Worst Company in Britain Round 10: Littlewoods vs. Three and PC World vs. Paypal

Winners of Round 9 came to an interesting conclusion.  BT managed to beat British Gas by just 2% at 347 votes while Virgin Media barely trumped eBay by 33 more votes at 52% to the semi-finals.  

I am sure many of you would have liked to see eBay and BT British Gas (thanks, highguyuk!) both make it through. Bummer. Maybe next year!

Today’'s 2 rounds are with:  Littlewoods vs. Three and PC World vs. Paypal. Get voting!








  • Zain
    Littlewoods vs Three - Littlewoods without a doubt are worse. Paypal vs PC World - Paypal without even thinking twice. Their service is unbelievable. Hate the stupid bas*^$ds
  • highguyuk
    "I am sure many of you would have liked to see eBay and BT both make it through. Bummer. Maybe next year!" Don't you mean eBay and British Gas, as BT DID make it through?
  • MR C.
    On one hand, PC World sold me a Duff laptop (flickering screen) which was "repaired" 5 times, the laptop is still faulty, and now, no longer in warranty. Whereas Paypal have cost me a £40 loss through a scammer on ebay, and through other stupid loopholes over £8 in fees when a sale didnt actually take place! Im voting Paypal though, as these $hitheads never send me any discount vouchers, even though I've made them hundreds in bleeding fees. Twonks to the lot of them!
  • bex
    Some reason using FF I cant get the poll to work
  • ODB
    Paypal and Littlewoods as they are by far the shittest around
  • Joff
    Every other company in the shortlist can breathe a sigh of relief. Now that Paypal has made it this far there's not a chance in hell that they're not going to win the coveted title.
  • Steve M.
    I think paypal / ebay should have been classed as one separate company. I have experienced first hand how bad paypal 'customer services' are when I was the victim of an ebay scam. That was almost 4 years ago but I will never forget the way I was treated.
  • janey c.
    It has to be three.... the worst customer service robots in the world!!! The many hours i have spent trying to solve problems with them is unbelivable. And PC world told me there was nothing wrong with my computer that blew up on me when i got it home so thats my votes done...
  • Alan
    Has to be paypal. What with thier scamming cheating ways. Sold an item on ebay for £70 buyer paid by paypal. Withdrew the funds to my bank after paying the charge to transfer the money and thought nothing else of the transaction. Then 2 months down the line I recieve an email saying that the transaction has been reversed. When I contacted CS was told that the buyer had used a stolen card. And seeing as I hadn't entered the correct amount of pennies they had sent to my account I wasn't verified and had to try and get the funds from the buyer. Luckly I still had the address of the buyer and after a bit of digging on the net was able to track down a phone number. So phoned the buyer to be told he had no knowledge of the reversal and that he would phone paypal to see what was going on. He then phoned back to say he had managed to get the £70 put back into his account and he would send me a cheque out, which did come. What worried me was that only one side of the selling/buying party had been notified of a possible fraudulant transaction. So did more digging on the net and found countless stories of similar things happening. So I wouldn't touch them or ebay with a barge pole any more.

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