Worst Company of 2011 - let the voting commence!

wcb-2011-deal It’s the disgruntled customer service version of The X Factor and it’s BACK! Yes, it’s Bitterwallet’s Worst Company of the Year poll, this year conveniently covering the year 2011. Sixteen companies have been shortlisted from your votes and we’ll be pairing them off in a series of head to heads as we whittle them down to the finalists.

Here’s your first two showdowns – delivery dickheads Yodel and Hermes tussle in the first one, while Groupon and Virgin Media lock horns in the second. There’ll be more later in the afternoon so stay tuned..... oh, and you've got until the end of Boxing Day to cast your vote in this first round, just in case you need lots of time to think about it.


  • Soapdish
    we used DHL as our courrie company at my company. Yodel took over and ruined DHL and we dropped them ASAP
  • klingelton
    Vermin media aren't that bad as long as you don't need to ring their customer help line.
  • MrMase
    HDNL (aka Yodel) are the worst delivery company by a mile. I have had items left on my doorstep available for anyone to walk up and nick (whilst I was in waiting) not to mention 24 Hour deliveries taking over 4 days on more than a dozen occasions (Thank You Amazon). Now for good service DPD I would reccomend haven't had an issue with them yet.
  • Incredulous
    I've been gobsmacked, year after year, that Yodel (née HDNL) hasn't beaten off all comers for this title. They are the biggest bunch of lying, customer-loathing, useless cunts it has ever been my misfortune to have to deal with. I won't buy from any company that uses them, and would encourage everyone reading to adopt the same policy. Amazon, in particular, should be frankly ashamed to be associated with them.
  • EmmaM
    Today, my husband had to actually go to the Yodel depot to PICK UP the pushchair we've been waiting all month for them to deliver (they lied about attempting to deliver to us on more than one occasion). So useless, they can't even put an item in their van and bring it to my house, we had to arrange to pick it up from THEM, we got so sick of waiting! And do NOT even get me started on the idiots in their call centre. No words to describe my utter disgust for them. Cannot believe these idiots have jobs and I'm still left wanting one!
  • Mad H.
    Yodel for the first one obviously, but the second is like the Bitterwallet poll equivalent of choosing sides between Piers Morgan and Heather Mills at the Leveson inquiry
  • Tegger
    Funny, but my local HDNL guy is great. Never leaves stuff lying about, delivers in person all hours. Is it run on a franchise basis or something ?
  • Sandra
    Yodel's only guarantee is to raise your blood pressure. The LIES are so obvious. The tracking on the website is meaningless. My parcel arrived at their depot in time to be dispatched at 7.30 am yesterday. 36hours later it has not arrived. the depot is three miles away. They tell me it will come tomorrow.....
  • Sawyer
    @EmmaM: At least the Yodel depot is somewhere you might reasonably expect to collect your parcel from. I had to collect mine from the driver's home address because he was "feeling tired and would rather leave it until tomorrow now".
  • Paul C.
    Yodel consistently lie about 'refused to sign for' etc deliveries. Someone call Anne Robinson and that cunt Nicky Campbell. When O2 used to deliver their items using DHL - it was never a problem. They are beyond fucking terrible - they're outright liars too - which makes it doubly worse.
  • Alexio2
    I must be the exception because Yodel are great in my area. Now Hermes......the lowest common denominator, people driving around in their own cars, turning up whenever they feel, leaving packages wherever they want(sometimes without notes), with fuck all accountability/tracking, even on the Network side. Although with most delivery companies it depends on your local depot.
  • Liam
    Got a "Sorry we missed you" from Royal Mail last night from returning from work. They missed me at 12:50. Well of fucking course you dumb twats. Now told that I have to wait 48 hours being Christmas Eve where the collection office is closed. Bah fucking humbug. Complete nob rotters they are.
  • Incredulous
    When are ALL couriers, including the idle feckless over-pensioned wasters at Royal Mail, going to wake up to a simple fact — that they need to deliver shit when people are at home. You'd think when they're at work, they'd figure out we are too. Fuck's sake, it's not rocket science. They should split deliveries between commercial and residential, and deliver the latter in the evenings. The first firm that gets this right will put the others out of business. As we own Royal Mail we should be insisting it's them.
  • Nick
    HDNL (now Yodel) once put a package in the hedge opposite what they thought was our address (turned out to be the wrong block, about 5 minutes walk away) and claimed that was a 'safe place' it then took them 2 weeks to tell us where it had been left. Royal Mail are the only company that seem able to deliver things properly.
  • S B.
