Worst Company Of 2010 - Royal Mail v HDNL/Yodel

wcb-2010-medalTime for the second quarter final clash in our attempt to find the Worst Company of 2010, according to you, our avid readers.

This time around, we have a delivery theme, with the 2009 winner, good old Royal Mail, up against HDNL/Yodel, the parcel jockeys who have upset so many of you with their ‘unconventional methods’.

You’ve got until midnight to make your vote count and we’ll be back with two more quarter finals tomorrow as the tension mounts. You can also keep up with the results so far here.


  • dogpile
    Royal Mail as they keep losing my letters & parcels - and they're got the bloody front to charge an extra fee to make sure it arrives. WTF is that al about !!!
  • Mr M.
    Hmmmm daddy or chips?
  • kv
    think there might be some royal mail staff voting here
  • Meh
    I ordered something from eBay on Friday and it arrived today via regular 1st class post, which shows that Royal Mail are capable of getting the mail delivered on time. I've never heard of the other company, but anyone called Yodel deserves to be punished. Yodel... Eh?... He?... Who?!
  • Seamaster
    Got to be HDNL. Every single employee should be gassed.
  • Smashingnicey
    Well, my money goes on HDNL as the worst. It's not that they're bad, it's just that with all the poor weather Royal Mail have been the ONLY ones who've made an effort in delivering my post - I hope there's DHL on one of these votes as they have been ABYSMAL - made an order for a phone and it was delivered to my local depot on the 9th and I still haven't received it! Royal Mail, and our excellent postie... well done for a change. And no, I have nowt to do with RM
  • Cheapskate
    RM for me - had 4 packages go 'missing' in the last couple of weeks. Thieving fuckers.
  • StauntonLick
    No way! I can't believe Royal Mail lost out. Oh well, better luck next year, fellas.

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