Worst Company Of 2011 - nominations closing TONIGHT!

golden_poo_cropped Okay people - we're REALLY not messing about here. This is YOUR FINAL CALL to get your voice heard if you've been stiffed by some wretched company or other over the past year. We're pumping you all hard for your nominations for our annual Worst Company In Britain. The diabolical overall winner (loser?) of the competition will get to appear in the hall of shame along with past winners Setanta Sports (2008), Royal Mail (2009) and Vodafone (2010).

You’ve got until the end of today (Friday) to nominate the company that has riled you the most over the past 12 months, and you can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK.

For the last time, put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • Tweedskin
    Groupon. They lie, rip off the businesses they are supposed to be promoting, have awful customer service and continue to send emails even though I have unsubscribed many many times....
  • David G.
    Office Depot as someone has stacked some of their boxes in front of the window in the office and it's blocking my light.
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patel - you know why.
  • Mr. P.
    It's a pity we companies can't vote for worst customers, like the fat bastard who keeps whining about the cost of Special Brew. You don't like it? Try milk instead (and I'm just about to put the price of that up too).
  • SgtMunky
    PayPal. Cut the story short, I went away after selling my ps3 for £100, for two weeks. In the early days of my holiday, the buyer requested his money back 'because he didn't receive it'. Paypal 'couldn't contact me for a considerable period time' so sent the money back without my permission. He even put on ebay item received and left me good feedback, but still they sent him my money and told me they could do nothing about it and I should call the police.
  • MrStew
    Yodel. Awful awful courier company. I have had numerous run-ins with Amazon over their continued use of Yodel. I've parcels just vanishing and never turning up, I've been told that they've tried to deliver but nobody was home (we were home) and mostly recently I've had them tell me that they have indeed delivered my parcel to me and that I have also actually signed for it, both of which were false. They're so bad that I no longer shop at Amazon because of them. I would nominate Amazon, but when they randomly choose to deliver my goods with another courier or by, shock horror, Royal Mail, I've had zero problems.
  • Amin
    Groupon Yodel Vodafone Play T-mobile Paypal Couldn’t just pick one
  • otisp
    Connells Estate Agents - Yes we all know that Estate agents XYZ however, these guys are useless, beginning of the year we were lucky enough to buy our new house. After Connells messing around with door keys, it took us 3 days to get into the house we bought. It wasn't until i hired a locksmith to break in could we start moving our stuff in! Took 3 months to get Connells to confirm they messed up and am still waiting for them to pay for the lock smith and the additional storage charges IDIOTS
  • Andy
    Royal Mail. Air Miles/Avios.
  • David
    Home Delivery Network! HDN
  • jo
    Royal Mail. They are the only company I am genuinely mad at because they get away with all sorts of rubbish. They call their recorded mail to international countries "International Signed For" eventhough they don't ACTUALLY obtain and provide you with a signature for it on delivery. All you get is "Item blah blah has passed overseas for delivery in Australia." No more info than that because they refuse to track it any further than that OR obtain a signature. HOW IS THAT SIGNED FOR THEN!?And should you want enquire as to where you can find a copy of a signature, you have to fill out a form and send them more money- and they will only provide the signature 'if possible' (which of course, it isnt because they never obtain one.) False advertising much? Also, Vodafone. I won't even bother talking about them I will just say here, to every friend I know who has gone against my advice and taken out a contract with them, IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT, pay ATTENTION next time.
  • Ben
    Home Delivery Network / Yodel. I understand others, like Paypal and the like, are bad. But I have a special kind of hate for a company who seem to delight in doing the exact opposite of their (very simple) job. Ordered a package for next day? we'll drive it around for you for three days. Won't try to deliver - just give it a scenic view of large urban areas. Don't worry - they don't answer the phones or email. They're the Harold Shipman of delivery companies - you hire them to do something to help you, and they do the exact opposite. At least Shipman did it with a smile. Wankers.
  • Loz
    Yodel/HDNL will get my vote, the festering shower of useless cunts that they are. Though Npower are right behind them, apparently producing a bill on time is beyond them. 40 days or so it took them to send my final bill after I left them for another supplier, and they kept raiding my account in the meantime >:-(
  • Terry
    Sorry forgot to mention, in close second place comes Jean Patrique cookware. cheap prices (although £129.99 reduced to £2.99 - really? Was it really worth £129.99 in the first place?) But then extortionate delivery that takes over a month. When it arrived it was the wrong thing, because their shopping cart is rubbish. Another 2 months to get this resolved.
