Worst Company in Britain 2010? It's Vodafone.

wcb-2010-medalThe votes have been counted and the not-all-that surprising result is that the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain for 2010 is... Vodafone.

They scooped up two thirds of your votes against HDNL/Yodel in the grand final and win the golden turd award previously held by Setanta Sports and the Royal Mail.

It’s been a grand year for the mobile phone provider – in May they tried to change their Fair Usage Policy for data use but back-tracked when scores of customers took it as an opportunity to cancel their contracts.

More recently, it was reported that Vodafone had dodged a £6 billion UK tax bill, roughly the same amount that was cut from the Welfare budget, a state of affairs that has led to protests in their high street stores.

Who knows what 2011 will bring? Congratulations Vodafone – our readers hate you more than any other company that operates in the UK today. You must be SO proud.


  • Owen
    this is the least they deserve after ripping off our country by not paying their tax bill
  • Chris
    Vodafone won against a delivery company.. How can you compare the two? If you wanted to do this properly then you should have had one vote that included all companies and see who won that!
  • Eldini
    Flawed poll leads to a flawed result. Grats.
  • The L.
    As a customer, I've had less problems with Vodafone than the pisspoor 3G and Vodafone's signal remains the strongest in my area (was always missing calls with 3G), but I agree that they and all the others need to stop illegally holding customers to their contracts if they cannot or will not provide the coverage and service the customer is paying for. And their tax-dodging director should be sent to prison as a warning.
  • Andy247
    You know that 3G is a technology not a company don't you? Retard.
  • Eric
    Chris - you don't base the result on who delivers parcels the fastest otherwise this would not work. You base your vote on who has the worst customer service, delivery of product and service and generally how much they have pissed you off in 2010. Therefore you can pit any two against each other.
  • jo
    Middle finger up to you Vodafone! A well deserved award. I hope more consumers will be saying 'fuck you' to the network in 2011 its the only way to take you down
  • S
    I hope the relevant people at Vodafone will be sent certificates. Or perhaps we can put some up at the next UkUncut meet?
  • TheGyro
    Not to mention the fact that they put their shite software on android phones with no easy way to take it off. The fuckers. Now try and get some shitfaced PR exec to accept the award in person.
  • PLJ
    As already said, flawed poll = flawed result.
  • Andy D.
    PLJ - the EIGHTH different pseudonym to have commented about the Worst Company poll from the same IP address...
  • Steve O.
    The best way to show the cunts that they are cunts is to make sure you cancel your contract at the first possible opportunity, which I did last week. You also get the benefit of countless poor drones calling to ask why and if there's anything they can do to change one's mind. "Cos I hate you" and "only giving me my contract for free; I couldn't live with myself if I only paid a penny a month" shuts them up.
  • Mr.Vanko
    As a business point of view: 1.BT without a competitor. (do not have to say anything) 2.Biffa waste management. (simply useless) 3. Touchlocal ltd. (money rip of company taking unsigned, not agreed payments)
  • At B.
    [...] and templates They proved to be this year’s mustache-swirling villains, when you declared Vodafone the Worst Company in Britain 2010. When Vodafone tried to screw customers by turning a flexible Fair Usage Policy into a hard limit [...]

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