Worst Company of 2010: eBay v PayPal

16 December 2010

wcb-2010-medalMorning haters. Ready for another vote-off in our Worst Company In Britain 2010 showdown? Good. This one should tickle your taste buds – it’s eBay v PayPal.

It’s the dynamic duo that many of you claimed were one and the same thing last year, and should be lumped in together as one, but that’s bullshit to be perfectly frank. So suck it up and start voting.

There’ll be another head-to-head along later on and you can catch up with the results so far here.

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  • timmy
    care to explain why these are seperate and DSGi shops are not?
  • kernelkunt
  • Fix
    BW keeps them seperate to avoid a win tbh (they wipe the flaw as a tag team). The average joe on the street doesnt know that currys and pc world are the company, but most know these two are. This is about as rigged as the xfactor,, everyhing seperate or group more than DSGi thanks
  • tiger31
    It is Andy's attempt at being contoversial to gain attention. Lets face it, no ones going to read the sh1te he's written in the sunday sport.
  • Alexis
    But they're two heads of the same hydra!
  • Paul S.
    Right then. At the risk of getting my disco tits flamed clean off for attempting to explain the logic behind this: • eBay and PayPal are operated by the same company but are two separate and distinct businesses that offer completely different services to one another, and it's entirely possible to be a customer of one without ever using the other. • Currys, PC World and Dixons are all different brands of DSGi but essentially offer the same products and services, to the point where Currys and PC World will trade from the same premises. DSGi's selling principles, customer service, pricing policy and management structure is similar across all brands. Whichever way round we do it, somebody won't be happy. Props!
  • kv
    what a fix, they are all one in the same, and the've been put against each other in the first round so they won't be the 2 finalists
  • Paul S.
    kv, if they're "one in the same" - which they're not - then it wouldn't matter if they don't both get through, now would it?
  • JJ
    Paul Smith obviously hasn't used eBay in a long time. I'd love to see you try to use ebay without HAVING to accept Paypal as an excepted method of payment. You're wrong. Your point "it’s entirely possible to be a customer of one without ever using the other. " also applies to Curry's and PC world, dumbass. PC World does NOT offer only the same products as Curry's / Dixons, there's a distinct difference in their products and also their services (i.e. their PC Clinic). They are disntinctly different for that reason alone. Are Paul Smith and Andy Dawson the same thing? Both 'work' for BW, both think they are witty & droll (but are on par with Jeremy Clarkson), both are balding middle age fatty's, both have careers which are all but dried up and both can't tell understand simple concepts.
  • Alexis
    "Your point “it’s entirely possible to be a customer of one without ever using the other. ” also applies to Curry’s and PC world, dumbass." Cool it bud.
  • Monkeyboy76
    Shenanigans Indeed! Your system is flawed in that you are pairing off companies. Yes you your no.1 will be correct, but you wont be able to say that your subsequent places will be true. Somebody needs a stats lesson.
  • Paul S.
    And somebody needs to learn about IP addresses so they don't get banned for spamming. Timmy, kernulkunt, Fix, tiger31, JJ and Monkeyboy76 are all the same person. Shenanigans indeed etc.
  • Nobby
    I use PayPal regularly but not eBay. But if eBay force you to use PayPal when you do not want to use it, then vote for eBay as the worst company. Although personally, I don't see the problem with eBay. They tell you the cost of doing something and you decide to take up their service for the price they charge, or you don't.
  • Neil
    If you're a seller on ebay, you can offer cheques, postal and money orders to purchase items. ebay's an auction site, paypal is a bank essentially..... where's the confusion?
  • A M.
    I hate PayPal, but I also hate eBay. Hmmm, PayPal or eBay, PayPal or eBay. Theres only one way to find out...
  • Worst B.
    [...] got until midnight tonight to vote, and there’s also eBay v PayPal going on today, if you have an opinion on that. Oh, and the rest of the results so far are [...]
  • Mark C.
    To be honest, PayPal is fine when they're not gouging you for fees for eBay purchases, and I use it quite a lot for buying music, gig tickets and so forth, as well as making and receiving personal payments, where they don't generally nail you for absurd fees. eBay, on the other hand, seem to have made it completely unworthwhile to auction stuff by gouging sellers for a constantly bigger percentage, and imposing ridiculous conditions - free postage on all book sales finished them off for me, after I got caught out by having to send a big hardback book to the States, which ended up costing me more than I'd made on the sale.
  • Mr G.
    Me and my boss have the same IP address - does that mean we are the same person and therefore I can pick up his pay packet and shag his missus? (Answer required before 4pm, so I can stumph her before he gets home)

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