  • Simon
    Has to be Bristish Airways (althought they are now a Spanish company registered in Madrid). They spin every change as some bizarre benefit to their long suffering customers - changed your flight time to make the schedule more convient to you!? How do they know as they never asked! Changed their executive scheme to increase the points required to gain access to the lounges, which is better somehow as it has a new name. Buy up competitor routes then close them down and use the slots to massage on time ratings. Everything you expect from a monolopy.
  • Tom
    Yodel/HDNL for me too, seeing as the next-day delivery I paid for hasn't turned up. The shits.
  • Mark
    I too agree about Yodel we deal with them with work and they never collect or turn up when they agree to. Avoid using them if you can.
  • Boris
    Yodel. Yesterday they 'delivered' a parcel to me by dropping it over a high fence into the garden. The cardboard box waited there for at least three hours in torrential rain and hail. Plus the driver left a wonky photocopy of the delivery card - clearly he/she/it had run out of real cards after 'delivering' tons of parcels to valued customers that were not in.
  • John B.
    RSA echoice (car insurance brand of Royal Sun Alliance) Uffff!!! Minor changes to policy = £25 charge - don't tell you that when you buy the insurance Customer service is disjointed from the rest of organisation - they don't have a clue!
  • Newspaper c.
    Mr Patel...for selling 39p multipack cans of coke that say "Not to be sold separately" on them for 70p
  • Mr P.
    @ dickhead customer You cannot read anyway innit? I give you 20p change from quid for coca, what your problem?
  • disgruntled
    Direct Line - I claimed against another driver's policy. They dragged their feet over EVERYTHING! I took 2 letters of complaint, and about 6 months before my was fully repaired. Royal Mail - I often go days without receiving any post, and then get it all bundled together in one go. When it does arrive it's rarely before 2pm. Their complaints department are useless. Their website offers only an online form to make a comment and they take forever to reply, with no facility to respond to their dismissive reply. Not really a company - HMRC!!!!
  • klingelton
    HDNL - after failing to deliver a parcel because we were not in (we weren't) they took the parcel to our local post office. 3.5 weeks later we were still waiting for said parcel (from america so we assumed it might take some time) and contacted the sender. sender said we should have received as they'd dispatched a month ago. we contacted hdnl who said they had attempted delivery and dropped off at our local post office. Contacted the local post office who fortunately for us had not sent the parcel back (it had been over 21 days - which is the timescale they're obliged to keep it for). Anyway, we got our parcel - just. They claimed they'd dropped a card through the letter box. when we picked up the parcel, it read in biro. I ran out of cards. would have been an interesting wedding day if we didn't have a cake stand! any insurance company for increasing the cost of insurance 40% and being involved in a massive cartel. the law makers say we need insurance yet seem to condone daylight robbery.
  • LanceVance
    La Redoute. Grade A spam monkeys.
  • John
    I nominate Yodel - the worst delivery outfit that ever existed, surely? Unreliable, slow, muddled, chaotic, totally useless call centre........I could go on. Oh yes, and they frequently lie about deliveries being attempted when they haven't even called at the house. To any company using them: - I will go elsewhere, even if it costs a bit more. To Amazon in particular: - As above, but you really should have known better!
  • John
    Yodel. Absolutely the worst courier company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They routinely lie about attempted deliveries, do not respond to complaints (or any correspondence), charge 10p/minute for telephone calls to the r depots and are spectacularly useless when you finally get through to them. I shall henceforth make active efforts to avoid buying from companies which use Yodel for deliveries. They are, to coin a phrase, total tossers.
  • Green
    Yodel. Never deliver and lie about attempted delivery
  • Brian
    BT. This has long been the worst company ever. Just try and find a phone number on their web site. I have absolutely hated BT for as long as I can remember and don't even get me started on their unlawful use of a spy prgram called Phorm or as they would prefer to call it Webwise. BT could easily challaenge News International for unethical business practices.
