Worst Company in Britain 2012 - start the nominations NOW!

It’s that time of year again, when we look down the barrel of your eyes and ask you to start nominating your most hated names for our Worst Company In Britain award. This year’s winner will follow in the footsteps of Setanta Sports (2008), Royal Mail (2009), Vodafone (2010) and TalkTalk, who sneaked it by less than one per cent against Groupon last year.

You’ve got a few days or so to nominate the company that has boiled your proverbial the most over the past year. You can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK (once again, apologies to haters of Finland’s wretched CakkiNet dial-up ISP).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • klingelton
    virgin media - inept customer support and keep raising my prices.
  • Ian
    The Post Office. Ridiculous pricing, constant massive queues, no incentive to improve seeing as they have an enforced monopoly. Utter utter shit.
  • Mark
    Easy - BT Job done, competition closed !
  • Michael
    First Group - how these shysters have avoided nomination for so long I'll never know.
  • Ian
    South West Trains can fuck off as well.
  • Andrew
    Scottish Power. Worst customer service ever
  • Mr L.
  • Alistair B.
    iSky whose contempt for Android users knows no bounds.
  • Ben
    First Group. expensive, crap and no other choice.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    My nomination - BitterWallet!
  • Tim
    BT - various lies about my moving home installation. Asked for a specific date, never happened, said there was a fault and it had to be investigated. But what actually happened was someone forgot to push the order button. No straight answers and continued emm ummm's we actually dont know what we are doing.
  • gids
  • Tweedskin
    I'd say HMRC are a pretty good contender this year
  • Alexis
    Three. I sued them in March because they charged me twice for a phone that never arrived. They paid up, no questions asked. Now I'm about to do the same because the girlfriend has been hassled to death for just £20 she does not owe. As soon as you get rid of one debt collector, they pass it on to another one and their 'Executive Office' up in Scotland does not respond until a court claim lands on their desk.
  • comecon
    HDNL/Yodel - everyone's favourite delivery company who are completely unable to complete the only purpose of their business existing! They consistently lie, lose packages, damage packages, don't bother to deliver or leave items in stupid places. Every year they are one of the worst companies and this year, it is finally time for them to win the accolade of worst company in Britain, if not the world...
  • WhatTheHell
    Yodel. Left a package in plain sight out in the rain. The package was so sodden when I got home that when I went to pick it up, it disintegrated. The worst was that there was a dry, safe place it could have been left not a couple of feet away. fools.
  • ali
    Yodel, First Group, London Midland trains
  • snigface
    yeah, basically any train company (Northern is the one I use mostly), also Tesco who have appalling customer service
  • Dave T.
    BT - you'd think a telecom company would be able to manage an effective telecoms customer servace phone system wouldn't you? Yodel - parcel hiding ninja bastards The Post Office - 8 windows 1 member of staff, queue out the door, obviously time to close for a surprise audit. nuff said
  • Loz
    Thrifty. Quoted price online doesn't include insurance for the brand new car you'll be driving in a foreign country, on the wrong side for the first time... left with the decision to either cough up extra when we arrived or waste the rest of the day in a strange city trying to find an alternative >:-(
  • Rich
  • catweazle
    Sky for making decent offers for new customers only and Tesco who continually post offers and then withdraw them cos they can't get the frigging prices right.
  • br04dyz
    LoGoc - all that unpaid labour
  • br04dyz
    LoCog even
  • Bob
    T-Mobile/EE T-Mobile for the terrible customer service and EE for cocking up the 4G launch by charging ridiculous prices for meagre data allowances.
  • Inspector G.
    TalkTalk not on this list....interesting...
  • JD64
    As Tweedskin says HMRC surely are a great shout?! Would also add HMV. Every time an employee proudly announces they don't match their website prices they don't seem to realise they are taking one step closer to their P45.
  • Paul S.
    Tescos for their shoddy Click and Collect service, although I suspect that Starbucks might have it this year.
  • Zoe
    First Group
  • Pizza A.
    Agree with Sky for shafting up the Sky Go on Android devices Also LG for their utter sh*te phones, equally sh*te customer service and non-existent software updates, bloatware and rubbish battery life. Starbucks for their tax dodging ways, but I suppose at least they are fixing that now (year right) Google for their tax dodging, but equally for coming up with such a good mobile OS and allowing so many manufacturers to screw it up, oh and the Nexus 4 debacle and total lack of communication about it.
