had to deal with. BT are atrocious, I hate dealing with them and wish there were alternatives in my local area. Some of the phone calls I've had with them have left me fuming. I will however give credit to the BT engineer who was finally sent round, an extremely helpful individual.
  • scouse
    Virgin are ok , not great just ok , BT are a bloody joke , total ripoff another company with an outdated business model focusing purely on getting your money rather than service, virgin arent much better but still better than BT.
  • scouse
    Paypal needs to be top as the worst service ever, when combined with ebay charging you twice for selling goods AND processing your money total bunch of tossers.
  • batesie
    i second that scouse, paypal/ebay have the biggest con going ever. they are the online payment MAFIA!!!
  • Pongo U.
    Don't sell eBay/PayPal short; they don't just charge you twice........insertion fee, final value fee, PayPal fee........that's three. If you try to withdraw less than £50 from PayPal there's another fee. That's four. Reserve price on eBay? There's number five. Totally corrupt, the pair of them.
  • dee
    BT for the win! Absolute money grabbers! Has anyone seen the costs they charge for repairs/a call out?
  • George
    Dee, the engineers that BT Retail send out are Openreach Engineers which is a separate group business. The majority of the other (non-cable) operators also use Openreach engineers and charge the same price.
  • Rob
    Has anyone noticed that the ribbon shouldn't exist- if you follow it round the front becomes the back. Oh and Virgin's policy of treating you with no respect until you want to leave and then offering you value is all wrong. Overall, paypal are gangsters. You lose at every stage of the process.
  • Fuk s.
    Shatwest should be the winner, they are just sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo SHIT
  • Fuk s.
    OH and BT are cunts too :)
  • Mitch
    Paypal and Three against each other :-( They are the worst two companies I've come up against. The customer service from both was DISGUSTING, and I even considered taking legal action against Paypal. Sod the pair of them, hope they go bust!
  • yep
    Tiscali Lost somehow: Natwest 45% (789 votes) / Tiscali 55% (980 votes) Hmmmmmmm, let me check my abacus!?
    Try and go to offcoms website and read up and u will find most of the crap BT has to deal with is because they are being made to bend over and get shafted by every other 2 bob company who wants to use BT's network. yes their customer service not good enuff but try and tell me one that is .VIRGIN isnt one of them
  • Loops
    I don't know why natwest are even in there, I've banked with them my whole life and they've been fantastic, I have never had a problem.

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