Worst Company In The UK, The Final Death Match: Setanta vs Three


That's right folks! The final round for Britain's Worst Company of 2008 is finally here.

It's been a blood bath to get here, but thanks to your diligent votes and participation we're getting closer to decide on the recipient of Bitterwallet's 2008 Worst Company of the UK award.

So who is it going to be?  Well, the final contestants are: Three and Setanta, after Three beat Royal Mail, Littlewoods and Paypal, while Setanta whooped Sky, Dixons, and Carphone Warehouse's ass to the finals.

The winner will be entirely up to your votes.


  • casparwhite
    how the fuck did paypal get beat?? load of fucking tosh setanta and three bullshite PAYPAL IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD FUCKING SCAMMING TWATS!!
  • ODB
    Cant believe 3 is worse than Littlewoods and Paypal...something seriously wrong with it getting this far, should never be on
  • He-Man
    i HATE 3, burn i say!
  • yep
    Im not voting. I mean Setanta FFS? hardly a company that 1% of the population would even use, and 3?
  • Richard
    Hell...someone at PayPal must have gotten employees to vote for Three I rekon!! ...How on earth did this happen!
  • Mike
    Yeh I think a Boycott is in order. PayPal win. End of story. Nothing Three or Setanta do could even come close to the theft PayPal admits and reguarly aids...
  • Tino
    Paypal and Ebay gotta be the worst! 10% Fee + 3.5-4% on Paypal!
  • swizzle
    Stop talking bollocks. Do you know how these tables work? Did you boycott watching the 1990 World Cup because Cameroon got to the Quarter Finals and Brazil didn't? 3 might have sailed through because the companies it were up against weren't as much of a match, PayPal probably got beat by a company that more people have had more experience of. Plenty of people use the internet without ever using PayPal.
  • Anon
    VOTE FOR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't beleive paypal lost! 3 & Paypal have to be the worts companies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alan
    How Paypal haven't made it to the final I'll never know. They are the real winners in my eyes........ Lol.
  • Andy
    How on Earth have Paypal not won this? They reversed a payment on me when I had proof of postage and a clearly scamming buyer - and since I'd already taken all my funds out of my account they suspended the account and sent a debt collection agency after me for the princely sum of £27! Truly appaling customer service.
  • duncan
    Egay and paypal.
  • bod
    paypal all the way
  • Anon
    We all know that paypal is totally screwed, but at least vote for 3 people! Its the second best thing!
  • ad
    check the last votes on tiscali , this vote is flawed , tiscali easly won it and didnt get put through , sorry , cant vote because of this
  • Joe
    Another vote for for paypal and tiscali who should have won
  • Zain
    Can't believe for one second why eBay and Paypal aren't in the finals.
  • bigchimp
    Go back and read through the comments for the last couple of polls, they'll explain why the voting looks the way it does now. Not a fix or scam so stop whinging. I'd vote for 3 over them all any day of the week.
  • dabluone
    this is a joke right? my vote goes to ebay
  • Billy T.
    Three are a bunch of scamming twats. They should be crowned the worst company of the millenium, never mind 2008. I also agree with the PayPal voters, they're a bunch of con artists too. But Three seriously need to be shutdown for their incompetence and neglegence. They're a fucking mobile phone network with the shittest coverage and customer service ever!!! And they're laughing their tits off while more and more people sign up to their contracts / death sentences...
  • Rockgeek
    So no matter what the result, everyone else seems to think eBay and payPal should have won... can't say I disagree
  • He-Man
    I really hate 3. I cancelled my contract after 20mins of the damn operator telling me not to. I said I don't want it coz they suck and yet they carried on. And then they grudgingly gave me my PAC as if I'd just killed their kid or something. And then to top it all off, they tried to take another month's line rental on top but I'd cancelled my direct debit and I started getting bailiff letters. So I decided to pay the bloody amount and then I was still gettting bailiff letters. Stupid, piece of crap company waste of space. As for people complaining who should be the worst or not, it's all down to personal experience. We might not have all dealt with fleabay and pay"so not ur"pal or just not as frequently. But yeah, as long as it's clear that these companies are the worst of the worst.
