Worst Company in Britain 2010 - VOTE NOW in the final

wcb-2010-medal*DRUM ROLL* Here it is then – the final of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain for 2010. From your tens of thousands of nominations (give or take a few) we formed a shortlist of the 16 grottiest organisations operating out there in the UK as chosen by you.

From that shitty sixteen, we’re now down to the two that you lot feel are the worst of the worst. On one side of the arena, we’ve got Vodafone, who famously tried to change the terms and conditions of their customers’ contracts but without allowing them to cancel. Oh, and there was the small matter of the £6 billion tax bill that they allegedly squirmed their way out of.

Then there’s HDNL/Yodel – the parcel bastards who many of you seem to have suffered at the hands of, whether it be missing packages, the failure to put a ‘while you were out’ card through your letterbox or, spectacularly, sticking a parcel in your dustbin on bin day.

You’ve got right through until midnight on Christmas Eve to cast your vote and Santa Claus will deliver the name of the winner on Christmas Day. To track all of the previous results and find out how it all came to this, you can have a butchers here...


  • Spark
    This is bollocks.
  • Gnome
    HDNL are shocking, they have a low tariff that they offer to businesses which means parcels go missing regularly. The customer service that they offer is also terrible.
  • kv
    nobody even cares because the whole thing was a fix and a shamblee
  • Really
    Can DSG be crowned 3rd place runners up? They deserve it just for being consistent and persistent cocks year after year.
  • Still B.
    [...] Go here to cast your vote and help crown the prize chumps of 2010, and you can also check out the results so far as the whole thing draws to a close and we turn our attentions instead to gluttony and arguing. [...]
  • erskine
    vodafone: the company that starts charging when the phone is ringing, even if it isn't picked up. worthy winners/losers/whatever.
  • Paul S.
    kv - nice to see you're still hanging in there to post under multiple names. Thanks for your continued support!
  • SpankyPants
    Vodafone aren't that bad! HDNL are a shocking courier company though - UPS rule!
  • Worst B.
    [...] scooped up two thirds of your votes against HDNL/Yodel in the grand final and win the golden turd award previously held by Setanta [...]
  • kv
    @ Paul Smith, be careful about making totally unfounded accusations
  • NC
    Where is sainsbury Entertainment and sainsburys, they steal your moeny and make interest of it then refuse to give you your items. They then are rude and ignorant and ignore you. Bunch of b******s

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