    Time and again I've had items ordered online mis-delivered or not delivered at all when they've simply gone missing / been stolen. These have been from online purchases made with clothes companies, and including eBay and Amazon. The constant factor in all of this is that when items are ordered online and paid for when the payment goes through and my account is debited faster than the speed of light. But then the incompetence and fraud starts. The courier companies and especially the drivers are the scum of the earth. I've had problems with DHL, Hermes, FedEx, and UPS. So many times have I tried to use tracking and not been able to ascertain where my items are. So many times have I had to phone a premium rate call centre only to be lied to, or cut off. So many times have items been returned to sender - even overseas - due to being unclaimed. But if drivers do not leave an 'attempt to deliver' card how am I supposed to know? Last year a colleague in the States sent me by US Mail / Royal Mail and recorded delivery - at great expense - a large package of unique archival multi-media material. The idiot postman here failed to deliver it to my address in London, failed to leave a card, and then left it at the local post office. I didn't know this. No-one told me. Even when I inquired at the post office and the sorting office everyone said 'no - hadn't seen it.' Three months later I got an email from my colleague saying that the package had been returned as 'uncollected.' 'UNCOLLECTED' - what about 'undelivered / misdelivered' ? Eventually I had to fly over to the States to get the material myself. We never got compensation.
  • BNZi
    While I cannot comment on the service offered by Hermes, I can state that Yodel are by far the worst delivery company I have ever encountered. This is not just during the Xmas period either. The worst situation I had was a few months ago involving my Virgin Media Router. Between the useless service offered by both Virgin and Yodel, it took several phone calls and nearly one month to receive the package. Virgin say it'll arrive on Monday, on Tuesday Yodel say they left a card, on Wednesday I ring them and they say it will go out again on Thursday, on Friday the tracking says it has been returned to sender!?! I then phoned Virgin who took my work address and said I should expect it within a few days. A week later I ring when I did not receive the router or a tracking number and I'm told that the router cannot be delivered to my work address?!? They agree to ship to my home address again. A few days later I get a phone call from the delivery driver. I miss the call but call back within literally 10 seconds and get no answer. I proceed to call around 5 times over the following 20 minutes and get no answer and no returned call. That evening I phone Yodel and get the number for another driver that will be out the next day. The driver says that while Yodel say they will deliver up to 9pm, he will not deliver after 5:30pm!?! I ask him to just leave the package outside the door the following day as it is low value and the property is secure anyway. He agrees. The following day I get home to find no package. Another phone call and apparently another different driver had tried to deliver!?! By this point I had never actually received a single "while you were out card" at any stage so I have no idea if they'd actually attempted a delivery or not. In the last couple of months I've had nothing but trouble with Yodel. I will now not order from Boots, Amazon and Thorntons. Royal Mail, Parcel Force and UPS all manage to deliver perfectly well.
  • justingalore
    If yodel don't win this whole competition there is not justice in the world.
  • tiderium
    Yodel managed to leave a we missed you card 3 times for us......, while we were in, never knocked the door or pushed the buzzer for our 3rd floor flat, just somehow got past the secure entry door and left the card on the bottom step of the stairs and left, luckily our neighbors are nice people and gave us the cards. took them to the office and not even an apology from them. just a redelivery date.
  • michelle
    The Hut should deffo of been on the list for WORST EVER COMPANY!! Please make sure its up there next year! Thanks :D
  • Claire
    I recently had a order from Amazon not arrive due to being delivered by the incompetent idiots at Yodel. Tracked it been left on someone's porch still non the wiser as to where this item is. Amazon been great about it sent another out with a different courier. Reading a national newspaper yesterday and guess who's in there Yodel for poor customer service , cocked up deliveries etc. Time they had a change of management bring in someone who can make there staff tow the line at Yodel.
  • BS
    I have never heard such moaning faced b*stards in all my life, ha ha. Get it up you, I have never had an issue with home delivery from any of the companies mentioned above. If you actually work with them instead of expecting the world, you might get what you pay for.
  • yellowvanman
    Makes me laugh the people moaning at not being in when their delivery arrives during the 'working day'. If you know you will be at work all day, why dont you have parcels delivered to your work address or an alternate address where someone will be in? as alot of sensible people do. I deliver during the day 8am-5pm and certainly would refuse to do an evening delivery if someone like Liam or Incredulous asked me too, as I have already done my long working day. Doubt they would pop out again to work in the evening for a customer if they were asked. And they have the cheek to call us idiots!
  • darren
    regarding post by Incredulous - you ordered it to be delivered to your home when did you expect people to deliver, this is a job to them and you have a job and work during the day so do they. when you order you SHOULD TRACK the parcel and see when its arriving and STAY IN or ask for parcel to be left with a neighbour or for a safe place stop bloody moaning about courier companies when it is YOU that ordered the item and its YOU who should wait in for parcel iyf you cant wait in then go to the bloody shops and buy iyt just people been bone idle thats all
  • Michael
    I had a parcel delivered by Hermes. It was electrical goods, took about 2 weeks to arrive & when it was delivered it was full of water. Drivers explanation was 'I stored it in my garage & the roof leaked on it' no apology. Loads of balls in my opinion.