  • Mr M.
    Who or what is 3 and what on earth is a Setanta? On a more serious note, how on earth did the screwbay - paypaypaypal combo miss the finals. Surely those two should have been head to head, even though they are the two side of the same company?
  • BadBoy07
    Paypal should be light years ahead of anyone else, theiving bastards. 3 and Setanta are shite as well but nowhere near the depths of paypal..shocking
  • andy
    paypal should have won along with dick turpins ebay - both are the new digital terrorists
  • casparwhite
    3 vs Paypal (Poll Closed) 3 72% (1015 votes) Paypal 28% (387 votes) i find this hard to believe with all the negative comments for paypal here and in the actual poll 3v paypal dont think i even read 1 comment about 3 in that poll yet they win with 3 times as many votes?? SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS VOTING BULLSHIT ADMIN/WRITERS INVESTIGATE OR FORGET THIS FARCE OF A HALFARSED POLL how many people use setanta or 3 not even close with the amount that use paypal IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THEY ARE SCARED OF THE WRATH OF PAYPAL AND GIVING THEM BAD PRESS JOKE SIMPLE AS
  • paul
    Setanta are an absolute joke company, the picture quality is appalling no matter what you watch it on and if you ever try to cancel your subscription you'll find out why they are in here
  • duncan
    Only a mug would have gone with 3 anyway.
  • keith
    because their fee are high for doing nothing
  • Spark
    This does seem a bit fishy to be honest, my vote was for Tiscali and I have my personal reasons for that but PayPal are clearly one of the worst organisations in the modern Western world.
  • JC
    Surely this poll is just a bit of a laugh, why are people taking it so seriously?
  • john
    Great poll, I was hoping that Setanta would be here and they have done me proud lol, worst company i have ever dealt with as they changed terms mid contract and tried to make me pay 2 months notice, but we all have opinions.....................
  • Mr M.
    Hi JC - I think that people are taking this laugh a bit seriously, purely because the real thieves and vagabonds for the (wo)man in the street have been screwbay and paypaypaypal over this last year and haven't really figured in the results. Personally, I hear complaints about these two almost every single day and virtually nothing about any of the other contenders.
  • me
    @jc many people have been screwed over by most of these companies and in some instances for thousands of pounds which is serious shit! obviously you have not been bothered by any of these companies or been ripped off hence your blaze attitude in thinking "its a bit of a laugh"
  • Duncan
    I agree with all the above posters, Paypal win this by a mile! I've been using 3 since the company started, I've always served notice a month before the end of the contract, and never had an issue. At the moment, I've got three 3 contracts; one for my gf, sister and myself, and also 3 mobile broadband, and still, no issues. I'm paying ~£6.50 for the 5GB allowance broadband (18 month contract w/free modem), and ~£10 for a 650 video talk contract, ~£6 for a 500 talk and text and ~£17 for 1250 mix and match, all excellent value for money IMO and that's all on autocashback; direct from 3, and came with expensive phones (whilst I was on the phone haggling with them, I was on ebay looking at the value of various phones). So don't go telling me 3 are a ripoff, up until about 2 years ago I was using 100% cashback contracts with e2save and never had an issue and so for years I didn't pay a penny for my phones or usage, must've saved me at least £1k! I also use their 3 Like Home extensively when I'm in Europe several times a year and that's fantastic too - when I lived in Italy for about a month at the beginning of the year I was able to get online on my laptop using the X-Series Silver for £5 a month for 1GB through my mobile phone (this was before mobile broadband became so cheap), and I was able to videocall my (ex now) girlfriend w/ inclusive usage from the roof of the Duomo in Milan! Getting back to worst company in Britain, I can think of no worthier company than Paypal - going by the above comments, I'm not the only one who's been robbed hundreds of pounds when someone using a credit card did a chargeback and it turned out Paypal's "safe and secure" motto was a crock of ****.
