Worst Company In Britain 2010 - the shortlist revealed

worst company logoAfter a frenzied week of grouching and griping from you ‘orrible lot, the nominations are in and counted and we can proudly present the shortlist for Britain’s Worst Company Of 2010.

The sixteen contenders, listed here in no particular are…

BT, DHL, DSGi, eBay, HDNL/Yodel, Orange, Paypal, Play.com, Quidco, Royal Mail, Sky, Talk Talk, Tesco, 3 Mobile, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

We’ll be pairing the companies off against each other and eventually whittling them down until we’re left with the worst of the bunch. The voting will commence on Tuesday and run through until Christmas Eve, so y’all keep coming back if you your voice to be heard.


  • Gunn
    Quidco? That's an odd one... what next Barnardos?
  • Phil
    Interesting... BT had best win - bunch of arrogant, unhelpful people! Also I'm Surprised Quidco is mentioned - I've made over a hundred quid from using them.
  • Phil
    Its interesting how many telecoms companies are on the list! My opinions: BT - they need to win - Bunch of arrogant, unhelpful people. Quidco - I've got over a hundred quid from them. Why are they on the list?
  • Avid r.
    Also surprised with Quidco, perhaps too many people have had cashback refused? Perhaps you could ask people for reasons why they have nominated particular companies and publish some of the best reasons on each vote-off?
  • zeddy
    I can't believe that Bitterwallet never made it on the list. Actually, I can't believe it's not butter.
  • Roge
    Royal Mail - 3 of my last 4 parcels have been 'lost' , puts me off ordering online and costs me money/time. Sad to see such a once great company in such a shambles Vodafone - used to be the best reception-wise - find more and more that other networks have better coverage - think i might switch when contract comes up as this is really the only thing that matters to me Tesco shouldn't be there Quidco takes months to pay cash back but it is money for nothing so suprised at that one I never had issues with ebay/paypal but i have seen the horror stories SKY is fine, its just criminally expensive No British Gas on the list?!
  • PlatPlat
    BT: without a doubt should 'win' Play.com: Why are they here? Because of their packaging? This hardly makes them one of the 16 worst companies. Also shouldn't qualify because they are a Jersey firm, not British. Quidco/Tesco/Virgin Media: Why?! No energy companies?!
  • Stephen
    Glad to see that HDNL are on there. Bloody useless buggers.
  • Buster G.
    What? No Sainsbury's Entertainment, lol. (And Jersey is British!)
  • dan
    play.com aside from packaging issues are fine if you dont want your stuff thats listed as in stock to arrive within a week, but if its anything that says 1 - 2 weeks etc then good luck, had a 2 cds on that status since last dec, and still waiting for a returns email for a faulty xmas gift i got someone from january!
  • dan
    and thats twice ive seen yodel in one day id never heard of them, just coming back from somewhere and one of their vans pulled out in front of everyone when he had no right of way, get in and see them on this
  • PlatPlat
    Brit·ish    [brit-ish] Show IPA –adjective 1. of or pertaining to Great Britain or its inhabitants. 2. used esp. by natives or inhabitants of Great Britain: In this dictionary, “Brit.” is an abbreviation for “British usage.” Jersey is a dependency of the British Crown, this does not make it British.
  • matt b.
    By that definition Platty, Northern Ireland isn't British, either.
  • Slacker
    > anything that says 1 – 2 weeks etc then good luck... Yeah, that's play.com-speak for 'out of print'. Apart from that I've found them to be pretty good though.
  • Brendy
    Play.com, Quidco should not be on this list...
  • PlatPlat
    Northern Ireland isn't British! The full name of our state is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Zleet
    Surprised at Quidco being in the list. I would have thought the expectation going in is that 'cashback' isn't a done deal and all depends on the shops willingness to honour it, so problems are expected. Any problems I've had have always been sorted by Quidco fairly easily.
  • Zeddy
    It will have been TopCashBack patrons who nominated Quidco. TCB eat Quidco for breakfast in terms of customer service.
  • Spark
    I agree, Quidco and Play.com both have no reason to be on this list and if either eBay or PayPal do not win this year then please don't bother to run it again in 2011 as it will prove what an absolute farce this really is.
