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22 December 2011

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  • mike
    Is this based on who has the most customers
  • Mike H.
    I don't see a '3' button?
  • 3 S.
    Why would 3 be in the worst category?
  • Liam
    Considering Orange have shed thousands of customers, TalkTalk is a dead cert. Vodafone can rot - putting up data charges again.
  • BNZi
    I would've expected "3" to be a clear winner here so I'm surprised that they are not an option. Cheap is nice, but a service that actually works would be better.
  • OFI
    Silly choices here when right above is a link to an article on ofcoms complaints for 3 and talk talk..
  • mini
    I agree with those above... where are 3? ... they should be on here... worst company ive had the misfortune to EVER deal with

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