  • Matt
    Any one of those companies that has not been paying their tax, Starbucks et al
  • Juan K.
    Either Southeastern Trains or Groupon (again)
  • Soapdish
    Starbucks or Yodel. Just as bad as each other!
  • tom
  • deceived
    BT - without a doubt!!!!! Lies, lies, and more lies....
  • StuPid
    Apple - for bringing out iPad 4 less than a year after iPad 3, for stupid patent wars stifling the first real competition they have had in years in smartphones (The Galaxy S & Note series') and for finally making Jailbreaking illegal! SB Settings - one of the most useful tools on iOS is technically illegal to use because Apple need total control despite the fact you bought it. I also nominate Ideal World/Create & Craft for the definition of shocking customer service - national rate 'helplines' that take 25-30 minutes to get you nowhere, made up delivery dates (which suddenly become within days - once you pay to complain).
  • Roge
    LA Fitness. It has been the year of cold showers. Locog. Turned what should have been the simple task of purchasing tickets into a full time occupation for anyone who had the audacity to want to see some olympic sport. British Gas. As always. Royal Mail do NOT make my list this year. Haven't lost a parcel this year. New postman actually knocks on door to see if I'm in. What a transformation!
  • mat b.
    Cable and wireless. Supply our networks for over 100 dealership and are the worst people ever. Wouldn't trust them to sit the right way round on a toilet.
  • smoker
    yodel - hands down
  • Alexis
    "Apple – for bringing out iPad 4 less than a year after iPad 3" Seriously?
  • Mark
    Virgin, put loads of black marks on my credit score for messing up my bill and DD. Took months to sort out and cost me a mortgage application. The tech doesnt even work which makes it worse!
  • yogi n.
    The Brilliant Gift Shop
  • StuPid
    @Alexis. Oops sorry - who should I have put and why? I personally think a yearly update cycle is annoyingly quick, especially with more and more contracts being 24 months, but I was especially irked by the iPad 4 announcement so recently after I got my iPad 3. It is a personal grievance and one I believe a few people will agree with - but on the flipside, I would probably vote Apple as Company of the year - the gorgeous new iMac, the massively updated iPod Touch and a move towards the rest of the market with a larger iPhone and the iPad Mini.
  • Mo O.
    First Manchester Buses Every day, come rain or shine or sleet or snow - bus missing or late. Especially the 98 in Manchester which is actually known as 'The Fecker' in my house... as in "Just waiting for the fecker", "the fecker still hasn't shown up yet", "I fecking hate the fecker" etc They got fined earlier this year (nearly £300k I think) and they really don't give a toss as all they did was raise their prices and still are late and/or missing. I'm sure if they are fined again, they will just increase prices to cover it Aaaargh @mojorainbw
  • Sadsak
    Tesco for a non existent pre order delivery guarantee, HDNL/Yodel for there inability to do the job that they are supposed to do.
  • Fantastic F.
    Yodel. Again. They should have an award named after them for being so prolific. The Bitterwallet Yodel Vanguard award...
  • mizzle
    BBC - Saville scandal
  • I n.
    Starbucks, Lack of tax and new 'revised' employment contracts Yodel Useless delivery persons and service. Hermes Useless delivery persons and service. Royal Mail. Increased prices yet no better service, in fact its worse. More items going missing and packages having items stolen from. Its Christmas time so this will get worse with all those nice shiny / coloured envelopes being in the system.
  • Jeremy
  • steph
    Treat staff like dirt, no xmas party ever, no staff social fund, terrible customer service, non existent deals, list is endless
  • Russ
    Royal Mail - slow and overpriced - we don't get our post till 6PM some days Zaavi - Crap service and slow delivery BBC - Paedophile harbourers and still got their "television licence" protection racket ITV - They employ Adrian Chiles for football coverage, a crime against mankind
  • jiggle
    BT. absolute disaster.
  • Tony
    Virgin money (& predecessor Northern Rock) who have decided the best way to help customers who are struggling with payment is to increase the monthly payments by £80/month... Starbucks & all the others for their creative accounting & "totally legal" tax avoidance.
  • meghan q.
