Worst Company of 2010: Vodafone v Tesco

15 December 2010

wcb-2010-medalLike a cow crossed with a plough, the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain 2010 awards rumble onwards towards a festive finale. But the cow/plough hybrid needs to eat to survive and its food is your votes.

So please use the powers of your mind to decide which is the scummier of today’s first competing duo – the tax-lax Vodafone or the gargantuan supermarket monster that is Tesco.

The winners will go through to the quarter final, where they’ll join wily old TalkTalk and renowned parcel-haters HDNL/Yodel. Oh, and drop by a bit later on, as there’ll be another shit-off for your to vote on. Thanks!


  • Worst B.
    [...] you’ve got until midnight tonight to cast your votes, and if you haven’t made your choice yet between Vodafone and Tesco, get over there and have a thrash around among it [...]
  • llusnewo
    got to be vodafone after the tax dodge
  • snowball
    tesco. yes, there was the vodafone tax dodge, but that doesn't diretly affect me, or anyone i know. tesco's policy on (occasionally mandatory) self-service does though, but not as much as it affects the students who can't get jobs because of it.
  • Joe
    Not particularly offended by either. Voda's service has always been great for me, and we switched to Tesco from Asda because the prices were the same for much better quality and shelf life.

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