Worst Company Of 2010 - Paypal v DSGi

21 December 2010

wcb-2010-medalCan you feel the tension? Of course you can. That’s because it’s the last quarter final in our spine-tingling Worst Company Of 2010 competition. Unfurl your voting fingers dear readers.

This final match-up is between two of the great Satans of the consumer world – Paypal and DSGi (with their Currys, Dixons and PC World axis of retail evil).

You’ve got until midnight to pick a loser and you can also vote on the rest of the competition so far here.

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  • Magda
    Vote for DSGi worst company ever and worst employer.
  • Dixon B.
    I have newly stumbled upon your worst company poll but am a bit confused by your grouping together of DSGi and, paradoxically, your presumed ungrouping of paypal and ebay? DSGi has many constituents that are singly quite different to each other in both the way that they operate and the services that they provide - Currys, PC World, Partmaster, Tech Guys, Pixmania - these are not the same 'company' so far as customer service is concerned. Contrary to this, have you ever tried to use ebay, either as a buyer or a seller, without using paypal? All very strange indeed.....
  • A ".
    it has to be DSGi, you think as a customer you have it bad, try working for them. They treat both customers and staff like shit, if i didnt have bills to pay I wouldnt be there now. They force us to rip of customers with over-priced belkin cables with every TV sale, or Norton with every laptop, dont even get me started on "Infinity", the biggest rip off ever (look it up if you dont know what it is). So please vote for DSGi as the worst company ever, they should become insurance brokers seeing as they put soo much effort in getting customers to buy extended warranties. .....george lucas you have tarnished a great legacy by teaming up with these morons
  • Marvin G.
    Dixon is right, bitterwallet has some kind of agenda regarding ebay/paypal.. very obvious from their defensive replies in the past, not to mention the deleting of a selection of posts.
  • Paul S.
    Sober up, lads. We don't have *any* agenda whatsoever. How arsed do you really think we are about these companies? To cut and paste from a previous round... • eBay and PayPal are operated by the same company but are two separate and distinct businesses that offer completely different services to one another, and it’s entirely possible to be a customer of one without ever using the other. [yes, it is] • Currys, PC World and Dixons are all different brands of DSGi but essentially offer the same products and services, to the point where Currys and PC World will trade from the same premises. DSGi’s selling principles, customer service, pricing policy and management structure is similar across all brands.
  • Diplodocus
    After getting married, I tried to change my name with PayPal to bring it in line with my bank accounts. If your PayPal name doesn't match your bank account name, you can't send or receive money. I sent them a scanned a copy of my marriage certificate, in line with their advice, only to have it refused as it was apparently "not a legitimate piece of documentation". Since then PayPal has been unable to explain to me exactly what else they'd like to see as proof of the fact I got married and changed my name so my PayPal account is rendered partially useless.

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