Worst Company in Britain 2012 - the second semi-finals

20 December 2012

Here’s our second and final batch of semi-finals in our Worst Company of 2012 poll, with the others available for you to play with here.

In our first pairing this afternoon, we’ve got a clash of the mediocre delivery giants, with the Royal Mail going up against Yodel. After that we’re pitching British Gas and Virgin Media, the only connection being that they dig up the roads and paths a lot. Oh, and that lots of you hate them.

Voting will close at midnight on Friday night, unless the Mayan prediction that the world will end before then comes true. The final poll will be held over the weekend ahead of a Christmas Day result so please make the effort to come back if you want to be involved.

All of our Worst Company of 2012 match-ups can be seen and analysed here, if that kind of thing tickles your fancy.

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  • Yodel A.
    This is usually the stage at which Yodel mobilises its feckless employees to vote, vote and vote again for whomever they are up against.
  • Spencer
    but in proper yodel style... the employees will either just say they've voted and haven't... or they will get round to voting but not until February... or they'll vote - on the wrong poll or the wrong webpage...
  • KTF
    If Yodel dont win it this year then its a fix.
  • steve
    Hmm, BG Vs Yodel should be the final really. The would be the devil of a choice.
  • Ian
    Fucking Yodel. Ordered an SLR camera lens off Amazon and Yodel kicked the box till it split then left it outside in the rain. Phoned Amazon and told them I'd refuse delivery of anything they sent via Yodel in the future. Been assured they will seek alternative couriers where possible. Worth doing if you frequently order from certain suppliers who use Yodel, they don't want to lose your business.
  • Mr M.
    Why are Yodel any worse than other couriers, I've never noticed the difference between them all.
  • Darren
    I do not get why people complain about British Gas. if you do not like them, Switch!
  • Jinglebells
    Yodel (and former HDNL) have sodded up most of my orders. (sending the parcel in the wrong direction, missing or late tracking updates so you can't plan, delivering to the neighbour of the wrong address, 24hr turned into 72 hr!, lost parcel forever, parcel looked like it had been in the wars, etc.) I've had perfect deliveries from UPS, TNT, DHL, CitySprint.
  • Darren
    @Mr Miagi Yodel are better than they used to be, but they still deliver things wrong addresses and their delivery depots throw items about. I had a parcel placed behind my bins outside and a note put through my door telling me it was there, but the parcel was for next door... who also have bins and a letter box surprisingly... my house is very well numbered. so no excuse, no need for it to be left at my house and neighbour was not told!
  • Darren
    @Jinglebells Yodal is owned by DHL
  • Jinglebells
    @Darren I know but they perform better than Yodel.
  • jinkyz
    Got to be Yodel, supposed to have delivered the wife's main Xmas prissy yesterday or at the latest today (they deliver till 9pm sir, they tell me). No f'kin sign of 'em. Shower of shite.
  • Keith
    I was standing waiting for someone and a Yodel van pulled up dead opposite, the guy took a parcel to the door, rang the bell, then after no answer walked to their wheelie bin and popped it in there. I watched him from the moment he drew up, watched him put it in the bin and watched him return to his van and leave. He watched me watching him, all the way through too - and then left the scene with me 10 yards away from a pressie in a bin.

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