Worst Company In Britain 2012 - TalkTalk v Santander

17 December 2012

Now that the X Factor is fading from our memories, it’s time to START VOTING for your Worst Company In Britain 2012!

Following your fevered nominating, we’ve whittled your list down to the most/ least popular 16 and over the next couple of days, we’ll be asking you to choose between them as we choose eight for the semi-final.

Hopefully by Christmas, we’ll have a new Worst Company of the year – or perhaps TalkTalk will retain the golden turd for a second consecutive year?

In fact TalkTalk are up first, being pitted against monster tragibank Santander. Vote now and make your voice heard. You’ve got until midnight on Wednesday to cast your vote. Pop back later in the day, and we’ll have another couple of death matches for you to choose from…

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  • Jack T.
    I vote for the BBC. Blood-sucking lying bastards.
  • william r.
    TalkTalk = No customer service AT ALL.
  • bilb
    @Jack Of No Trades Are you a raghead?
  • keith
    What a load of crap. The majority of the nominations were for dry tinder limited. However most were removed/censored. Those that remain are seemingly ignored.
  • bilb
    @Jack Of No Trades The BBC is an institution admired and trusted around world - you on the other hand are a foul mouthed yob or should that be 'nob'?
  • Yodel A.
    The PaedBC, "admired and trusted"? My arse. Abolish the paedo fee!

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