    Royal Mail - overpriced stamps, the large letter/package system needs to be reviewed (sending a packet sized item weighing only 10g for £2.20!! Even the girl at the post office apologises to me for the prices!); tracking/tracing system is seriously flawed - only tracked ON receipt of delivery, not during; impossible to get compensation if item has went missing, they do no have any humans operating their customer services number, problems with redeliveries disappearing off the face of the planet and nothing they can do about it; oh and Post Office staff refusing to sell stamps or cash postal orders (!!). It hasn't been a good year for me and Royal Mail. eBay - fees are far too high, has too much of a monopoly on the market/service that they provide, so many rules and regulations that the customer services can't even decipher them at times, easy to fraud the system, incorrectly worded DSR feedback system that misleads users, users "encouraged" and have to use their company Paypal in order to receive/send money - the fees are high for this as well - no discount for eBay users, too much focus on high-street retailers - rather than improving the rights of private seller/buyers and homing in on what makes eBay unique. I could go on but I'd lose the bap.
  • Michael J.
    Comet were ultimately the sole cause of their own demise, and the handling of the administration has been pretty grim to say the least. Other than that, Starbucks are looking likely, seeing as they're making the staff pay for the imminent tax bombshell.
  • Her L.
  • FilthyFella01
    Ryan Air. Utter utter utter shower of a company.
  • missy p.
    Talk Talk !!!
  • Spencer
    hmrc utter shower.
  • FukMeGently
    LULZ, ever wish you hadn't started a thread? :-P
  • Hissy
    Another vote for hotukdeals.com. ....scrap that... title says worst company in Britain. Which would bring me back to what makes me thing hukd is the worst company of the year. Not too happy with Amazon atm either but we always knew they were primarily American.
  • Andy D.
    Next week we'll be running our Embittered Former Employee Of The Year Award. Shortlist of one.
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    I'd show a lot of respect for this site if those nominations were left in (but I know they wont be) if we cant vote HUKD then The Hut group yet again
  • Data l.
    Ha ha. Brilliant....
  • Johnjoedb
    Google Amazon and Starbucks according to the news
  • dvdj10
  • keith
    @Englebert.Humperdinck It doesnt seem like they are leaving "those" nominations in. Strangely, the nominations removed were about a certain company censoring stuff and trying to cover stuff up. And now those nominations have been removed. Disappointing and I feel like I have wasted my time providing detailed reasons.
  • EmCee
    Hey what happened to my post, why can't we nominate and give our reasons for HUKD as worst company in Britain?
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    So my nomination BITTERWALLET is starting to look like a good one. Guys - you moderate posts where, quite frankly, you invite people to slag off/ridicule any companies they want (and remove the HUKD ones!) and yet leave in some total and utter crap?!?! Credibility slipping - come on - you are better than this!!
  • Dee. S.
    McEvedy's solicitors.
  • lumoruk
    hotukdeals.com please, it's a company right?
  • Ellen
    Betta living kitchens and virgin media.
  • Martin
    Yodel - no need to say why Student Loans Company - totally incompetent & messed up my sons loan but wouldn't accept any responsibility for so doing fastcanvasprints.co.uk - not fast (still waiting many weeks later; just look at the reviews) Any bank - no need to day why
  • John
    Gotta be UKMail, I'm still waiting for the re-delivery after 1 week! If I've rearranged for delivery on a Tuesday, don't come on Monday!
  • WBRacing
    DVLA - Truly a law unto themselves. Fined me despite being notified of changes then totally refused to accept that they had made a mistake, all whilst being arthritically slow to respond to all contact. My family and I have had several run in's with this pathetic shower of sh*t.
  • Disgruntled M.
    Holland and Barrett Overpriced products, poorly paid managers, overworked staff, dis-illusional and two faced. Promotions are rubbish and the Gethin Jones is a cock. All staff fight on with a smile but inside are suffering like mad. Massive turnaround on staff.
  • Don P.
    Ryan Air. Feckin' useless and offensive company.
  • ziggy
    all letting agents , there all incompetent greedy lying douches
  • Steve S.
    Your wife. The sex is so-so, but she's just not good company.
  • Sicknote
    BBC for me; I've cancelled by license and only watch on demand services. I told the girl that I wasn't prepared to sponsor a kiddie fiddling club any longer - she had nothing more to say to that.
  • captain c.
    Its a five way race, Starbucks, Google and Amazon on the basis of ripping off HMRC, and hence EVERYONE; and Ebay/Paypal for ripping off EVERYONE !! I would like to add NPower as an outside bet; they recently tried to take £335 instead of £65 from my account, claiming they sent me an email about it 4 months ago!! This not the first time they have tried this, last time it was over £1500!!
