Worst Company In Britain - DSGi v Play.com

wcb-2010-medalHere’s the next battle of the bastards in our ongoing Worst Company In Britain 2010 award fiasco – who will triumph (lose) in this tasty little encounter?

We’ve got a pair of big guns rattling their crappy retail sabres at each other this time around. On one side of the arena, we’ve got DSGi, and their family of identikit electrical shit-tips Currys, PC World and Dixons. They’re up against Play.com, the online junk shop that can drive grown adults to near tears. Probably.

Anyway, you’ve got until midnight tonight to cast your votes, and if you haven’t made your choice yet between Vodafone and Tesco, get over there and have a thrash around among it now.

EDIT: Well that got shitted the fuck right up, what with the word 'Tesco' being used instead of the word 'Play.com' so we'll start again eh?


  • Delenn
    Poll does not have play.com on
  • martinhb
    Think you need to check this again. Write up says DSGI v Play and poll says DSGI v Tesco
  • pop
    Poor Tesco. The only guys to be nominated twice!
  • TESah C.
    Absolute shambles, surely we are not that bad to be nominated twice???
  • Daniel
    DSGI - always and forever the worst
  • ePIC f.
    Perahps it's time to employ some sub-editors to do some proofreading, BW? Or maybe you could just check the articles yourself, instead of waiting for your readers to do it.
  • DP
    When do we get to vote BW as the worst in Britain?
  • gsrfd
    What's wrong with Play.com?
  • Andy
    Don't get why play.com would drive grown adults to tears, i've been using them for years and never had any issues at all. The one time i had a problem when there was a stuck pixel on my monitor i bought they replaced it with no hassle.
  • Deep_p
    Not had problems with play. At least they can deliver a £700 laptop to an address that includes a company name. Unlike DSGi who can't...
  • Matt
    I don't get the hate for Play. Been ordering stuff for years & never had a problem. DSGI on the other hand... not so much.
  • John B.
    has to be DSGi, the shittest company ever, you try returning something there, they literally tell you to "fuck off" now that they have got your money, also the staff are thickest people on the planet, if you dont buy the extended warranty, they aint interested . therefore i now buy my electronics from either play or amazon, where the products are cheaper and if there is ever a problem the customer service is soo much better, so this poll is a no brainer!
  • Keith J.
    Got to be DSGI (PC World,Currys, Dixons, The Link) group. They are extremely motivated for insulting the customer when it comes to returning faulty items and unopened unwanted goods. Their staff have absolutely no product training whatsoever. They will force you to buy shittest antivirus ever Norton just because the company get profit from it. Managers are like super rude. They treat customer like shits. They think they are there for different reasons.

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