Worst Company in Britain Round 9: British Telecom vs. British Gas and eBay vs. Virgin Media

Winners of Round 8 go out to Dixons and Currys, wrapping up the 1st stage towards the stinky golden poo Bitterwallet's 2008 WCUK award.  As we hone down to the final 8 contenders, today’'s 2 rounds are with British Telecom vs. British Gas and eBay vs Virgin Media.  

So keep your fingers trigger happy on the mouse button... and start clicking!!




  • batesie
    Cant believe this, my 2 worst companies. BT and British Gas. both have screwed me over... its such a close call....
  • Zain
    BT vs British Gas - British Gas worse by a mile. eBay vs Virgin Media - although I have had no experiences with Virgin Media, I have had plenty of experience with eBay and they are terrible. I hate the automated responses... and many more related problems
  • Pizza_D_Action
    How can ebay not be beating Virgin Media..... Virgin's CS sucks but at least their service is great. Ebay CS sucks and their service sucks.... come on people.
  • gidz
    never really had a problem with either ebay or virgin media. use them both and apart from dodgy sellers on ebay theyre both OK. but u cant blame ebay for the lack of morality humans have
  • Leronz
    It's BT all the way. The company I work for has most of it's IT outsourced to BT. If anyone else is in he same boat then they will be voting the same way as me. Seriously biting my lip.... ooooouch!
  • Anthony
    ebay is one of the worst companies I ever used... but the worst part is..... we have no other auction site we can use
  • Ed.
    BT by a mile, I haven't forgotten how shitty their internet service was before we cancelled it. eBay and Virgin are both fine by me, though I voted for eBay just because there are an awful lot of twats on that site.
  • ad
    how can virgin possibly be beating ebay , vote for the worst companyyou daft sods so click thatebay box , you know it makes sence , otherwise ill post 10,000 adverts on ebay and not send any of the items ohhh someone beaten me to it ,,, again
  • J
    People may complain all the time about ebay but usually its down to dodgey sellers/buyers who are scammers and its hard to control that with an auction system. And if they hate it so much then why continue using it....there are thousands of small businesses making their living on ebay. If there was an alternative site with the same volume the scammers will move on to there too so like a poster said above ...can't blame ebay for human morality. And i have found ebay cs quite good... refunds via paypal etc. BT CS however is really bad
  • Dank
    The biggest complaint about eBay's customer service is the fact THEY HAVE NO customer service. Got a problem? Sure, navigate your way around a billion different pages in an attempt to discover how you actually contact someone. Then wait. And wait. And receive a scripted response which 99% of the time does not actually answer your original query in the first place. Rubbish way to do business if you ask me.
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