  • OMG C.
    Just had to get this in before CW.
  • kv
    HUKD, for their data protection problems
  • Mr M.
    I vote for bitterwallet.com, due to their censoring of comments.
  • God
    - Admiral Insurance (absolutely useless, tell you you're insured when you're not so you drive round for 2 weeks illegally....) - NatWest Bank (stupidly high charges for going into the red or a direct debit bouncing...) Actually, we might as well just say ALL insurance companies and banks. I do have to agree with 'WBRacing' about the DVLA - they spend their days thinking of new ways to fuck people over and then change the law to make it legal! (like they are the only place exempt from the Data Protection Act) And the police (not strictly a company, but they couldn't be any more useless if they tried!)
  • Gabriella
    I would say NatWest, Royal Mail, BBC, Pitman Training, Tesco, Npower, EDF Energy, BT, British Gas and finally Marks and Spencer.
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patel's. Now £10 for a four pack of Tennetts Super. Cunt.
  • Michael
    I'd also like to add Asda Direct to the list - how anyone loses a 6ft Xmas tree is anyone's guess but the South African call centre still can't tell me how or why it happened. Oh, and a million times more votes for First Group after an incident last night where one of their drivers inferred that I engage in acts of self-pleasure
  • Science
    Asda Direct, for sure. Two weeks for 'next day' delivery - not ideal when your order's for two suitcases and you're leaving for your holiday in two days' time. Happened again with two kids' Christmas presents. Crap call centre, crap social media support. But the winner surely has to be First Utility - by far the worst energy company I have ever dealt with. They ignore all meter readings and continually bill on estimates. Half an hour wait on the phone. No response to emails. A complaints team that rings you at 9.01am as you're sitting down to work. Bye bye!
  • Science
    And Virgin Media.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Jocky Wilson You keep coming back though, don't you? So who's the cunt, eh?
  • Casparwhite
    I can't hide my true feelings anymore. Leeds United FC Purely because our players and owners are pants. I had to leave the country it was so embarrassing to be seen as someone associated with this awful club. Second nomination if allowed - another vote for HUKD for losing data, covering up and censoring criticism.
  • Emma
    Oh boy, it's got to go to: Scottish Power - their customer service team tried to blame a fuck up that was their fault (I somehow ended up paying for my neighbour's electric) on NPower. Not only that, they didn't tell me what I was supposed to do - how to resolve anything, no offer to actually sort it out, no nothing.
  • Dj_urban
    Dry Tinder Ltd. For Shocking Managment.
  • Simon
    The Council (presuming they are all like Wirral and Liverpool). Unhelpful bunch of self righteous pricks who are only interested in businesses and development if it is in the public eye.
  • Russ
  • Waterboy8535
    Orange....or as they now like to be called EE. The most useless customer service team i've ever spoken to. Cunningly if you call off your Orange phone then you get a UK centre but if you call off any other phone they palm you off abroad where they are as useful as a chocolate teapot. Took a deposit off me for my phone then denied taking it when I was due it back after 4 months. Took many many phonecalls to resolve. When I was getting nowhere and asked to speak to their complaints department I was told they had no number and even said if I emailed in that they wouldnt do anything about it!!!!
  • Simon
    British Gas (and other energy companies) 1. All the energy companies happening to be making so much money in a recession is a joke. How anyone can claim they are a natural and competitive market without price fixing is beyond me. 2. Continual tuning of everyone's Direct Debit seems to always be in their favour. They are making massive profits, do they really need us to prop up their cashflow too?
  • Simon
    Orange - Try getting support from an Orange helper of the Facebook page. Here to help = Here to fob you of and have no information or use whatsoever
  • jim
    DPD delivery company.
  • Lazycouple
    Has to be Yodel. No contest.
  • CJ
    Three - No signal. No customer service.
  • fra
    Amazon, money grabbing, tax dodging, [email protected]@rds oh and Amstrad cos Lord Saccharine gets on my t!ts
  • smashingnicey
    yodel all the way... all the way being ironic considering you're very unlikely to get your parcel delivered all the way, on time and in one piece
  • R E.
