Worst Company In Britain - npower v GAME

worst 2009 Here’s the second of this weekend’s showdowns in our Worst Company In Britain 2009 gladiatorial beef-fest.

Today we bring you lower-case energy gonks npower and capitalised games gonks GAME. But which is worse? There’s only one way to find out… VOTE!

You’ve got until Monday at noon to make your feelings known and you can catch up with See Tickets versus British Gas – voting in that one will end at the same time.

There’ll be another head-to-head here tomorrow as we continue our quest to determine which company has caused more of your hair loss than any other this year.


  • OinkVictim
    I don't see the point in pitting a Games company against a utility company? Surely Npower should go head to head with British Gas, and Game with the likes of Play/HMV. I feel like I'm stating the obvious though I've been in another world with the past week with swine flu, surely things haven't changed that much. Only problem I've had with npower is they like to try and bring my Direct Debit up since I get in 'debt' at the end of Winter but Summer puts me in 'credit' that covers me through 90% of winter which is to my advantage not theirs since I reap the interest (well... 'use' to). I get the phone and say Noo nooo nooo and after having to put it on a bit they agree to keep things as they are. Game, never had a problem. I imagine the 'big bad energy company' will take the fall here though, are people have bets on the outcome yet?
  • Christopher
    Maybe it's a rankings system, like tennis, they don't want similar companies facing each other til the bitter end? Anyways... "Game, never had a problem.". In the past year, although having probably spent over £1000 there, I've been: * accused of piracy * banned from a store (and only actually told this a couple months after the fact) * unbanned * probably banned again (I just have to wait a few months before they mention it no doubt) * sent used games as new * found out they don't actually even remotely bother to test used games (and god forbid you question this otherwise you find yourself in the previous situations) * witnessed pitifully poor technical knowledge of staff, received more non-fully working games than I can remember * been refused a sale as apparently a 25 year old known to management who even have a copy of my CV still refuse to believe I'm not 17 * out of probably 30+ tries have almost never actually seen their 4 for £20 PS2 deals scan correctly que a 5 minute wait while a manager is summoned to manually discount I'm sure there's more but I've got a life to live... Never used nPower, but if they're worse then game then I doubt I will be any time soon.
  • Carl L.
    Game customer service stinks. I bought a Wii last christmas for my daughter i must have rang them 20 times when it was faulty. They promised to ring back, email me and they never did. In the end in Feburary!!! i went into the store and refused to go untill they replaced the unit. I got my way but not without nearly giving me a break down. Ruined my daughters Christmas.
  • andy y.
    Death,divorce,starvation and war can ruin Christmas. Did you test it before Dec 25?
  • Financial S.
    Game rocks man! Never had a problem here.
  • Homer h.
    Never had a problem with Game, any issues sorted immediatley, replaced "the Boys" 360 whe it broke Personally can not fault them except they are not the cheapest!!!
  • Osarkon
    Game have always been fine with me, games aren't always the cheapest and the prices of their pre-oowned games are optimistic to say the least, but they've never given me any problems.
  • Gunn
    The GAME stores I have been in, I have found the staff to be lacking in any serious game knowledge apart from the obvious blockbusters. Games are overpriced too.
  • Milf
    Game are jokers but no worse than Gamestation. I buy online.
  • dunfyboy
    I've still got GAME vouchers from last Xmas but everytime I go in I wander round, see everything more expensive than elsewhere and leave. I know the vouchers are already paid for, but it just goes against my nature to join a (always) huge queue to pay over the odds for anything.
  • Alex
    GAME are the bunch of arseholes that released a PR statement that said they were sending staff down to Sainsbury to buy all the cheap Xbox 360's that were on offer so they could offer their customers better service by selling them at the RRP. Cunts.
  • dee
    Game. Basically a bunch of idiots with crap products, who also don't seem to be able to get anything right. I purchased a preowned dsi for my sis from them for a xmas pressie for my nephew, and it came back with a stylus that was badly chewed. (I mean this thing was mank, covered in bite marks and in no way did myself or my sister want to touch it let alone give it to my nephew like that!.). So i contacted them about it, and they originally wanted me to send back the whole console just to get a new stylus but after many emails they finally agreed to send me out a new stylus. Had the stylus a few days later, tested the ds and the damn thing didn't work!! Got in touch with game, told them the story and by now, (as we were both annoyed and peed off with the trouble we already had with these guys) we'd given up on getting a working ds so asked for a refund. Was told that was ok, sent the dsi back and thought that was that. Just over a week later, i get an email saying Game have dispatched my order (order? i heard myself say, what order?), next thing you know, there was a knock on my door and the postman was standing them with....another replacement dsi!!! It's now a week later, the dsi has once again been returned to game online, and still no refund. Kinda wondering what's going to happen next!
