Worst Company in Britain Round 11: Natwest vs. RyanAir and Tiscali vs. Carphone Warehouse


Happy Boxing Day!  You will be glad to hear of the winners of round 10: Three and Paypal triumph through to the next round.

Today’'s 2 rounds are with: Natwest vs. RyanAir and Tiscali vs. Carphone Warehouse. Let the Fights Begin!

Update 30/12/08: It came to our attention that Polldaddy did not close this poll correctly on time.  Due to this, more votes have been made from the time this poll should have been closed, resulting in a confusion of who the winner should be between CPW and Tiscali.   

The lowdown: At the initial vote count at midnight on 27/12, Tiscali beat CPW by a close number of votes.  In between that time and now, Polldaddy was scheduled to automatically close the poll but it did not.  Therefore, a large number of new votes were casted by you guys, putting CPW way ahead of Tiscali (CPW's majority of 54% 2138 vs Tiscali 46% 1790).

In view that Polldaddy does not have in-built timestamp functions to prove results on the day, nor do we have actual screenshots at the time of vote count, we feel that it is only fair to go by the end result of your final votes that you actually see here. This means that CPW is the winner of this round.  

On Polldaddy's behalf, we apologise for this error.  




  • Michael
    What a pointless idea! You're trying to figure out which is the better company in Britain - a British bank (Natwest) or an Irish airline (Ryanair). How can you compare a bank to an airline anyway?
  • ODB
    Never heard of that site...have heard of Hot UK Deals though....
  • jarren
    knob end, its the worst company in britain and its decided on customer service (or lack of!)
  • Zain
    Natwest v Ryanair - do I even need to tell you which one I voted for :D (Ryainair) Tiscali v CPW - I was with Tiscali, they are rubbish; speed, connection, customer service. Voted Tiscali as you may have guessed.
  • Harlzter
    After this week it has to be natwest, two days before christmas we learn they are closing our account only after receiving a letter from our insurance company that our direct debit is not being processed. So they tell the companys we have dealings with that our account is to be closed but dont have the decency to tell us? We had to ring them to ask if our acounts where to be closed it was to be that day at midnight so less than twelve hours notice! Two kids accounts, one each for us and a joint all being closed, ask why? "Because we reserve the right to" is the only answer we got. .......Merry f'ing christmas to you too Natwest.
  • joe
    why is play.com on here its a great website
  • tissed o.
    Tiscali's Customer service are about as useful as a wooly condom.
  • Joe
    For the tiscali vs CPW poll, all you need to do is call up both of their customer support lines. I've dealt with both of them a lot. With Tiscali you will always get someone in India or elsewhere who has no idea what they're talking about and are completely incapable of doing anything except reading off their script. Its usually the case that you have to redial until you get someone who understands your problem or won't just blame a problem randomly on BT, your modem, your telephone exchange, wiring in your house etc. With CPW you'll usually get someone British talking to you who you can actually understand (and vice versa) who is usually capable of thinking for themselves. I'm not saying CPW's support is great by any means (they have had a long history of fobbing people off when it comes to cashback offers and alike) but at least they actually provide a service that you can use. So Tiscali gets my vote and is my favourite to win the competition.
  • tissed o.
    Joe: Your slightly wrong, my experience with Tiscali, is that they know exactly what they are talking about, and will tell you what you want to hear, make promises to fix the broadband/upgrade/line rental/overcharging, but wont do anything about it. Making you wait, wait and wait some more, then call them again, explaining everything over and over again, then they will tell you, they will do what needs to be done, then you wait, wait & wait. repeat 28 times, until you give in and cancel......
  • Tanya
    bunch of w*nkers. Would not allow me to fly to Dublin from London last year as my passport had expired by two months (which my own fault I did not realise) but told me I coluld fly with my driving license had I had it with me.. then told me if I went home and collected my passport I could change to a later flight for a £50 admin fee... upon arriving back at the airport was told it would cost £300+ to get a flight that day and no notes were made re the assitants earlier comments and as far as they were concerned I was a no-show for my origfinal flight... what a load of rhubard & cusard will never spend a penny with them again!!
  • ad
    hows anyone not voted tiscali , ok cpw are crawling arse licking piles of unsavoury shite but tiscali have got to be the worst by far , have you tlied turning it off and onny ? , hangings on and i vill pass you onto an engineer ( who cant speak a word of the lingo )
  • yep
    Welcome to Tiscali Internet Service Providings.
  • MG
    Tiscali are appalling - At one point I had a credit of £119 and I decided to close the account - I ended up owing them £3. Alas they now own Pipex which I will have to shut down.

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