  • oliver
    B&Q, West Norwood branch. All the other B&Qs are fine, it's just this one where the staff on the tills are like hell on earth. Poor me for having moved to a place where this is my local branch. They need to be locked away in the B&Q dungeons where they glue price tags onto pieces of wood, never to interact with a customer again..
  • Frank P.
    Play.com They continually cancel orders where they say they can no longer source any more stock, then 2 days later have stock available again but at a much higher price. Also there customer service (if you can call it that) is run by a bunch of Zombie Monkeys.
  • Gary B.
    ORANGE, without a doubt! Not only are they extremely good at ripping off their customers when they're not paying attention i.e extortionate mb charges while abroad but now they're also increasing existing customer contract charges and insisting it isn't a breach of contract and we can all go get screwed if we don't like it. Wait a minute, they're doing that for you anyway!
  • Chris H.
    Yodel: Unreliable, incompetent, rude, dishonest, and a couldn't care less attitude. And the "second biggest courier in the UK", according to BBC R4's You and Yours programme! >:(
  • Steve W.
    Yodel/HDNL for me!!! Parcels I've received have foot prints on them (this was a canvas print), with a big red sticker saying "fragile".... i swear they think thats a destination in wales!!! Also, get a text message to say "your delivery will take place on or before X date", so you wait in ALL day long, and nothing arrives!!!! So you check the online tracking, and its not even left the depo!!!! HATE THEM!!!!!
  • oliverreed
    @otisp aren't you just a little silly for not calling the locksmith on day one?
  • John
    Without a doubt, Royal Mail.
  • sammy
    Hermes. Another delivery courier employed by amazon. These people are so shit they delivered on Sunday. Two days late. Not only that but they lied and said they'd tried delivering.
  • oliverreed
    GreatMagazines.co.uk seemed to fuck a good few people off on HUKD And how about Channel 4 for commissioning another series of 'Phone Shop'?
  • Craig
    Staples, Can't forget how they cancelled the orders of the people who ordered first & supplied those who ordered last & their attitude was tough shit.
  • ChristmasDude
    @oliverreed What? Phone Shop is a brilliant programme. The male escort episode this series was inspired. Worst company? Groupon. They will not stop sending me spam.
  • Mr P.
    All the supermarkets, for charging less than I do.
  • Disgruntled
    The ASA for making people dress up properly on billboards. I want to see some tits
  • oliverreed
    @ChristmasDude do you use phrases like 'mi blud', 'ya get mi' and 'ting'?
  • TomT
    Yodel, Staples, Groupon, & Paypal for me. Oh and Santander of course.
  • Mattyboy
    'Carpetshite' (or carpetright as they are more commonly known) most definitely. Fitted a carpet that looked nothing like the sample that we had based our original purchasing decision upon and didn't want to know when we complained because it looked a totally different colour to that we thought we were getting; and then also refused to take responsibility for the carpet fitters 'f*ck-up' of an installation despite being the people who chose the carpet fitter in the first place!! I so hope these wankers are the next victim of the current financial crisis!!
  • Parcel2gone
    parcel2go - promise the world, spam you incessantly, affiliate-monkey gateway for couriers who then force you to contact parcel2go when there's invariably a problem. Are parcel2go interested? Whaddya think?
  • Troll
    Those complaining about Yodel/HDNL, I've dealt with them numerous times this year and had no problems what so ever Royal Mail without a doubt, WHY THE FUCK the government allow them to deliver junk-mail....sorry...."direct marketing" in this country is beyond me and the worst of it is, Royal Mail actively admitted that they get PAID to deliver the shit! Direct Marketing Association, following on from Royal Mail, these are the fuckwits that are responsible for the cast majority of the junkmail shit that comes through our letterboxes.
  • PaganWolf
    Hermes, they make Yodel look perfect.
  • Burt
    For me it would have to be The Hut, where you place an order and it is pure luck if the item ordered will be deivered. They seem to work on sell it first then see if they can sourced it later, what a way to run a business!
  • Mash
    Virgin media. The Hut. Vodafone.
  • kelly r.
    yodel should win this hands down, what a useless bunch of idiots they have been, delivery drivers lying about delivering parcels, signing names and generally not bothering to do their job, their phone staff put the phone down when they know they cant give an answer.