  • Sian
    Yodel are a bunch of cowboys! Why do big companies use them as a courier when they have such an appalling customer service and delivery?? I have had parcels not turn up til after a week on the van! Also false/fake online updates stating "attempted delivery" x3 at 10.30pm at night! I think not! Customer service @ Yodel were less then helpful and not interested in me getting my parcel delivered and I dread when I order from any online company now for fear that they use them!!
  • chris
    yodel missed me by 30 mins so texted driver and said i was in and an hour later they re-delivered the parcel, my only experience of them but that was good service. virgin are useless keep messing up mobile bills for months after getting new phone deal and tv drops out nearly every day for 3 or 4 minutes. useless call centres mainly in india who don't understand english then when you ask for the manager they aren't much better. they just read from a script and do not understand english law when it comes to the data protection act and the credit / banking laws. why not have a vote on how bad the FA Premier & Football League are towards it's customers. also the BBC and it's rip off licence fee the shows the same repeats yet ignores decades of classic repeats and everything they do is based on what the pc brigade want.
  • Dan g.
    Yodel Absolute rotters. Had a parcel delivered in the week. I was out (fair enough) Card said he had left it behind the shed. Hmm that's strange as you can't even get to my shed you fucking cunt! Won't be using amazon again until these chancers are told to get fucked.
  • Mike K.
    Shocking service here from Yodel. Dozens of parcels tossed over my 8ft high fence, some of them damaged by fall, others from being left in rain all day. When I complained the driver started leaving them on our doorstep instead - resulting in 3 parcels being stolen. If they had just taken them back to depot and allowed me to collect easily like Royal Mail do I could have sorted all this myself... woman at depot has appalling telephone etiquette. Very rude...
  • Gwapenut
    All these fucking tossers saying we're morons for not being in when our parcel is due to be delivered should start reading some of the comments more carefully. I booked a redelivery. Twice. And waited in all day. Twice. The lazy fuckers couldn't be bothered to honour either redelivery date. And in Novembers, so don't give me all your fucking bullshit about an unexepected Christmas rush. So before you ignorant wankers bleat on about us expecting too much, why don't you sort out your fucking shambles of a company and get the basics right, and deliver when you promise to. I've already waited in 2 days in a row, how much more than 10% of my annual holiday allowance do you gang of cunts expect me to waste on you? Fucking knobheads.
  • Gwapenut
    Merry Xmas by the way. Think of my daughter when she opens her present and instead of a Wii finds a satsuma and a packet of fucking nuts. She hates fruit and is allergic to nuts, so it's all on your conscience. My most recent order was due to come in a full week ago so how Yodel messed that up I don't know, I left plenty of time. Guess we'll have to nip in to Newbury tomorrow and buy something the normal way. Thanks Jonathan Smith for overselling your limited capacity with no conscience at all.
  • Technodean
    HDNL (yodel) suck, Ordered an item via Amazon and had this misfortune to have them deliver it via these useless people. Had the tracking number so watched it via their website, took 2 days to get to my local delivery office and then watched for 9 days as it sat there. Called amazon as I could not get there number which they then arranged for me to collect it myself as I had enough. Amazon's only comment is that they are well aware of the problems with this company and the massive amount of hate for this company via the internet forums. But I suspect that the guy who decides which company to use got 6 free holidays and a car for him and the wife for using them.
  • Ernie
    Yodel are a bunch of incompetent idiots. I ordered some tyres on the 28th november and they were dispatched the day after. it took till 22nd december for them to admit they were lost and for me to get a full refund (idve had to have gone down the visa card dispute route otherwise). Any company which uses yodel will certainly not be getting my custom from now on!
  • bILL J.
    i was stuck between yodel and hermes as they are both awful Had massive problems with both, had to go with hermes though after this earlier this year showing their courior "delivering" the item id sent to a customer... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf3le4BdL7E&lc
  • Throttle
    I've had no problems yet with Yodel and had tv delivered by them less than a week ago ...Hermes on the other hand have in the past left a parcel at the side of my home in the alleyway on a fairly busy main road, through the alley gate there but blatantly visible to anyone to see and pickup ! On 2nd vote ive only dealt with Groupon once with no problems... Virgin on the other hand are ok UNLESS you get the dreaded overseas call centres. I called mid December too add movies to my XL tivo package which i clearly asked for and used names they list them as on there site but it took a number of attempts to finally explain what i wanted due to CS seeming clueless and also struggling speak fluently. I was told a additional £12.50 would be charged to my account to which i agreed that was fine but then i get told sorry its £29.00 too which i said i don't want it adding to my account at that price ! then next thing its down too £21.00 so i agreed yet i already knew its listed online at £19.50 so i emailed billing pointing out what had happened. Few days later a UK based CS contacted me and confirmed price was £19.50 and call centre had been giving me the wrong information after all.
