Worst Company In Britain - eBay v Nat West

worst 2009 It’s day two of our vote for the Worst Company In Britain 2009. In yesterday’s showdown, Halifax Bank Of Scotland beat Lloyds TSB at a canter with more than two thirds of the votes, which could translate into the fact that by merging with HBOS, the Lloyds Group have acquired the banking equivalent of a dead cow lying face down in a pond. Or something.

We’ve got another bank in our sights today, Nat West, and they’re going up against one of the big guns when it comes to pissing off the public, eBay. Cast your votes folks, you’ve got until midnight tonight…


  • Liam
    How can you put RBS and Royal Mail in the same vote. I can imagine they are both shite as they are equally as shit and incompetent.
  • Giles
    Natwest as I'm have a telephone number for eBay and they always give me cash if I complain!
  • argh
    english mother fucker, do you speak it?
  • Gunn
    Natwest, I'm surprised, is this just tainted by RBS? I've banked with them for over 12 years and never had a problem, they could do with more branches up north but that's about my only gripe.
  • katy
    I hve been a customerof both natwest and lloyds for several years and have hd no probs at all with natwest infct I've always found them very helpful,on the other hand I've had loads of probs with lloyds i.e I once wrote a cheque for £100 with some numskull put through as £1000!wich made me overdrawn past my crappy £200overdraft (which btw hasn't increased in the 6yrs I've had it!) o my acount was useless for the3months it took them to sort it. And finally I come to ebay...ah well I wouldn't even know where to start with the countless bad experiences I've had with them and their "so what,we're ebay and we can do what we like" attitude. So all in all I would say EBAY ARE THE WORST COMPANY IN BRITAIN.(with lloyds seond and BT a close third)
  • maxtweenie
    Personally, I've only ever had one problem with Natwest in 30 years, when they allowed Royal Insurance to take a standing order early (in the days before DD.) I complained, and it was sorted instantly. I have no idea why you're comparing a bank with Ebay though. Ebay is a crook's paradise, the online equivalent of one big 419 scam.
  • singhster
    The NatWest adverts are truly wank. That's enough to get my vote.
  • anon
    FYI Natwest is just rebadged RBS so surely we have a clear winner here!
  • john
  • ScottC
    I assume this is simply based on another "slag the banks" exercise, seeing as though Natwest generally get very high customer satisfaction - so they have obviously just been lumped in the same bucket...
  • ScottC
    Actually, from looking at the image, this appears to be yet another BW classic - have they just gone down a list of companies and picked random ones to compete? Half of these arent even "in" Britain. I cant wait to hear why United Utilities should be on here.... Or Game for that matter - they've done NOTHING, good or bad, this year!
    • Andy D.
      Scott - we put out a couple of posts asking readers to nominate companies for this award. If they operate in the UK for UK consumers, then they qualify. Over 500 comments were made featuring nominations. Almost 140 different companies were nominated and we compiled a list of the 32 most-nominated ones, creating the first round draw that you see before you. Bitterwallet readers created the shortlist, not us. Hope that helps.
  • James
    It's got to be eBay. Personally, I've never had any problems with Natwest and they've actually been quite good. eBay on the other hand is just truly an awful shopping marketplace these days. Run a search for kind of electrical item and you'll be SWAMPED with listings by sellers from other countries and 'powersellers'. The little guy can't make a decent profit on eBay these days with the new higher Final Value Fee, listing fee and Paypal fee.
  • dee
    Never used Natwest so can't comment but ebay are pretty rubbish. I bought a ds game a couple of weeks back for £10, that ebay decided to remove from it's listings a day AFTER i paid for it. (This was the 2nd time in 2 weeks this happened although the first was for a £2 stylus so wasn't too bothered about that but still quite annoying, as why didn't they remove it at the start of the auction, not after someone paid for it). Luckily i put a claim in with paypal and got a refund (although this took about 10 days). ~Funniest bit of it all though, was when the guy sent me the game anyway (which turned out to be a fake) and expected me to pay for it! he'd get reported to trading standards before he gets any of my money!
  • ScottC
    Fair enough Andy, I stand corrected....! Still cant wait to see the justification for United Utilities and Game though! :)
  • A B.
    This is actually a tough one for me. I remember trying to open a NatWest account which was a bloody nightmare, took over a week, had to go to about 3 branches, many meetings were booked but not in their system, sometimes it was possible to go down without an appointment, but on reaching there you needed an appointment to be seen and so on. In the end I didn't even get as far as opening the account. eBay are shite too, listing fees, plus a fucking 10% final value fee, cancel auctions without reason so much bullshit buyer protection that it means that the seller gets conned out of his item by the cat-tossing buyer!! Fuck. I hate them both. Especially...no wait, I hate them both.
