Worst Company In Britain - Royal Bank Of Scotland v Royal Mail

worst 2009 Well, we’re still reeling at the result of last night’s big vote. We can’t believe that you lot wanted Justin Colin to leave the jungle so soon. When he still had so much left to give, like… erm, well, like… ah, nope. Never mind.

Meanwhile, it was knife-edge seat-edge stuff here at Bitterwallet as 3 and Phones4U fought it out until the midnight deadline for your votes. You can see the result and find out who has made it through to round two here.

On to today and it’s a head to head between a pair of regally-named, tragically-mismanaged companies – Royal Bank Of Scotland and Royal Mail. Vote now and let us know which of them has disturbed you more in 2009. You’ve got until midnight.


  • Giki
    Royal Fail.
  • Sam
    Tough choice this one. RBS is RUN by a bunch of good-for-nothing greedy people, never satisfied with how much they get paid. Royal Fail EMPLOYS a bunch of good-for-nothing greedy people, never satisfied with how much they get paid.
  • Ash
    I reckon theres some RBOS emplyees voting this one up!!
  • maxtweenie
    I voted Royal Mail, although you should know Sam that not all of their employees live in the 1970's.
  • Spoony
    I'm surprised RBS is only 37%, I would have thought a company run by cunts would be higher.
  • NikT
    Royal Mail for me. They failed to post some expensive tickets which had been sent by 'guarenteed' Special Delivery, then tried to tell me they'd posted a card to advise that they had attempted posting....The card was nowhere to be seen. I missed the event as a result. Now they won't refund the tickets because they take their postman's word that he posted the attempted delivery card over my word that he didn't...All this was during the strike, although we were all advised that Special Delivery was unaffected. The twice weekly strikes within London over the past few months don't halp their cause.
  • Tom
    Alright NikT......keep your hair on.
  • Sam
    @ maxtweenie, Agreed; I know there are 'normal' Royal Mail employees. I just dislike the ones who steal or "loose" my mail, deliver me other peoples, spam me silly, gyp me off when I complain, and on occasion piss through my letter box*..... *ok, so I dont actually have proof thats them. Catching a RM postie in the act of delivering mail is pretty hard you know
  • NikT
    Tom, Apologies, its all fairly recent, and I'm pretty pissed at losing £120 through incompetence and lies.
  • Steve
    Royal Mail, for the third year running, have lost two very important parcels in the run up to Christmas. Luckily the companies involved know how retarded Royal Mail are and have sent me replacements but where the originals went God only knows.
  • stuart
    I Still dont think Royal Mail should ever go private , is there any public company that went private got better? As for RBS , wow i will be shocked if they dont win this. A record loss of money for in company in the uk EVER! Also just found out today they got a secret loan for 60 billion on top off what US the tax payer paid to bale them out. FRED GOODWIN ANYONE REMEMBER IN HIM?
  • Tim
    I voted RBS because the cheeky sods charged me £38 ... FOR A MINOR.. its there own fault if they didnt pick up on the direct debit!
  • Tim
    Royal mail aernt that good for sure, they lose stuff.. but honestly RBS suck...
  • Chris
    RBS because it has the word Scottish in.
  • stuart
    Chris (RBS because it has the word Scottish in.) What a stupid sad man you are
  • archie
    It doesnt have "scottish" in it,the s is for Scotland.How thick can you be? When do I get to vote for the shabbey abbey bank?
  • dunfyboy
    Hmm. My postie did fold a record (ask your dad) in half so he could fit it through my door and they do love charging those extortionate "admin" fees every time I buy something from the States that goes a few pennies over the £18 customs limit, whereas RBS credited my account with £10 when they realised they'd posted something to me with no stamp on. Seems obvious then. RBS it is, just because the greedy cunts that run it cost me, you and everyone else in the country more than the Royal Mail ever could.
  • dunfyboy
    I know, I know. I meant letterbox.
  • Robin
    @Stuart "Is there any public company that went private got better?" Yeah, Qinetiq. Used to be The Department of Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). Went private so it could work on commercial products. Now earning millions. As for my vote, had to be Royal Mail. 2009 saw too many "failed delivery" attempts where I caught them redhandedly without my post in the van and no explanation.
  • Brian
    Archie, you have a go at someone for getting the Scottish/Scotland bit wrong in RBS and then YOU yourself call the Abbey a bank, when it is in fact a building society. Retard.
  • Worst B.
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  • archie
    Abbey is a BANK,it demutualised from a building society in 1989,ask in a branch if you dont believe me,it,s part of Santander BANK.All this info is also available online.
  • Rob
    The Royal Bank of Scotland are penises

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