  • Martin
    A few posters seem very aggrieved that the results differ from their own choices, but opinions are inevitably formed on personal experience and many of us will have been customers of some but not of others, and may then have experienced different levels of service depending on what we needed done. I have no experience of "3", but have received terrible service from Setanta, so voted for Setanta. Some of those familiar with Setanta will know that there have been serious issues with their customer service in 2008, leading to a large number of complaints on internet forums and BBC "Watchdog" receiving hundreds of complaints about their customer service. I think many will be familiar with my own experience- Setanta not answering correspondence and/or processing cancellations, demanding/taking payments that weren't due, and incessantly ringing/ corresponding regarding "debts" arising from their own failings. I can't truly say that I know for certain that they were the worst company in Britain in 2008, but I can honestly say that no other company I dealt with in 2008 came close to giving me customer service as bad as Setanta.
  • bollocks
    How the fuck did paypal not win? What a load of bullshit. Neither Sultana or Three are that bad. Certainly not in the same ballpark as gaypal.
  • WTF
    ^^^Above is correct, albeit, maybe not as elequently as I would have put it. Paypal is the WORST company, end of... Those who didn't vote paypal have obviously been lucky enough not to have had anything go wrong when using them for whatever reason. When something does, you will see why so many people hate them.
  • scribbles
    If you don't want to use paypal you don't have to. Everyone knows what a rip-off their fees are, and you have a choice. Sultana are a different proposition. You join on one of their irresistable special offers, then you are not allowed to leave without threatening to get trading standards involved. They ignore your emails, put you on hold on their 0870 number for 25mins, and have absolutely no intention of letting you leave them. Paypal are just expensive and shoddy, Setanta on the other hand have every intention of making double sure you stay with them, whether you want to or not. They make AOL look accomodating. A bunch of fucking leeches that refuse to let go once they have you.
  • Gus
    stop complaining about paypal and ebay! three is crap and like some people posted not everybody needs paypal ( or even ebay) but will definitely need a mobile phone.
  • Mr D.
    Paypal agree but Setanta did stiff me on shares with B&B so voted.
  • sharpy
    Three ought to be number 1 but ffs setanta you gotta claim that prize you f******* morons
  • Paypal h.
    I have been mugged by both paypal and 3, paypals terms and conditions are designed to steal your cash when a commen thief pretends the item they purchased off ebay didnt arrive!! 3 dont understand compassion or cant make decisions by themselves. They employ socially increpid and non educated people to run their customer services by following simple on screen instructions, and when the computer says no, you get stuck and the managers are worse! Simple, Stay clear of both of them and they will fail.
  • Gavin
    I have done over 1000 transactions on Ebay with 90% or more using Paypal, and I have not had a problem. I can see there can be an issue if a seller says they have sent an item and a buyer says they have not got it - but there will always be the issue of who to believe. If sent with compensation (e.g. CoP for small items or insured for larger), then as a sender you should be covered by claiming from the PO, if a customer did not get it or claimed not to. I have only had to do that one time, using a CoP, but do not know if the person was lying. As a buyer I once claimed as I did not get an item - I don't think it was sent, as the seller did not answer, but Paypal refunded my money. Of course, there are the Paypal fees, but they are up-front and they want to make good money. Would like Google to have an auction site, with low fees as they would probably be able to take Ebay/Paypal on, esp. as they already have a payment system.
  • Fuk s.
    3 are utter cunts......... Remember when that fucking twat sent all 600+ of our Email addresses back to us ALL !!! ...........PISS UP A ROPE FUCKSTICK.....................DIE 3 DIE damn you
  • scouse
    what a load of shite this is although ive never had a problem with three i can understand others personal views about them and accept that, but paypal or fleabay not being in the final is utter bullshit , the amount of complaints about them is phenominal , me thinks whoever organised this poll has just received his £10 voucher from ebay. Utter crap.