  • Granty
    Royal Mail - Would be worthy winners. Getting internet orders delivered is becoming a lottery. Vodafone - £6 billion. C*nts! Never had any problems with Quidco or Paypal and 3 Mobile have always been fine for me. Starting to lose patience with companies like Woolworths, Argos & Tesco Entertainment, etc though who repeatedly put up mispriced goods on their websites.
  • matt b.
    Platty: It may not be a part of Great Britain, which is the large Island, but it's a bit hard to argue that NI isn't British. It may say 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' on the front of the passport, but our nationality law specifically uses the word British. People born in Northern Ireland are British citizens.
  • fra
    Quidco deserve it, the worst cashback site by far, took nearly a year to get my VirginMedia signup cashback from them. They lied continuously that VM wouldn't/hadn't paid them whilst VM gave me the contact person who had authorised the payment. And they have the audacity to take a £5 annual admin fee...There are other cashback sites, which pay far more and are far more reliable....
  • Tim
    Virgin easily. Though it's one of those companies where if you have no reason to call then and they haven't cocked up your install then you believe they're great. People forget they used to be NTL. Remember nthellworld? The name has changed but they still have the same shocking customer service and their inability to deliver stable broadband to a reasonable portion of their customers and that their engineers fail to turn up makes them a joke. BT and Sky are crap also but no where near as bad. It's just more people use them so the number of complaints are higher.
  • Skipper
    The only company I've had problems with out of this list is Virgin, not had many problems with their products but their customer service process is absolutely appalling.
  • Mehran R.
    npower are the worst, i rather rub two pieces of wood to heat myself this Christmas
  • Mr G.
    Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile have always had good customer service, in my experience. In fact it has been one of the best things about them. Media reduced my bill and gave me a new modem with absolutely no hassle. Maybe it's because I'm in an ex-Blueyonder area, not ex-NTL. Three Mobile have been really good with me - they may use Hindi-speakers but at least they're not Scousers or Glaswegians. LloydsTSB, Nationwide, Royal Mail and NPower have been completely incompetent, rude and obnoxious.
  • Snowball
    To the guys questioning the Tesco nomination: Self-service. It's actually now mandatory in some Express stores (Edinburgh Nicholson Street and Fountain Bridge to name the two branches I occasionally visit) during quieter times, and during busier times, you still need to serve yourself because they hire so few staff that there's little option, unless you want to wait an extra five minutes in line. The damage these job cuts have on the local employment rates goes without saying.
  • Nobby
    Quidco is there so it gets knocked out in round one, to show what a great company it is.
  • PokeHerPete
    @Nobby, if only Quidco were that good at basic mathematics too. I recently received "Body butters, scrubs and deliciously scented shower products make great christmas gifts. Buy them at The Body Shop and receive a massive 15% cashback and 30% off all products. Hurry though, this great offer ends midday on Tuesday 14th Dec!" which Quidco then boast "Save 45% at The Body Shop" in the email subject. Quidco's 15% cashback is taken from the final value with Body Shops 30% off, which is not a 45% saving. Thankfully Quidco don't deal with money...oh wait.
  • Ross
    The sixteen contenders, listed here in no particular are… No particular order...really ?
  • Kradlum
    Oh please let it be TalkTalk! We're still trying to cancel their TV service from a house we moved out of 3 months ago. They successfully cancelled the telephone service that we NEVER had, but can't seem to cancel the TV service. I'm so glad I cancelled the direct debit.
  • Mark C.
    Curious why people are arguing about whether Jersey is part of the UK or not (it's not), when the rules state that "You can nominate any company that has completely got your goat over the past twelve months as long as they operate in the UK". Anyway, eBay and PayPal are all American companies, DHL is German and 3 Mobile is based in Hong Kong - if these companies are all valid targets for brickbats, then so is Play.

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