Worst Company in Britain 2012 - the first semi-finals

20 December 2012

More from our Worst Company In Britain 2012 vote-off, as we reach the semi-final stage. Voting for the final will take place over the weekend ahead of a Christmas Day result but for now we need to decide who will be in that final.

Here’s our first couple of semi-finals as we attempt to find the final four. First up is tax battle between Starbucks and HMRC, and we’ve also got a phone showdown between EE and TalkTalk.

Voting ends at midnight on Friday night and you can catch up with the results so far here. There’ll be another two semi-finals later today so don’t forget to come back y’all…


  • Ian
    How the fuck can Starbucks be worse than HMRC? It's HMRC's FAULT that Starbucks don't pay their fucking tax! Too busy taxing the arse off the little guy making £20k a year to bother with the major corporations bringing in BILLIONS. The useless pencil-pushing wankers.
  • sdutton007
    ^^ Truer words have never been spoken!
  • Jack T.
    I vote for the BBC as the worst, not just of this year, but the last 30 years. Expense fiddlers, kiddy fiddlers.
  • Captain W.
    Can't really argue with Ian's logic
  • Yodel A.
    Jack's right, the PaedBC might well save Yodel's bacon this year. Abolish the licence fee.
  • Kjaxx
    HMRC 110% for letting loopholes in tax law still exsist... we all want stuff cheaper and if we could get a loophole in paying our tax we all would... stupid govenrment !
  • Mustapha S.
    Can't have HMRC losing out to Starbucks - Ian's logic spot on. Will fix that in a minute...

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