  • Noghar
    I've never used Setanta or 3 but paypal have ripped me off more than once, and then let me waste my time with an endless circular email 'complaints' system. Neither 3 nor Setanta have a monopoly of their market like Ebay?Paypal so I would have thought they wouold win easily. Still, it's only for a laugh, it's not as if it'll make the slightest bit of difference, after all...
  • Martin
    I think people often only find out how good or bad a business is when they actually have a need of individual customer service, rather than routine automated transactions. I, for example, have never had a bad experience with a buyer or seller on Ebay, hence I've never experienced how Ebay or Paypal respond. Likewise, I think you'll find that the greatest proportion of people who have a problem with Setanta only realised how bad their customer service was when they tried to cancel their subscription.
  • Frank
    How are Paypal not in the final?!?!
  • Painkiller
    Just because other people don't share your opinion doesn't mean the polls are rigged.
  • Last B.
    [...] final contestants are 3 vs Setanta, by your votes.  We know, we know.. you think that Paypal, eBay, and every other company on the [...]
  • normanstansfield
    3 and Setanta suck huge amounts of ass in equal measures but the real winner is Paypal - they actually suck cocks in hell!!!
    i think all the above comments say something bitterwallet 98 percent in favor of paypal MAYBE DO A BULLSHITE AWARD.....WONDER WHO WOULD WIN?
  • cooliceburg
    No!!! we won't stop stop complaining about paypal and ebay!. If u don't want to hear it.......go click on another website....
  • Mr D.
    Paypoop is bad. They do what ever they can to get your direct debit card. Only reason I can see is when you want to claim when someone takes you're cash is that you have no leg to stand on. When you use a credit card you can claim. Thus paypoop get the bill in the end if you use a credit card and claim. Avoid giving direct debit cards without protection ....
  • mr 3.
    Ridiculous! Paypal are clearly the poorest company I have ever in my 27 years of existence had to deal with. They are unbelievably abysmal customer support, treat you like cr*p, steal your money amongst other things. This is a sham !!!!!!
  • Chilliman
    This was clearly fixed. Paypal should have won this hands down.
  • Jackie
    Terrible experience with 3 also. They would just not let me leave.
  • Jackie
    Tried to cancel a phone contract, put through to different departments, then left waiting on landline phone during the 30 minute call - they claimed high call numbers but I wonder if it's just a ploy to squeeze more money out of you while they can. I put the phone down and called again 2 days later (I had renewed a contract within a 14 day trial period but decided to cancel as I was fed up with the hassle) Phoned today & was told I was now in the contract for the next 18 months. There is no contact of warning you when your contract fee is about to expire - they just charge you the full whack until you get through - eventually. Absolutely disgusting. This new contract, by the way, does not begin until June 2009 - What happened to the customer is always right?
  • Mike
    Three are by far the worst phone company i have had the misfortune of having dealings with. would not take no for a answer, and continued to try to bill me after i had cancelled the contract. When i tried to sort it out, only telephone number is for the call centre in mumbai, (i appreciate they have a job to do)who dont listen and amazingly tried to offer me a further contract! Eventually got it sorted after 5 phonecalls,(one lasting 45 mins) but probable paid that much in the 5 phonecalls.
  • Warren H.
    eBAY and PAYPAL all the way are the worst EVER! I am 40 years old and I have NEVER dealt with such an obsessed, paranoid, controlling, uncaring and ridiculous company in my ENTIRE life. They have gone past the point of customer care or concern. If they went bust tomorrow it wouldn't matter because the owners are set up for life! They know that so what does it matter to them! All this time they are laughing in our faces because they know that some people depend on eBay as an income! My biggest dream in the world would be for eBay to go under tomorrow and everybody all team together in the biggest law suit in the entire world and sue the owners for gross misconduct and lack of morals and care for their customers! Maybe being at the bottom of the pile in this life will remind then exactly how difficult life can be when you really have to work for everything you have got in life!

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