Worst Company of 2012 - EE v Three

Here’s your last quarter-final showdown for today in our Worst Company in Britain 2012 extravaganza, and it promises to be a mighty tussle two mobile providers with ‘ee’ in their names.

Well, in the case of EE, ‘ee’ IS its name. Yes, T-Mobile and Orange are content to lump themselves together under one brand name, so we’re doing the same, allowing them to hoover up votes from disgruntled customers of both of their parts. We’ve paired them up against Three and now it’s over to you to decide which of them is the crappiest company.

You’ve got until the end of Wednesday to vote and the other quarter-finals can been viewed and voted on here. We’ll bring you the remaining two quarter finals tomorrow…


  • OFI
    Got to be fair to EE this yea. Aside from increasingly my monthlg payments shortly after signing a two year contract they've done some great mast upgrades. I now get 8Mbps even in rural Wales :-D Meanwhile my BT managed phone line barely scrapes 2Mbps on a good day.
  • sdutton007
    Why is everybody voting for the first choice? How about this: Who was more evil - Mother Theresa or Hitler? 1) Mother Theresa 2) Hitler And most fuckers will vote Mother Theresa just because it was the first choice...
  • sdutton007
    ^^^ I meant "Mother Teresa" - apologies for my poor spelling!
  • Jack T.
    I want to vote the BBC as worst again Fuck off BBC.
  • Angry R.
    @OFI Work for NBNL do ya?
  • OFI
    No Buns No Life?
  • Joe
    Hard choice, but in the end it has to be Three because of their wank coverage and wank service. Meanwhile, EE have amazing coverage but also wank service. Both are shit compared to O2, who have alright coverage but excellent service; all are infinitely better than Vodafone, who have wank coverage and exceptionally wank service. Vodafone are literally the only network where their MVNO (Talkmobile) has provided a superior service to the actual network itself for less money. And that's the UK mobile market in a nutshell.
  • Yodel A.
    EE are a comedy rip-off, and Three's offshore call centre is apocalyptically bad, but neither are a bunch of incompetent liars (Yodel), over-pensioned idle wasters (Royal Mail/Post Office Counters) or kiddie-fiddling extortionists (the PaedBC), so don't waste your time considering this round.

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