  • Mike H.
    @dunfy same here mate. Just got another 20quids worth of me bro in law too :o(
  • Tim
    GAME all the way. They nearly ruined Gamestation!
  • Bob
    I can't flaw GAME really from my experience, being a techie yeah their staff can be a bit dim when it comes to the know but IMO at least it isnt as bad as PCWORLD, ask them what 64bit is they are all HURR DURR. Its retail. When i've emailed them about my online orders I get a quick reply and some times a £5 off coupon, can't argue with that. Lets not forget here GAME = gamestation + gameplay, they own both of them. npower on the other hand are scum. I can say this without even being a customer because they constantly knock on my damn door with some swindle trying to gain access to my meter then usually give some crap reason how they could save me money (which they can't). They use rubbish excuses like "it looks like you are on the wrong rate", "we can adjust your meter if you swap to use it will give you better value for money", etc etc. One time their rep even jammed his foot in my door blocking me from closing it trying to worm his way in. Last time they knocked (I am suspecting its them) this guy said he was from "empiredirect" (yes the now and at the time defunct appliance and electronics company) about claiming £200 back off our energy provider which sounded much like their previous attempts about getting cash back. There are quite a number of old people in my area too.
  • singhster
    NPower are a utter bunch of twats, there's only one winner here. They've got a billing system too complex for their customer advisers to understand, and it's own computer system as it seems. I've frequently been overcharged, and have since left them. I'll never use them again.
  • Game E.
    I'd just like to say, I work for game as a Sales Assistant and have been working there over a year now. The company I voted for? GAME. Awful - im not saying that IM AWFUL (Im definately not - I know my stuff and I dont think I have ever been stumped by a customers question - however other members of staff contradicting me when they dont know jack is quite annoying) It just seems to me that (in my store anyway) the managers have no communication skills with customers, especially when it comes to returns/faulty items - and in my store, the Senior Sales guy (Manages Sundays...avoid Sundays) is a complete douchebag - fobs customers off with bs when they have a question, faulty game or console or even with technical questions like getting on Xbox Live Wirelessly...honestly, awful. Also, being a staff member there is awful, you have no incentive, I am regularly a 'top performer' and have I ever gotten ANYTHING?! NO! You see, stores have targets every week - where theres a certain amount of accessories %, preowned %, loyalty % and extended warranties to get - the pressure that you get is unbelieveable sometimes...I need to ask every customer these questions: Customer buys, say, Gears of War 2: -Ask for ID - We have a preowned at £x.xx if you would prefer, same guarantee as a new one, but cheaper...then try and make them buy p/owned. -Offer 2 add-on accessories - You going online mate? Need any Xbox Live subs, or maybe some points for extra map packs? -Ask for Loyalty Game - Do you have a Game reward card, dude? (If yes take it, mention you can preorder blah blah) if no, do you have one at home I can look up using your postcode (if no) Would you like to set one up today, £3, you get blah blah blah blah blah...etc. -If he has/wants a Game Card, any games you would like to preorder, its free, and you get double points if you decide to buy it from us. -Take the guys payment -Then - we do also have a trade in system for any old games you dont play, bring em in, save some money. - Laters dude! Yeah, what a ball-ache - especially when its busy, and you get proper arsey customers - not cool. Worst of it is the extended warranties - dont get me wrong, I believe in them and they are really good (specially on hand-helds) but the pressure you put on customers is enough to put anyone off - I see it as the more you try and sell something, the more the customer thinks they dont need it - try telling my managers that one. All that for little over minimum wage? No incentive, no overtime on Sundays, nothing - Infact, We work until half 4 on a Sunday, and only get paid til 4...again, not cool! The discount is awful - no discount on sale items, items part of any deal, only full price games and accessories (25%) and consoles (10%) but consoles cant be in a bundle i.e. with a free game. But in all seriousness, if you want a good customer service with honest advice and no trash talk - come to ME at Game, or, just avoid Game completely, your choice!
  • roo
    Not had a problem with Game, but nPower really get my goat at their obscene methods to try and get me to be one of their customers. Their sales manner is so poor, and every sales person, without exception, is so damn arrogant that the next time they knock, I will slam the door in their faces. But if I had the guts, I would slam their faces in the door instead.
  • just o.
    Imo, Game isn't really that bad, but yes I have to agree that some of their staff are quite not so "ready" for their jobs.. ;-)

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