  • Steve
    SONY ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE (AKA Playstation Network) would be my worst company of the year by miles. It took me months of letters, emails and telephone calls to resolve my issue and even though they admitted they were in the wrong I was never offered a plausible reason why it happened. I had to demand for an apology and really push for compensation which in the end was woefully inadequate. I gave up in the end and now no longer buy PS3 games and have sold a lot of the owns I owned.
  • Barry Z.
    How about ARRIVA. I think they must be the worst company. Them & BT
  • Alan
    Yodel are top of my pile at the moment - paid BT for premium delivery, didn't get it (had to collect myself - me and quite a few others). Pushing BT to stop using them. Prior to Yodel it was Thomas Cook for an awful flight home, but no point in complaining as our holiday company had already decided not to use Thomas Cook in 2012.
  • Paul B.
    Got to be Santender overall, Toys R Us and currys for crap service in stores.
  • Bill
    To all you twats that order your items knowing you will not be at home to recieve it, or do not let the courier company know where to leave it safely, or who to leave it with during the working day and then expect the same person to come back and deliver it when you "expect" to be home, you all deserve to "lose" that parcel in the post you f*cking idiots.....just think about it before you vent your frustrations next time, yours sincerely, one frustrated courier.
  • Trev
    For all you whinging fuckers that have ordered something through the post and then been dissapointed by the service you received, why don`t you get off your fucking fat arses and get the fucking thing yourself, you lazy bastards, instead of complaining when it doesn`t "quite" turn up when you expect it to. STFU!
  • anom
    i used to do a bit of work for hermes and i can bust the following myths for you all 1. no card left through door = mostly not couriers fault hermes do not give out enough cards to couriers 2. parcel delivered to a 'safe place' thats not safe = hermes offers a bonus to couriers pressuring them to get all parcels delivered by any means neccesarry 3. courier wont deliver in evenings if you get a card through = hermes couriers are self employed so dont get paid to drive 5 miles to deliver to 1 person cause it suits the customers schedule 4. we pay for our own car/petrol/ insurance hermes only pay 45p per parcel to us so it is not financly possible to deliver both AM/PM even if you pay extra the couriers only get 5p for making an extra trip to deliver a parcel, also parcels are not always delivered to the courier before 1pm so if you payed extra for a before 1pm delivery then its not the couriers fault if hermes arn't getting the parcels to them in good time 5. couriers are supposedly self employed (a ploy by hermes to avoid paying minimum wage) and hermes states 'you are your own boss' and 'you make your own hours' so calling a courier at 6pm to deliver a parcel that you were not at home for is not possible we only get 45p a parcel so its just not possible to deliver at a customers convenience 6.if the retailer tells you such things as 'the courier has the parcel' means they have no clue so are blaming it on the couriers or 'the courier will pick up the return in 5 days' these are lies couriers get the collection manifested on thier handhelds the next day so please make sure its ready to be collected
  • ceri
    Yodel by far! They fail to deliver because they cant locate us?????? Really with a postcode. So far over the month they have failed to deliver 3 expensive parcels - we run a very busy business and we receive and send packages regularly. We are a farm there are people milling about all the time, all the neighbours and the village know us. I pay for postage in my order, I expect under the terms to receive the parcel within the days specified usually 3 days. My first parcel never did arrive. The company sent me another item with Royal Mail and I received it next day - swallow that one! The other two I am awaiting still. 02 sent a phone which I am still awaiting - its in the cardiff depot but no one answers the phone there or they pick it up and put to side to block calls! I can here the conversations then all of a sudden someone puts the phone down - answer that Yodel! I ordered another item and I have tracking but main customer services cant help anymore neither can they speak to cardiff as its constantly engaged! Excellent comms with department - no internal phones what?>??? I have e-mailed cardiff with my address and how to find us because obviouly there are a courier company with no satnav and no computers as they cant find streetmap.co.uk, googlemaps, papermaps, etc which is a bit worrying. I would put this down to offering a cheap service and cheap is never good value to customers. I would never use Yodel for my business - I use APC or Royal mail. For that idoit Trev - business' order parts from around the world and some people dont live near shops, are immobile or too busy. I dont get the chose of shops like London around here neither. If you cant deliver - dont offer the service - we live in a e-commerce world now live with it!
  • Asa S.
    Im grateful for the article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.
    yodel, oh yodel ...how can you be so bad at such a simple task. Its idiots beyond belief galore. The MD needs me to pay him a personal visit. Please let us meet i need to meet you! I want more than anything to have you in my vicinity, then mr yodel i will put right all that is wrong with yodel-5 minutes is all i need.

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