Worst Company of 2012 - Royal Mail v Post Office Counters

Time for the fourth Worst Company in Britain 2012 quarter final, and it’s a local derby!

It’s a massive head-to-head between the Royal Mail and Post Office Counters. Aren’t they more or less the same thing you ask? No. Not any more. And now it’s out and out warfare as we ask you to decide which one is the worst.

You’ve got until the end of Wednesday to vote and the other quarter-finals can been viewed and voted upon here, if you’re that way inclined. There’ll be another one or two along later today…


  • Liam
    Hobsons Choice. Royal Mail who you deal with are utter crap. My local post office counter is open from the hours of 6 AM to 12 PM Monday to Friday. So I have to leave for work at 6:10. Having to collect a parcel results in me having to book half a day off.
  • Fantastic F.
    Surely it's just the people that use Post Office counters that make them the worst? Either way it's getting my vote...
  • Her L.
    There's a massive and distinct difference between the two: Post Office counters are staffed by little old ladies who order your holiday money, issue a tax disc and help you work out he cheapest way to send that broken crap you sold on eBay. Royal Mail on the other hand, are cunts. Distinct.
  • Yodel A.
    Post Office Counters are idle greedy bastards more interested in selling credit cards and holiday insurance to addled pensioners than getting the queues down. Royal Mail are idle thieving cunts more interested in their pensions than your parcels. Both are the last unreconstructed soviet era throwbacks left in Britain and both deserve to be set up on a pyre and burned. Even so, NEITHER is as bad as Yodel, so I'm abstaining.
  • I n.
    Royal Mail, thieving incompetent wankers who charge more and give less and quite often help themselves to the contents of your packages. Come across too many posties who think your mail is their bonuses, you can bet a lot of coloured envelopes will be going 'missing' this week.
  • jt
    Me: "I'd like to send this to Ireland" POC*: "That will be £44.70" Me: "What?" POC: "To guarantee it will get there by Xmas that will be £44.70" Me: "The present is only worth £5, what's cheaper" POC: "But sir, think of the persons face when they get the gift" Me: "It's only worth £5, what's cheaper" POC: "AirSure is £11.70" Me: "Cheaper" POC: "AirMail is £4.70" Me: "That will do" And I bet it will still get there in time for Xmas. *You can make up your own mind what POC stands for.
  • Jack T.
    Yes, it's definitely got to be the BBC as the worst. Forced to pay for it even if you don't use it. (Followed closely by the other state monopoly Royal Mail, use of which is optional).
  • Her L.
    For any posties out there that are unsure of how to test if an envelope potentially has a cash hoard inside, simply squeeze the edges of the envelope and give the card a shake.
  • Masood E.
    Yes, we're all theiving bastards and there's not a lot you can do about it. Carry on.
  • Alex
    Royal Mail is truly the worst organisation in the world. Not that they are extremely expensive comparing to other couriers (such as TNT, Yodel, UPS, City Link) but they also waste about 20-40 min every time I pop-in to the local post office. I am yet to come across more imcompetent, rude, beuracratic organisation in the world where everything is so problematic and slow yet utterly expensive. And since the prices gone up yesterday - 1st of April, 2013, I will be making every possible effort not to use them!!! R.I.P. Royal Mail!
  • Joxford b.
    Royal Mail are thieving CU9TS!!
  • Steve B.
    Biggest wankers in mail delivery. That was if they actually delivered mail. They wont leave parcels in the dropbox outside my door anymore. What I have to do now to get a parcel delivered is leave my front door wide open all day so that the postie will drop it on the doormat. That worked for all of about 2 weeks. This morning, expecting a delivery. Left door wide open because I couldnt be around, they wont use my dropbox and they certainly wont bother leaving it with a neighbour.......cant believe I havent been burgled doing this........do you know what happened? They left a fucking card on the doormat. The guy actually stood in front of my wide open front door, wrote out a card to say that my parcel was undeliverable and then took it away. Can you believe that? He was standing on my fucking welcome mat inside my front door, literally inside my flat when he wrote the card saying that he couldnt deliver my parcel!!!!!! Fucking wankers. The sooner this company gets it monopoly destroyed the better. There is only one word you can use for these people. Wankers.
  • Gordon c.
    Got any gleenogs?

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