    Apple for Sheer Brilliance in having Loads of Assistants with Ooh Soo Wizzy Techie Gadgets in their hands as they Prance around the Apple Store in Meadowhall.....But alass!.... when you ask them the Most Basic of Questions - Erm like "can you have a look at this" or the one in Just Love relating to Updating Operating Systems and the Protection of Many Many Hours of Tenaciously Entered Very Specific Information - Tap and Track App by the way... you ask them Why Would you Update the System on your Apple product if you Can NOT Garuntee that the said Information will NOT BE LOST thus causing Utter Annoyance/Distress/Inconvenience etc..... Is this Not a Basic & Reasonable Concern? i think so but as yet..... 3+Years.....Approx 20 visits to Apple Store Meadowhall.... im still NOT Convinced that they can Protect my Information when they want you to Update Your Apple Product..... And if you refuse to Update like me - DUE TO THE SAID COMMENTS.....you loose out with your Purchased Apps as they are Not Uptodate....but as mentioned you Update &......They Cant Garuntee your Stored Information will be Intact...... FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! Basic Request.....Fail.....Oh and all that Nice Sexy Gadgetry they swing aroung with them in their ""Teeeeeees & Jeeeeeeeens"""" erm doesn't seem to do much or in my case offer any thing substantial..... Anyone else asked the same? or do you all just Nod your Heads & Accept..... Now did i mention that Apple want to charge me £140 to "fix"a Moisture Sensor Prob on a 13 month old £500 iphone 4s?...... Well i did Now & im Not a Happy Bunny....Perhaps the Sale Of Goods Act Does Not Apply to Apple? you experienced this too? aPPARENTLY YHERE ARE MANY ON THE INTERNET WHO HAVE....... Enjoy!
  • Dai
    Starbucks. And Morrisons, who have gone from being the "decent" supermarket to worse than the others in one year.
  • Anastasia
    E-On. In 2 years of being with them, they have never sent a correct bill. They're not off by a bit, but by thousands. I was once sent a bill for £1800 when I actually owed around £300. Even when they promise to send a correct bill out, they never do. When I switched to a pre-pay meter I was lied to about its charges and the ability to switch back, but was sick of relying on their hugely incorrect bills. After it was installed, they sent all my payments on my meter to Scottish Power - who I've never been with - for over a year, sending me more and more letters claiming I owed them increasing sums, and not admitting to this mistake until months after my phone calls. I then had to chase them repeatedly to pay off the bill as they never set up the repayments on the meter correctly, despite sending 3 engineers to fix it!
  • Zpider242
    Orange. For their 'fuck you' style of customer service.
  • Anthony, T.
    Can we lump Orange and TMobile together as they are both now part of Nothing Nowhere and both fucking useless
  • simon
    Zavvi, takes forever to get your item.
  • Niels
    Apple. Worst company of the year 1976 until they day they go under.
  • Ben
    T-Mobile for having the worst customer service. Also they never update smartphones to the latest version. Dire.
  • rjonesy
    Yodel, for there sheer kak-handed incompetence... closely followed by Citylink for much the same reason
  • Billy
    Definitely T-Mobile. Sent my phone away for repair so many times and then spent two months with a broken device trying to get a replacement sorted, before they locked me into another two year contract without telling me. Absolutely no care for existing customers. Eventually managed to get away, and I couldn't be happier.
  • Callum
    Hotukdeals.ie for leaking my personal data all over the interwebz
  • Aaron A.
    Apple, 3 and vodafone
  • Warren
    Definitely Amazon. No customer service, difficult to contact in any case. They do not honour their Amazon A-Z Guarantees.
  • brian
    Paypal for their misleading "protection" claim
  • Paula
    Rizzos Hairdressers, Wellington, Telford. For ruining my hair and not saying sorry. They were less than useless.
  • Robert
    SKY For not rewarding loyal customers. The best deals are always for new customers or those who threaten to leave.
  • Marky M.
    The Post Office. Staggering prices, a fuck-you-up-the-arse volumetric pricing system and arrogant, rude staff who use the armoured glass to get away with truly shocking service. And no, I don't want any top-up and no I don't want insurance and yes I do have a pension, just SELL ME A BLOODY STAMP.
  • THE K.
    TALK TALK i gave them a miss luckily after hearing the horror stories about money being taken early from accounts resulting in unauth overdraughts .. and lack of customer support then cancellation problems... a few friends suffered from these shower's
  • Stu_
    This post can be closed. Yodel win. Isn't it about time they went bust? What it does mean, however, is that the other delivery companies have upped their game. Interlink express, for instance, not only sends the receiving person about 10 emails explaining where your parcel is, by the day of delivery, they give you a 1 hour timeslot. If you miss them, they give you 4 different options on what to do next. Warren: Amazon? really? They'll win the best company (again). Outstanding customer service for me.