  • OFI
    Actually had no problems with Natwest at all this year.. Always nice staff to talk to and been very quick to stop any fraudulent charges on my cards. Therefore voted eBay becuase they are just incompetent year after year. Their 'support' is a joke and never seems to help the victim.
  • OFI
    Oh and the local Natwest Customer Adviser has a great rack.
  • JT
    Has to be eBay. There fees have gotten to be an absolute JOKE. I sold a few videogames recently, and with listing fee, buyitnoe fee, final value fee, and paypal fee they took about 25% in total. This is after their new policy that you HAVE to offer free P&P - it shafting the private seller who has to buy the Jiify pad, the stamps, and the time and effort to go out and post the games. Never again.
  • Callum
    They probably did that because people were charging a low value for the item and a high P&P charge to avoid fees. This has affected everyone equally, so it just means you'll have to factor in the P&P charge in the item cost. Yes, eBay charge high fees, but there is a reason why you and I keep going back there. eBay provides a huge customer base, and even with those fees, you still make more money than with its competitors. It's all supply and demand. Equally, the rent for a shop in a busy area will be higher than in a quiet area. I'm not trying to justify their fees, its just you get what you pay for.
  • Guybrush T.
    Well to put it bluntly, I'll be looking forward to a Paypal/Ebay final. Make em both walk the plank!
  • Rick
    God! I hope ebay wins the worst company OF ALL TIME. The mere mention of ebay leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
  • jobibear
    Ebay. What is it with their new feedback "service". Someone wins they don't buy, you can only leave them positive feedback. What is the point, what is the point? Total crap from money mad shysters. Absolute shite...
  • blagga
    EBAY and PAYPAL There's simply no other option for me.
  • me
    Add ticketmaster to this list. Bunch of thieving bastards who have a useless website and only seem to give decent tickets to greedy touts and companies
  • Warren H.
    eBAY and PAYPAL are the worst ever! I am 40 years old and I have NEVER dealt with such an obsessed, paranoid, controlling, uncaring and ridiculous company in my ENTIRE life. They have gone past the point of customer care or concern. If they went bust tomorrow it wouldn't matter because the owners are set up for life! They know that so what does it matter to them! All this time they are laughing in our faces because they know that some people depend on eBay as an income! My biggest dream in the world would be for eBay to go under tomorrow and everybody all team together in the biggest law suit in the entire world and sue the owners for gross misconduct and lack of morals and care for their customers! Maybe being at the bottom of the pile in this life will remind then exactly how difficult life can be when you really have to work for everything you have got in life! I spent two weeks trying to lift a limitation on my PAYPAL account, jumping through ALL of their hoops and then they said they would keep my money for 180 days!
  • Warren H.
    By the way..... eBay own PAYPAL. Just like a YouTube video I watched last week. With PAYPAL - You will Pay Pal!!!
  • joshua b.
    I agree with the main thrust of all the negative eBay comments. My pet peave is used stuff and in particular the sellers who blatantly mislead in their descriptions. eg "NEW" at the top and lower down "I've only had this out the box when I bought it a month ago and used a few times. Ebay doesn't care. what should happen is sellers should be given the option of used and no commentary or sending the receipt with the sale. Over two years I have asked many of the "few months old" brigade if they had a receipt to back up their claim. They all replied and said no. Bad eBay, many bad sellers.
  • Brian
    Bennett! What are you on about? All the power lies with the buyers now - sellers can only leave positive feedback, no matter how badly they are dicked about by buyers. If you receive an item that is not as described, you can easily get your money back. Buyers can leave unwarranted bad or neutral feedback and sellers have no means of returning fire. Stop fucking moaning!
  • FinestHour
    Ai ee woo is my? aireet mun? beet whooayyee? x alas, organgrinding choc step and the saints all gee marcheeng een
  • barry t.
    what a bunch of wankers,sold my items then they removed them so lost out on much needed cash,phoned the foreign fuckers to find out why and they gave some limp excuse ,although i had sold a lot of the same item before no problem,and there was a load of the same material for sale at the same time,it must be run by fuckin' nuns and vicars....tossers.

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