Worst Company Of 2010: Virgin Media v 3 Mobile

16 December 2010

wcb-2010-medalIt’s time for you to look into your hearts and spare another company from being voted the worst of 2010. You can do that by condemning another one to a place in the quarter finals of our big contest.

This time around it’s a toss-up between the tossers at Virgin Media and the other tossers at 3 Mobile. Both supposedly exist to make our lives happier and easier but that almost certainly isn’t the case, is it people?

You’ve got until midnight tonight to vote, and there’s also rest of the results so far are here.

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  • Daniel
    Virgin, too many caps
  • Phil
    3 to many numbers
  • Len D.
    Too close to call so far!
  • Joe
    Would have to be 3. Virgin's service has been excellent for me - their 50MB service just does what it says it does, every time, all the time. Very happy customer. Recurring theme here.
  • Matt
    I'm not voting this time. Both 3 and Virgin have been exemplary... although your mileage may vary.
  • Mr G.
    Neither. I use both and they've been pretty good to me - especially when you see how shit most companies have been this year

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