Worst Company of 2012 - HMRC v HUKD

Just two more quarter finals left in our Worst Company In Britain 2012 showdown – and this is a bit of an interesting one.

Here we have two organisations with four-letter abbreviations, both beginning with H – the Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and HotUKDeals. One of them takes your money, while the other tries to save you some of it.

But they’ve both been nominated enough times to make it into the final 16, even if some of the nominees made some hugely actionable statements during their nominations. Which is a shame.

You’ve got until midnight tonight to vote and all the other quarter-finals can been viewed and voted on here. We’ll bring you the final one a little bit later…


  • Her L.
    I once saw an offer for a tin/tub of Quality Street on HotUKDeals for £2.99. What a fucking outrage.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    HMRC beating HUKD on votes?!?!?!?! ... I smell a fix..
  • taz
    some of the stuff posted on hukd doesnt save you money but there is a lot that does you just have to look for it whereas the hmrc costs you money there being paid to do a job if they done it effectively these big companies like boots and vodaphone wouldnt have escaped paying there tax by setting up a postbox in sweden and calling it there home office
  • Mum
    HMRC when are you coming in for your dinner!
  • Captain W.
    HUKD or HMRC made some hugely actionable statements? Really?
  • chris w.
    HMRC sent me an unexpected cheque for over £600.00 . Thats a one off . HUKD will continue to save me money (while helping me spend the £600) LOL
  • Mustapha S.
    Yodel Vs HMRC would be a worthy final. Might Sky+ it.
  • Sipi
    HUKD's are thieving bstards, if I post a link to a deal on Amazon, they add their 'associates' suffix to the link therefore bagging 5% commission on every purchase.
  • EmCee
    I can't agree with Andy Dawson enough, some of the comments aimed at HMRC in the nominations were outrageous. I was disgusted at the opinions of some towards this public body...
  • Captain W.
    What's thieving about adding an associates suffix? How have you lost or anyone following your link lost out?
  • EmCee
    The sarcasm was lost on you then Captain...
  • Captain W.
  • Dick
    @taz "whereas the hmrc costs you money there being paid to do a job if they done it effectively these big companies like boots and vodaphone wouldnt have escaped paying there tax by setting up a postbox in sweden and calling it there home office" They can only do what they are legally allowed to do. It is not the HMRC that is at fault for not collecting the tax, it is the law for allowing them to avoid tax.
  • EmCee
    So this bitterwallet site, purporting to be a champion for consumer rights, is under the control of a for-profit company and has no problem distorting opinion in favour of their paymaster. There were actionable comments against most companies in this competition, that's pretty much par for the course when you allow the disgruntled public their say. It must be massively galling for any writer with any self-respect to have to bend to the will of their paymaster on subjects you try so hard to appear as independent on. One may question one's own integrity...
  • Jamie
    This turned out to be a rather strange event. Where can we see the data for the nominations?
  • Dick
    ^ Bend over and look in the mirror.
  • EmCee
    Censors have been in. Say what you want about the HMRC but not against the site's paymaster...
  • Lord M.
    Say what you like about anything and anyone. That's how the internet works, right? Don't forget to leave some contact details as well, so I can come and get my money.
  • Captain W.
    Sounds like the censors didn't get your sarcasm either ;)
  • Captain W.
    No, it's there, I've just turned blind. My mother warned me this would happen.
  • keith
    What is the point in this if factual comments about HUKD are deleted? Bitterwallet is not going to recover any credibility playing this game. Many of the deleted comments about hukd are logged on another website and the obvious censorship and hypocrisy stinks. Anyway, HUKD/dry tinder limited gets my vote this year
  • Andy D.
    What's the point of a small number of agenda-driven individuals distorting the debate? If indeed one even exists once the agenda in question is removed? Hmmm?
  • Dick
    No-one with an agenda should be allowed to vote. In fact, no-one with an opinion should be allowed to vote. Even better, you should not do any research before voting and indeed not even think before voting. Then it will be a fair vote. Then roll that out for general elections, and we may get a better government :-)
  • EmCee
    All I see are a small number of HMRC-hating agenda driven individuals distorting the debate here Andy…
  • Jamie
    Is the criticism of HUKD because they ban people who post links to deals on smaller websites which doesn't make HUKD money through affiliate linking? Read that online and have noticed a lot of bans there.
  • Tweedskin
    I quite like HUKD. Don't really see why everyone's so pissed off at them.
  • keith
    @Jamie. I don't think that is the crux for the criticism being voiced here. There are a number of distinct topics being raised about HUKD/Bitterwallet. However, serious discussion on those seem to not be allowed despite having relevance. It is amazing, given that those topics are in the public domain and have been discussed in hotukdeals.com feedback. @Andy Dawson . Thanks for acknowledging that you are removing comments from here and allowing some comments noting this to remain. I can see you have been put in a difficult position by your employer. Personally, I don't have a specific agenda. However, I feel the more you censor stuff, the more attention you will attract from people like myself who hate seeing things swept under the carpet.
  • bil007
    @keith You're a cunt.
  • load c.
    Its been 2 weeks since Andy Dawson last slagged off the readers - come on Andy, youre slacking!!
  • Jamie
    @ bil007 Pretty sure most folk would read his post, then yours, and think you're the actual c***.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    To be fair, my nomination was for Bitterwallet and I saw at least three or four for them before posts started getting deleted....
  • Chewbacca
    HUKD is wank. They keep banning my multis when all I do is bam up the immigrants. And all I do is keep using new emails and proxies. The fucking retards.
  • Captain W.
    Please don't take my name in vain
  • DS L.
    Strange, it seems this off shoot of HUKD, suffers from the strong moderation that HUKD does!! Deletes posts, and sweeps things under the carpet.......move along peeps, nothing to see here.
  • Colin
    @ Andy - why censor the comments on here, are only some views allowed? Not sure what agenda you mean either. Did Dry Tinder Ltd leak data then try to cover up what happened? Yes. Have staff or contractors deliberately leaked members data? Yes Do Dry Tinder Ltd pay tax in the UK? No. (funnily you haven't highlighted this like you usually do with other companies) Do Dry Tinder Ltd keep personal data that they don't tell you about? Yes. They are facts, whats the agenda you mention? Oh but for the record, are Dry Tinder Ltd worse than HMRC - no, nowhere close.
  • kv
    This is a fix, Bitterwallet has zero credibility
  • Data l.
    Well said Colin.
  • Pissflaps
    Farce. An absolute farce.
  • dvdj10
    When's the story on Dry Tinder being tax dodging cunts then? You going to call for everyone to boycott and go to TopCashBack?
  • Hello
    how come andy only ever seems to come in and make some sarcastic comments then fucks off when someone questions him on it, bit of a cunt's trick that.
  • johnsacuntsometimes
    Andy Dawson. Deletes posts that are not to his liking. Posts articles highlighting poor service from any other company but the one he works for, therefore influencing voters. Like a spoilt 'I went to University one day a week to study media and have Diploma' brat, openly slags off readers for critizing the site contributors blatant plagiarised/copy & paste articles. Probably had an intimate moment with Mof Gimmers

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