Worst Company Of 2010 - 3 Mobile v Vodafone

21 December 2010

wcb-2010-medalWe’ve got two more quarter-finals to go in our knife-edge, seat-edge Worst Company In Britain 2010 competition and the first one is here and now.

It’s a mobile phone showdown and we’d like you to get your teeth into either 3 Mobile or Vodafone – choose one, sink those molars and rip them to bits. Alternatively, you could vote for one of them. That would probably be easier and more practical actually.

Do pop back later on and have a bash at voting in the second quarter-final, and if you’re new to all of this, you can catch up with the story so far here.

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  • Grammar P.
  • Vodafone h.
    Vote Vodafone if you care that they have blagged their way out of £4 billion of tax. Evil.
  • Worst B.
    [...] got until midnight to pick a loser and you can also vote on the 3 Mobile v Vodafone battle here while catching up with the rest of the competition so far [...]

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