  • Lewis
    Royal Mail, the amount of times parcels have gone missing is unbelievable.
  • ruba d.
    I agree, Yodel is the worst. I had a signed for parcel "delivered" worth over £300 left next to my front door for two days as it arrived on a friday night after we'd left for a weekend away. To say it was wet would be an understatement. Thankfully the sender must have known about yodels delivery pratices and tripple bagged it so it was fine.
  • Non E.
    @ruba dub dub Talk about non event......some cardbox got wet.......but your goods were fine. Fuck off back to twitter.
  • Raggedy
    Virgin Media. PAID for an installation of a TIVO box on a Saturday which worked for 3 hours then shut itself down and lit up like a Christmas tree except with less functionality. Spent two hours and 35 minutes on the phone consistently being put through to the wrong department then, when I did talk to someone, an engineer wasn't available until Friday. Called again on Sunday just to make sure they were coming and spent another 55 minutes waiting to be told nothing had been entered on my account. Finally agreed on Friday between 4-7pm, left work early to find they had called my home number (despite me giving them my mobile) at 2.30 to cancel. Called again, promised an engineer had just received a cancellation and would be there before 7. Received a call at 6.30 saying no he wouldn't. Now scheduled for today between 12-4pm. I'm not holding my breath. 9.5 days without TV and this is supposed to be better?!? Strangely, Virgin Mobile have outstanding customer support, will call back if not resolved or just to check and never lose you transferring you between departments.
  • Peter K.
    I would like to put Euroseal Double glazing in the frame for pressurization selling in April I agreed to have my windows replaced by Euroseal, then in May/June my wife was made redundant. I would have liked to replace my front and back door plus patio replaced with matching DG. Lack of funds preven ted this, on a weekly basis we get 2/3 tel calls pestering us to proceed with the doors. How can we stop them chasing us to proceed?. Canyou give me some guidance on how to stop them?.
  • ruba d.
    @Non Event - Missed the point didn't you [email protected] £300 parcel left next to front door. The main calling point for anyone dropping off leaflets, parcels and other crap. Generally fully visible to the road, passers by and theving b****ds. I'll let you get back to driving your crappy Yodel delivery van and tossing parcels over peoples fences while dreaming of shagging foxes.
  • Nick M.
    Sorry got to be Yodel/HDNL. Had a nightmare with them and O2 in October. Fear a repeat performance is about to take place, have 3 parcels from differing companies with a status this morning of "Loaded on to Drivers van"... As they are delivering to work and the leaving a card option isn't really there (someone is always on reception) I shall be expecting the equally vague "Unable to deliver in a timely manner" delivery status update around 4pm. Then the fun really begins!
  • Nick
    Yodel no question, 14 days to deliver a package 40 miles away (was paid for as a 48 hr service) no cust service, no refund of charges, they even said they couldnt find the premises the parcel was sent to despite it being a major car dealership with a 200 yard frontage!
  • Gary
    Agree its YODEL formerly DHL , after missing a delivery i called the number on the card to re- arrange delivery it never appeared then another lengthy phone call to them and another no show delivery. I drove to the local depot 10 miles away who had it there, i asked what was happening and they said i never answered my emails total Bull when it was booked by telephone. YODEL you are the pits i wouldnt use you ever
  • Nunkey
    Halifax - because of those feckin adverts...
  • Stan L.
    Yodel without a doubt . My wife bought a TV for my son from John Lewis, it's still sitting in the depot waiting to go out for delivery. Not confident of getting this before Christmas if their past form is anything to by. It's beyond my ken why companies like John Lewis,who have a good customer service reputation, use this mob.
  • anthony
    never get back to you. man called joe mosalski supposed to be manager and sounds like a retard because he cannot give advice on the product they are supposed to make there. its probably made in china and theyre orders are late so we all pay and then have to wait without any reason given. Got a mail from a guy called andy hayes and my 8 year old can write and spell better than him! what a joke! still waiting! found lots of bad things about them on the internet now but they already have my money!
  • Dave H.
    Not paying £6B of tax.
  • A L.
    I know I'm late to the party, but this sums it all up. http://web.orange.co.uk/article/news/cctv_delivery_man_throws_monitor_over_fence

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