Worst Company Of 2011 - two more to vote on

23 December 2011

wcb-2011-deal It’s Worst Company Of The Year time again here at Bitterwallet and here’s your fifth vote-off in the first round of eight showdowns between the shabbiest companies that the country has to offer.

Ponder for a moment while you decide which you hate most out of BT and British Gas, in a battle between two former nationally-owned companies that were sold off and have constantly pissed you off over the past year.

After that comes the deadly duo that is eBay and Paypal, in the head-to-head that usually causes lots of controversy among certain elements of our readership. Have we pitted them against each other purely out of spite? We couldn’t possibly comment.

You’ve got until the end of Boxing Day to make your decision which of them will progress to the quarter-finals so don’t go making any rash decisions. Catch up with all the voting so far here…

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  • Delenn
    Got to be BT. I know 3 people in different towns now that have a broadband line that cuts off when it rains, yet BT will not repair it. I also know a company that has a live BT owned fibre termination point in their building, yet BT (or any other provider) can't provide fibre to the building for an internet connection. BT, both retail and wholesale, are shocking, and a lot of people are still forced to use them.
  • ben
    ebay and paypal are the same company surely?
  • Larry L.
    @ben Yes, for over nine years even. Weird one.
  • Ian
    BT or British Gas, has to clearly be BT. Poor service when you call them about anything. British Gas on the other hand have excellent HomeCare service, which would not do without. Fixed out boiler without fuss several times this year. ebay/Paypal - it's the same company, but have to say ebay cos of it's stupid seller performance analytics. Makes it too easy for buyers to give you not brilliant reviews, even if you've done well. That and constantly sending, "how to improve your seller rating" mails, when we haven't been on there for a while. Oh, and it's OCD policy of having to name specific items you put on there by brand from a drop down menu.
  • OFI
    Chose British Gas over BT For a number of reasons. Even as a BT customer of many years they were by far the most expensive to set up for my new home so they just didn't get the business. So because of how bad they are they didn't get to be any worse as such! British Gas on the other hand set up my electricity bill for me with an estimated payment each month based on what they suspected I would use for my particular circumstances. However the estimated payment my DD was setup for did not in any way relate to the estimated usage I then received on my bill 3 months later! The estimated usage (by kWh) was spot on, the payment amount not so much.. in fact they'd set me up to be paying almost a 1/3rd of what would be needed.
  • TDR
    These vote shortlists are rubbish. Play and and Tesco are both good companies. eBay and Paypal are the same company!
  • biggeoffc
    BT for sure, I left them years ago and they still send me offers????? to go back to them and pay more for a crap service. Don't they realise that just because they are a big company and used to be a state owned monopoly, charging whatever they wanted for their service, nowadays people want value and a decent service. I left BG as soon as it became possible and haven't looked back since, saving hundreds.
  • Orthopodo
    as pointed out by TDR both paypal and eBay are same company it is just a way for ebay to milk more people.
  • LIAM
    EBay charge ridiculous fees for basically nothing and their support was useless at fixing someone who was buying my items and not paying for them to spam my feedback. EBay have adverts and except for cs they are just a just a website with relatively low overheads, Charing to host pictures is just extortion... Paypal must have certain admin costs with visa and payment protection.

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