Worst Company In Britain - HBOS v Lloyds TSB

19 November 2009

worst 2009 The time has come for you all to give a name to your pain. The voting for ‘Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain 2009’ showdown starts here.

We’ve compiled a list of the 32 most loathed companies from your nominations and over the next six weeks we’ll whittle them down via head-to-head voting until we’re left with a worthy successor to last year’s winner, the late, not-lamented Setanta.

Today we begin with a big banking face-off. Who gets your goat the most out of Halifax Bank Of Scotland and Lloyds TSB?

Of course, they’re both part of the giant Lloyds Banking group, but which bit of it gets on your tits more?

Tell us now… voting closes at midnight tonight.


  • Robovski
    They are the same company!
  • Robot R.
    Did you even read the article? "Of course, they’re both part of the giant Lloyds Banking group, but which bit of it gets on your tits more?"
  • MrRobin
    Woo hoo! Let the battle commence! This one is an easy one. Lloyds were a pretty reasonable and sensible (IMHO) bank until Daniels took the worst decision since Gordon Brown sold our gold at a piss poor low price. The rot in HBOS is deep and long lasting
  • Russ
    HBOS just for those extremely annoying adverts... which seems to have stopped recently?
  • Klingelton
    howard was ousted in a coup to get rid of him! nooooo!
  • Rob S.
    Easy ITs gonna be Ebay V's Paypal (the same group of coys if not the same one) inm the final. Don't you love Ebays new policies for itesm not turning up. My borther sold a £50 item on Friday night, posted Saturday and then it got disputed on the Monday and he's got £55 tkaen off him, the seller has been banned from Ebay and he's stil lwaiting for the cash over 3 weeks later
  • NobbyB
    HBOS pays me £15 a month to keep my 3 reward accounts, so it has to be Lloyds.
  • mufc72
    I've been with LloydsTSB for over 15 years and never had a problem
  • MickeyB
    Halifax can eat my piles.
  • Dick D.
    HBOS are utterly incompetent, half the staff walk around with their heads up their arses
  • I 3.
    3 have got to win overall. Utter shite, only time you can speak to someone who understands what your saying, is when they ring you to sell you something.
  • grex9101
    LloydsTsb - I used to work for them, all their "advisors" are just sales scum, they'd sell their own granny if they could.
  • James
    I am with 3 Hater here, my wife is as tough as they come but they managed to have her in tears of frustration on the customer services line.
  • I.wish.I.could.fly
    I abstain from the voting...I would have picked Barclays, the pricks...
  • fuzzy
    Got to be HBOS just for their new £1 per day overdraft charge. Remember just over 2 weeks before it starts.
  • Spencer
    Just looking at the face off's and I think this whole contest will be decided in the 2nd round: Ryanair will beat Tesco for sure, and DSGi will beat Comet, meaning we'll have Ryanair vs DSG in the 2nd round. They're probably the only real contenders this year. The winner will meet Orange in the quarters and that's where it'll be decided...
  • Andy D.
    I love this. I love how Spencer is treating it as though it's the draw for the World Snooker Championship. Love it. Let us know when it makes it on to Betfair.
  • Matt
    BT and 3 in the semis on one side. Carphone Warehouse and Orange on the other. Joint 4 worst from my experience....all telecommunications scum!
  • Worst B.
    [...] day two of our vote for the Worst Company In Britain 2009. In yesterday’s showdown, Halifax Bank Of Scotland beat Lloyds TSB at a canter with more than two thirds of the votes, which [...]
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