  • JamesE
    WAEPlus Absolutely shockingly bad service in every way. If this even qualifies as service. I ordered a monitor, for a good price (not a great one) and saw standard delivery was up to 12 days,so I "upgraded" for 4-6 day delivery for £7.99. Well it still hadn't arrived thirteen days later despite many emails through their "fast contact" system. So I cancelled the order. I'm just within their 30 day refund time, and haven't had a refund yet. Will I get it within 30 days? Who knows. It's one thing waiting for a refund for a returned item, but one that never arrived? Unbelievable. Send an email and the auto reply says: "We have received your query. A customer service representative will contact you shortly. Please note, our customer service team is available between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays." Well, I've sent plenty of queries and no-one has contacted me yet. And good luck getting through on the phone, if you can last the deliberately obnoxious hold music. Are these guys just building up a paper business? ...taking orders,holding the money for a month and refunding? What amazing turnover they must have...that would look great to potential investors on a balance sheet. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. I sincerely wish I had.
  • me t.
    Hands down, has go to be Satan's den (santander). Apart from the incomotencis every one of their customers experience, they authorised payments on a card reported lost or stolen for over 6 months. When I discovered this (not them) I simply asked for list of transactions made against that card so that I could confirm they where ones actually initiated by me (the card was on an online payment system that I made a mistake on when updating to the new card details). They first denied the fact, then when I got proof, they accused us of card fraud. Then when I subject access requested them, they first just sent bank statements, then when I said they where I breach of data protection act, they sent everything they had on me, except the list of transactions against the card in question. They really have your security as a priority!
  • Mike
    Three. That is all.
  • Russ
    Is it too late to add Three Mobile. Utter shower of cunts, trying to cancel my mobile broadband contract, put through on a bad line to someone with a strong Indian accent, I could barely make out what was being said. They then put me on hold and hung up, no reply to tweets to their support people, or emails or anything
  • Colin
    Zavvi - takes 2 weeks to arrive, then when you want to return you have to 'apply' for a returns label, wait for it to to be returned and then chase then up for refund! #Clowns
  • karl
    Orange for their rude and aggressive call centre staff, their constant over billing, their lack of willingness to listen to customers the lies they tell, the fact they dupe people into long term contracts. Amazon, for using yodel knowing full well how awful they are. George Foreman, for making grills that burn people, don't cook food, and having the worst build quality i've ever seen on a product in my life.
  • Issac M.
    The 'BW related company who cannot be named' (well, it can, but immediately gets deleted)
  • Rosie
    Terrible service several times including leaving two of my items in a shed in a different road to me. I didn't receive a card through the door. Luckily the people (who I didn't know) were honest and kindly bought them round in their car. Order was for £150.
  • Regular n.
    HotUkDeals - Shite
  • Marble G.
    The Post Office, expensive, bad attitude, greedy, untrustworthy, arrogant, inept, queues but who cares we're in the process of upselling our uncompetitive products.
  • taxman
    All those who exploit tax loopholes
  • Noel G.
    Scan Computers. Have completely lost the way in pricing and have the most arrogant 'technical service' staff possible.
  • Arron
    Play.com I would be embarissed to say i worked for play.com they are SHOCKING!
  • I n.
    The Government, totally inept blind robbing bastards; no matter what party is in power they are all c**ts
  • charles d.
    talk talk have to be the worst, the fact they won last year and are still totaly fucking usless......................... PLEASE PLEASE do your selves a favour and have nothing to do with this shit company.
  • Steve
    BT Openreach because they just don't give a damn about the customer. When you have an issue, you get no updates until they are ready to fix the issue, then it gets fixed when it's convenient for them - God forbid you can't make their appointment (that'll cost YOU more because YOU delayed the fix).
  • Kez
    Currys/PC World not just cause they push there services to the customer, also because of the staff get treated so badly, no matter how hard they work. It seems they are pushed into pushing stuff and if the high targets are not met then they get fired! Also agree with Yodel and DPD.... useless!
  • lol
    Post Office, their online savings account is a disgrace. Their online statement is constantly experiencing 'technical difficulties' and they repeatedly failed to send me paper statements I specifically and urgently requested. I lost out on the house I wanted to buy because I couldn't provide proof of funds due to their incompetence.

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