Worst Company of 2010 - the quarter finals: BT v TalkTalk

wcb-2010-medalWelcome back to Bitterwallet’s Worst Company of 2010 competition – the next phase. The dead wood has been cleared – namely the companies that weren’t loathed enough by you to make it to the quarter finals.

But we have to forget about them now – they’ve got a whole year to screw things up and have another tilt at the title in 2011. Now we begin our quest to find the final four – starting with a telecommunications battle between BT and TalkTalk.

You’ve got until midnight to make your vote count and there’ll be a second quarter final tussle along a bit later on for you to join in with. You can also keep up with the results so far here.


  • Adam2050
    Talk Talk customer service is moronic. On BT now never had a problem.
  • Will
    What Adam said. In order to cancel talktalk broadband, you get put through to sales first - what a f*cking pisstake. I nearly made the man on the phone cry though so it's not all bad.
  • Alexis
    "On BT now never had a problem." Hahahahaha. Hahaahahahahahaha. Hahahaahahahahahahahaha. You'll see ;-P
  • kv
    and I can tell you what the other 3 quarters are are: HDNL Vs Royal Mail Vodafone Vs 3 Mobile DSGi Vs Paypal because it's fixed
  • Chris
    So a company about 90% of the country will have had experience with or a company that has far less customers. Hrmmmmm I can see who will when this one..
  • Theo C.
    Agree with Chris. A company with about 10 million customers versus a company with about 2 million customers. Frankly if BT get less than 80% of the vote, it's a big victory. BT may have their problems, but TalkTalk just seem to be institutionally CrapCrap.
  • Bryan
    This is titled worst company of 2010... and theres no other criteria... Talktalk have a bundle of consumer phone and broadband proposoitions, and BT do too, but they also have a global MPLS network, build and maintain IP infrastructure, OpenReach. Exclusing call centres Talktalk have upto 500 UK staff, BT have 70,000 Worldwide. Can TalkTalk be compared to BT, or should Talktalk be compared to BT Retails consumer propositions?
  • James
    All I have to say is Bt have 5 million customers fact and are number 1 in the uk. Talktalk have 4.5 million customers number 2 in the uk. So this will be really close and the comment about 80% being a victory no if will be definitive as Bt being the worse comopany and there is a big reason I am not with them So Chris and Theo sorry wrong figures for that analagy and Talktalk cover nearly 90% of the country now
  • Worst &.
    [...] – the next phase. The dead wood has been cleared – namely the companies that weren’t. Make sure to check out the original source Cancel [...]
  • Meh
    BT are godawful. Well, their business side is. Seriously. They've got every single bill wrong for our company since 2008. And chasing it up is like getting blood from a stone. The only positive to take from this is that, at present, they are under-charging us, so we won't be chasing that up!

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