Worst Company Of 2011 - the semi-finals

wcb-2011-deal We’re down to the final filthy four in our hunt to expose the Worst Company Of 2011, and what a motley crew it is. The fact that tax-dodgers Vodafone HAVEN’T made it into the semi-finals should make the four companies that HAVE think very hard about what we all think about them.

Anyhoo, enough of our yakking. Here’s your chance to decide who will make it into the grand final. In the first semi-final, you can choose between TalkTalk and Yodel, while Groupon and Santander go head to head in the other.

You’ve got until the end of 2011 to cast your votes, and we’ll have the grand final after the weekend when everyone has got the past year out of their systems and can be all objective and that. All the voting so far can also be scrutinised here.


  • Craig
    I've been with talktalk from the beginning & they've saved me a fortune - free broadband and much cheaper calls. BT are the real baddies here. Yes the call centre is absolute rubbish, use the forum, they have people employed there to sort things out - they're in England and really good. Can't believe they're here & the likes of paypal, ebay, BT, RBS etc etc aren't
  • Mike
    COME ON YODEL YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • scragar
    How is groupon winning santander? I tried to sign up for Santander when they had the cashback offer, they gave me the run around for 3 weeks(They sent me two emails and a snailmail letter telling me what docs to bring, except they always forgot to attach the list, and when I went into my local branch I got told to forget about registering online, they'd handle it locally, only they "lost" my application, how does that even happen?) till the offer closed, then told me my account was opened and I got no bonuses for it because it was processed after the closing date. No-one I know has anything positive to say about them. Groupon however isn't a bad company, they companies they deal with can cause problems or run into difficulties, but Groupon itself has always been quick to respond to my problems and queries. and will even offer a refund on the coupon if the company they're working with fails to provide the service they promised, which is about all they can do really.
  • scragar
    Revoke my previous comment, after some creative Googling I found that they've breached advertising standards 50 times in one year, a little less than once a month. I think I'll be shopping elsewhere for my special offers now I'm armed with this knowledge.
  • wak
    it has to be virgin group. the worst deterioration of service i have ever witnessed.
  • adam
    Yodel Vs TalkTalk is odd, Yodel should be runaway winners for their utter utter rubbish service. @ scragar you should also look at Groupon's allegedly dodgy accounting to up their stock market price and the alleged stories about the high commission etc.
  • Skiii
    How Yodel never won the whole competition has really left me scratching my head. Utterly poo - Amazon should be ashamed to be using them!
  • RichTE
    I cant stand Yodel. Constantly redelivering on the wrong day.. never finding packets in their warehouse (which just has to be 15 miles away) and endless shitty customer service.

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