Worst Company of 2012 - Yodel v Tesco

Here’s your third Worst Company in Britain 2012 quarter final, and it’s gagging for your votes to be liberally scattered all over it.

In one corner we have Yodel, the courier company that missed out on winning the big prize last year by a hair’s breadth. They’ve have a solid year since then and will be hoping that they can go one further this time around.

In the opposing corner is Tesco. It’s been a quiet 12 months for the supermarket giant with an absence of major controversy and it’s going to be a big ask for it to beat the mighty, diabolical Yodel.

You’ve got until the end of Wednesday to vote and the other quarter-finals can been viewed and voted upon here, if you’re that way inclined. More tomorrow…


  • Mustapha S.
    How the fuck did tesco make the list? Did someone have a spaz about not receiving their 50" Panasonic plasma for £1.99? Other than shit home delivery - fruit and veg usually on best before by the time it arrives, I don't get what the problem was. Yodal 1/100 Tesco 50/1
  • Yodel A.
    How on earth Yodel consistently fail to win this year after year defies belief. No commercial enterprise, anywhere on the planet, is as PROFOUNDLY SHITE as the SHOWER OF BASTARDS that is Yodel (née HDNL, née Reality, née Gus, née White Arrow, etc etc).
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Surely this should be the final.... both are a sack of dog spunk.
  • Carl
    What the flip is Yodel?
  • Chris
    Absolutely, completely and utterly has to be Yodel -they should be awarded first prize straight away and the contest should be for second prize only!
  • Avon B.
    Tesco? TESCO? Are you kidding? Or have the bags of shit at Royal Mail changed their name to Tesco to try and offload the fact they're useless bastards?
  • Expendable B.
    Yodel are rotten incompetents, but Tesco are actual, literal slave drivers. So I voted for Tesco.
  • william r.
    Wow! You lot must be big men to use all that profanity - your families must be proud.......!
  • Colin
    Andy, were all the posts nominating HUKD and Dry Tinder Ltd that you removed be counted, they definately got more votes than the BBC so surely they will be in the voting stages?
  • Big N.
    @william reohorn Your new here aren't you?
  • Jeebus
    Yep, fuck Yodel. Tesco are shit but not noticeably shitter than any other big supermarket. Yodel are a different class of cunts however. Possibly the worst company I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.
  • Captain W.
    It's nothing to do with being big men. It just happens that "PROFOUNDLY SHITE", and "SHOWER OF BASTARDS" are extremely succinct (if a little understated) ways of describing the performance of that crowd now calling themselves Yodel
  • Sicknote
    I don't shop at Tesco but have been at the rough end of Yodel deliveries from Amazon over the year. Yodel
  • Dan
    If you don't know who yodel are then count your blessings. If you want to know who Yodel are, do a google search. The 1st page is full of complaint forums/ pages and even a watchdog video post. Yodel are ridiculous. Thats why they win vs Tesco
  • bilb
    @william reohorn Couldn't agree more - bunch of foul mouthed benefit cheats with too much time on their hands!
  • Captain W.
    I think I speak for every man here when I say we are collectively hanging our heads in shame. Sh'yeah!
  • Yodel A.
    @bilb, @williamreohorn: SUCK MY REOHORN
  • Jamie
    Yodel do sound terrible. Most corners of the internet have some reference to how they've let someone down. Never have deliveries with them up here so can't comment. Tesco in Edinburgh are always ripping off busy shoppers who don't recognise their deals-that-aren't-deals. The Missus has a phone full of pics her and her friends share and laugh at. Other shoppers don't notice though and end up buying something they shouldn't or wouldn't have. Tesco gets my vote. good luck to both teams though! *snark*
  • 987dildo
    @Yodel Will Fix Again Benefit cheating cunt.
  • LK
    Shocked about the language on here ... Is there a 'small boy' big language concept going on here? Don't know Yodel and can think of 100s of companies that provide worse service than Tescos - so not sure what this competition is about? How about Argos/ New Look/ Matalan for continuesly selling items that are not fit for purpose. Royal Mail and other post/ parcel delivery companies for continuesly failing to deliver parcels on time, the right address and in a state that is acceptable. Internet and telephone companies for ripping us off with "fast" connection - they clearly haven't been to other countries in Europe yet. Mobile companies for selling us phones that hasn't got the features available that we really wanted or connection cover they promised. Energy companies who continuesly rise the prices - but never seem to offer more. Insurance companies that takes your no claim points away because your car gets stolen and the police decides to crash your car to stop it. Rant rant rant rant .... we could go on forever ... So really not sure where Tesco fit in here? I usually enjoy my trip to Tescos if it wasn't for the million of people shopping there using the kind of language above.
  • Yodel A.
    @ 987dildo Let's gas all Yodel employees. They're all going to be walking to be walking the plank sooner or later, and I share your anxiety about excessive welfare payments.
  • amazon s.
    Yodel would love to get rid of all employees, and have self employed only, much cheaper and don't have to bother paying out for holidays,sickness,pension,vans, repairs, insurance,petrol, union, employment rights, maternity/paternity....

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