Worst Company of 2010: HDNL v DHL

wcb-2010-medalThe voting is well underway in our Worst Company in Britain 2010 saga, and here’s the second of today’s head-to-heads for you to mull over.

It’s the one they’re all calling ‘the battle of the shitty delivery companies’ – on one side is HDNL, recently rebranded as Yodel, clearly in an attempt to dodge being involved in contests like this.

On the other side is a DHL van. They’re facing each other down and revving their engines like the red car and the blue car from the Milky Way adverts. But which will prevail? Only YOU can decide – and you’ve got until midnight. You can also vote in the ongoing tussle between Orange and TalkTalk here as well.


  • Dicky
    That's the most comprehensible comment left on these pages in quite a long time. Well done. xx
  • Mark
    That is a difficult one as both are as bad as each other. Suppose I'll have to vote for both.
  • Phil
    I chose HDNL - mainly on choosing such a stupid name - yodel!
  • Mark
    Seeing as I've had DHL deliver packages to the wrong address twice - they tried to deliver it to the wrong address and then couldn't so gave it to the person who lived next door to them!
  • Martin
    HDNL bought out most of DHL's UK domestic operations earlier this year: http://www.hdnl.co.uk/Press-Room/Latest-News/HDN-Announces-Acquisition-of-DHLs-Domestic-B2B-and-B2C-Parcel-Delivery-Business/ The opposite of a win/win situation on this poll for them, really.
  • Mark C.
    HDNL seem to have improved in the last couple of years - from misdelivering someone else's Argos orders to me repeatedly and refusing to take them away again a few years back, they now use their initiative and leave things in a sensible place or with the neighbours and put a card through the door explaining where it is. DHL on the other hand, have completely failed to put a card through the door saying they even tried to deliver twice this year so far, and because they have such rigid redelivery rules, I keep having to waste my Saturday mornings going to their bloody depot in the hell that is Enfield. I couldn't even call them a delivery company, seeing as I'm the one who has to go and collect.
  • Shonk
    Neither Shitty link is without a doubt the worst company
  • Chris
    I despise HDNL. I've NEVER had a delivery go right when it's with them. I'm now avoiding companies if I find out they're using HDNL. This means I can't use Amazon for anything that could end up with HDNL.
  • daniel
    hdnl - fucking crack heads
  • Joe
    I voted DHL because while HDNL are quite intelligent and leave parcels I'm not in for in my green bin, with a note through the door to say where they are (given that we have 1 green bin collection every two weeks round here, it makes a lot of sense), DHL took the great initiative of stuffing a big box with AMAZON.CO.UK on it in big letters between my front door and the bin, after pulling said bin forward to "obscure" the parcel in plain sight. THEN putting a card through the door. Spastics.
  • Joe
    Now HDNL's parent company Shop Direct Group (aka Littlewoods, Additions and many others) on the other hand can fuck themselves rightly with a spike.
  • Bob
    It's the same company - HDNL own DHL Express! We use them for deliveries, and so this poll is ridiculous. The service levels are pretty much the same. HDNL do more deliveries, so will get more complaints, so will win this poll.
  • Snowball
    Last time I bought something that arrived via HDNL, there was a little white card dropped through my door, telling me my Wii had been left in my bin. This was actually pretty good by their standards, I've read reports that some drivers have simply flung parcels into people's gardens, and not even into the correct garden on some occasions.
  • Rik
    Both are awful! (other terrible courier companies are also available). HDNL have delivered me packages so damaged (and opened!) that I took photos and sent them to the sender to dissuade them from using HDNL again. DHL have recently lost (or as they call it - "mis-sorted") a big amazon order of mine, after I repeatedly chased up why it wasn't being delivered. They both lie about making "attempted deliveries", they both have god-awful customer service. I can't claim to fully understand the logistics of looking at an address on a box and then driving said box to said address, but clearly there's something difficult about this since both HDNL and DHL manage to fail to do this more often than they succeed. For me, HDNL "win" my vote because they've been consistently shit and tried to cover all the shit with a new "Yodel" sticker. I'm sure DHL used to be much better, it's probably no coincidence that their performance has dropped since being aqcuired by HDNL/Yodel.
  • Junkyard
    @ Joe - yeah, green bin deliveries, that shows real intelligence. Last time the genius who delivered my package popped it in the green bin for safe keeping. That was on a Saturday, the bins were emptied Monday, and we got home on Tuesday. "HDNL - if we can't deliver your package first time, we throw it away."
  • Linda
    BY FAR Shity Link - why aren't they on this list?! City Link have lost/stolen three expensive deliveries in the last two weeks...leaving me losing thousands! Horrendous service.
  • Po
    You cant say all dhl is the same, Im a dhl courier at home. I would never do the above
  • Jane
    I am an unfortunate previous employee of this company and i agree with every single customer out there, the company sucks!!!! They treat their staff how they treat their customers, RUBBISH!!! Employees are encouraged to lie to customers and fabricate stories which even the biggest idiot in the world wouldn't fall for! HDNL provide high rate numbers for customers to call, its a joke, why not call their direct number 0151 906 7370, your sure to get through. All this Yodel crap is a farce, Yodel is owned by HDNL and all the same jocks work for them! DHL + HDNL = YODEL. Beware!!!!
  • jazmin
    HDNL Sucks they are the worst delivery company in UK. Will not advice anybody to use them
  • joe
    This is the worst company I ever have to deal with.called the number posted by jane and the staff that answered dropped the call on me.those guys shld not be in biz
  • John
    Purchase from ebay has taken over 2 weeks. Yodel (HDNL) promised delivery on 3 separate occasions, I waited in all day - all failed. No attempted communication from Yodel to apologise. Transpires that delivery labels on my parcel and another one were transposed going to different parts of the country and twice redirected and going around in circles. When finally at the right delivery office no-one thought it necessary to arrange a delivery date and time with me, consequently it arrived when I was out and is now back at the depot!! Far too much automation and zero customer service. All credit to the sender of the item who has spent several hours on the phone to them and their agent P2G but all to no avail.
  • Pandora W.
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  • Kevin
    Wow this site is a revelation. Here was I thinking that I was the only one let down by YODEL (funny isn't it? they pick a name which is the sound made after excessive consumption of alcohol). I've have been let down on no less than 5 occasions by these cretins. I even gave them my phone number and directions on one occasion, and the trained chump was still trying to deliver the pacakge to the wrong block, whilst I was on the phone. I think I'll start a YOUTUBE campaign. Lets see if they change their name again. MAYBE THERE DELIVERIES?, DON'T KNOW WHERE.com, COULDN'T CARE WORLDWIDE?

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