Worst Company Of 2011 - the final first round ties

23 December 2011

wcb-2011-deal Here’s the final pair of pairings in the first round of our Worst Company Of 2011 award selection process. First up, tell us who bothers you the most out of Tesco and Play.com – you can leave your reasons in the box below if you like.

Then take a few moments to ponder which of the Royal Mail and Santander are the closest thing to true evil that you’ve ever encountered. Again, enhance your vote by having a bit of a bluster in the bluster box.

You’ve got until the end of Boxing Day to make your decision about which of them will progress to the quarter-finals so don’t go making any rash decisions. You can also catch up with all the voting so far here…

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  • Martyn A.
    I must say Play have really gone downhill this year. They used to be very good, but now their free delvery service often takes over a week to arrive. I now avoid whenever possible
  • Zack
    I was with alliance and Leicester which were good until Santander decided to take them over since then my banking experience has been rubbish and i am in the process of switching banks, just an annoyance since have to cancel and re-setup direct debits etc. Out of Play and Tesco will say Play is worst, Tesco have been great this year especially got a few pre-orders early and everything i have ordered has come quickly however the lowering the value of the clubcard points has annoyed me abit but will continue to use Tesco
  • Ian
    Play to their credit haven't been too bad, but definitely not as good as they used to be. Definitely a site not to use if in a hurry! As for Santander, was with them when they were Abbey, and after the takeover, things did improve for a while, but have since gone right downhill. Cock up after cock up, and when you call them, they say you have to go in branch, of if you go in branch you have to phone, or do it online. Definitely needs a one-stop shop policy cos it's been a nightmare. So 2012, new bank for us..
  • Mr P.
    Glad I'm not listed here.
  • Mr D.
    Play used to be ace, now they are shit. They are expensive and slow and they send you an email saying 'please be in tomorrow as your parcel will be delivered and we need someone to sign for it' and you wait in and nothing comes. You then find out they havent even dispatched it yet !! It looks like all their customer relations stuff is done offshore as well as they don't seem to understand plain English.
  • djmetsandy
    Got to say that Tesco has been worse for me then Play.com. I will never use them again for pre-orders after my GOW game didn't arrive until a week after release! Don't use Santander for anything other than my personal loan for my car. Not had it for long but no problems yet. Royal Mail has been great for me this year so sorry Santander but you're getting voted as worst company....
  • zax
    The comparisons are pretty stupid! BT or British Gas? WTF? BT is a telephone/broadband provider. British Gas is an energy provider. BT vs Virgin OR British Gas vs EDF would have made sense!
  • sefton22
    have dealt with play numerous times over the last few weeks & only 1/6 items ordered took longer than expected to arrive (all free delivery) . have only dealt with tesco a few times this year as most items ive tried to buy or reserve were out of stock or only available in limited sizes
  • sefton22
    as for Santander, took me 6 attempts to close my account in june , everytime i was given a different excuse why they couldn't close it then & there (manager not in, system error, active Direct Debit's (they weren't), will take 30mins). Prior to closing the account i could not withdraw the £6.52 balance as it was below the minimum £10 withdrawal fee, which on successfully closing the account they took £5.15 in overdraft fees.....i just laughed & now advise other ppl not to bank with them
  • Sam
    Can't believe of all the companies in the running. Craplins electronics isn't there. Well known if you try and return an item as faulty they take it off you and send it for testing then give 80% of what you paid.
  • qwertyuiop
    Trying my best not to sound racist here (if anyone thinks otherwise though I'll probably not lose sleep over it) but any UK company which outsources its call centre to India deserves to be included in this "worst company" feature. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is very much true in this case. No doubt staff based in India are far to cheaper to hire than UK based ones, but what little you undoubtedly save in wages you lose in pissing off potential repeat customers with ignorant and rude men and women who read from prompts that do not exercise common sense, speak over you when you try and get your point across and keep you on the phone for much longer than needed because THEY don't understand YOU when they do eventually shut their yaps for half a minute to let you speak! 3 mobile will never again have my custom thanks mainly to this (and the rubbish signal strength) Play.com I will only buy from when they have an item for sale for about a fiver less than anywhere else (for blu-rays and games, more expensive items I want a higher discount) BT we begrudgingly remain with as they provide our broadband (for now) as well as our telephone usage. There, I've said my bit. You may now continue with your scheduled programming!
  • qwertyuiop
    Sorry, half a minute sounds like I'm giving them too much credit - try about 5-10 seconds or so.
  • cliff h.
    Where the hell is British Airways? Should leave all the others standing. Truly shockingly awful company.
  • matt`
    Very odd way in which to format a poll, hardly going to have much grounding.
  • David
    As Matt said, a bizarre format in which to conduct a poll. Pretty crummy editorial in my opinion.
  • Frank
    As David said, Bitterwallet should be on this list! Atrocious!
  • Kate B.
    I vote for play.com. I ordered a iPod speaker and got a digital photo frame as they didn't have the speakers in stock so sent that as a replacement. What! Ordered an item for Xmas that didn't arrive. Even after they said they sent it twice. I ordered in November and it's taken me nearly 4 months to get a refund. Apparently their website refund wasn't working even though it said it was and I had to fill in a claim form and post it off to them. I had to send this twice because the first one didn't arrive. The customer service on the phone is appalling and they just aren't interested. Almost as bad a company as Barclays bank IMHO

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