Worst Company in Britain Round 12: Setanta vs. Sky and Dixons vs. Currys




Winners of Round 11 go out to Natwest and Tiscali CPW.

Update 30/12/08: Due to technical errors with Polldaddy, the results of this poll has been amended.

At the initial vote count at midnight on 27/12, Tiscali beat CPW by a number of votes.  Our announcement was made during the manual review past midnight on the day.

However over the holidays due to technical errors, Polldaddy's poll system scheduled to close automatically at midnight failed to function.  We do apologise for not catching this in time.

And due to a large number of new votes between then and the closing of the poll, CPW has beat Tiscali by votes from an overwhelming majority (CPW's majority of 54% 2138 vs Tiscali 46% 1790).

Polldaddy does not have any in-built timestamp functions to capture actual results at midnight on the 27th, nor do we have any screenshots at the time of vote count.  Therefore, we feel that it is only fair to those of you who put in your votes to go by the evidential end result seen here at the close of the poll.

CPW is therefore amended as the winner of this round.

And on Polldaddy's behalf, we apologise again for this error.

Today’'s 2 rounds are with: Setanta vs. Sky and Dixons vs. Currys

Dixons vs Currys?  Hmm...




  • Ultraviolence
    Dixons and Currys... hmmmm. Owned by the same company, you'd have thought they would have same policies etc, but all comes down to how the manager feels on the day.
  • Zain
    Dixons v Currys - both owned by DSG group. I would vote both :D Sky v Setanta - Sky got my vote for their poor service.
  • David
    Oh come on its a no brainer. Paypal is the worst company out there. It claims to have 'seller protection' to cover in case of fraud but it doesn't bloody mean anything. Robbed of over £1500 and Paypal sit there doing nothing. It even takes 15 minutes to get through to a human being (not a human doing, not a human thinking, a human being) Rant over, but Paypal is an absolute joke.
  • tom
    i dont think this competition is fair the really bad companies are put against the really bad companies whilst some not so bad companies are put against the not so good companies
  • billy
    Sky has pay per view, Setanta doesn't , why vote against something that's providing a bit of competition to a monopoly?
  • Ultraviolence
    errr its about customer service, not who offers pay per view and who doesn't.
  • Bob
    I vote for all of them... robbing bastards.
  • Disciple72
    Setanta are a fookin joke. Tried them once. They're totally shite. Won't touch them again. The sooner they disapear off the face of the planet the better............Wankers!
  • phil m.
    paypal must win this competition. its is the worst company i have ever dealt with. the best companies i have dealt with are Natwest, Liverpool Victoria, and CPW (or mobiles.co.uk)
  • Mr I.
    lol DSG vs DSG hmm bitterwallet still sucks.
  • billy b.
    SETANTA!!!! WORST customer service i have ever come across, took me 6 months to cancel their crap service
  • Martin
    Nothing I've ever experienced compares with what I experienced from Setanta- correspondence continuously went unanswered and they just carried on for weeks, demanding money they weren't due.
  • normanstansfield
    My first experience with Setanta tonight and not a good one -i stayed up to 3am to watch UFC 92 live and they cut it off at 5am just as the main event of the night was about to kick off - Fucking assholes!
  • normanstansfield
    Paypal are a right bunch of cunts too - some scumbag seller stung me on ebay and it took months to get my money back despite all the evidence they had to rule in my favour. Paypal are a bad joke.
  • dan
    setanta terrible service and they are now putting their prices upto £15 a month!
  • steadyeddie
    Methinks a mistake has been made with the Tiscali v CPW result?
  • john
    I love this and everyone likes a good moan about someone, Setanta for me by a mile but we all have opinions and thats what this is about. For some people its a place to say a few swear words because of their lack of vocabulary. come one people take it for the fun it is :-)
  • Steven
    Setanta with out a doubt... I was overcharged by Setanta they ignore all correspondence, eventually recovered money via credit card only for Setanta to cut me off 3 months into a years prepayment. ~Net result £100 out of pocket a lot of grief. I even threatened to take them to court, guess what they ignored that correspondence also. I hope they do a Woolies!

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