Worst Company In Britain 2010 - get your nominations in NOW!

worst company logoAnother year has almost ended, and it’s time once again for some seasonal outpouring of vitriol and bile from you lot, our dear avid readers.

Yes – it’s time for the Worst Company Of The Year Award for 2010! Will the Royal Mail be able to hold on to their poisoned chalice of 2009 or will there be a new winner this year?

Nominations start NOW and go on until midnight on Friday. You can nominate any company that has completely got your goat as long as they operate in the UK (sorry, haters of Finland’s wretched CakkiNet dial-up ISP).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.

And no, we’re still not lumping in eBay and Paypal as the same thing so nominate them separately if they’re on your own personal shit-list.



  • Steve
    BT. Awfull customer service, Terrible to get hold of on the phone, so many diffrent 'departments' that each don't know what the other is doing and a billing system that would stump the code breakers of Bletchley Park. Personal highlight this year wasreciving no less than 6 instalation dates over the period of one day with no word as to which was the correct one.
  • Chris M.
    Orange (broadband). not everything everywhere. just orange. their customer service/tech support is beyond useless, to the point where it is easier to fix your ADSL yourself than bother calling. Although, it is fun, being a wee bit technically minded, to try and get their tech support people to stray from the script they have in front of them, it's become a bit of a sport.
  • TeflonMan
    TalkTalk. Totally messed up e-mails a month or so ago, completely losing 10 days' worth in the process. Add to that the third price rise within a year. Wouldn't whinge if I'd brought it upon myself, but ended up with this useless lot through their acquisition of Tiscali (who were bad enough in their own right) after the latter bought the fabulous Lineone.net some years ago.
  • Foss
    I nominate BT. Moving house was a nightmare with them, and they demanded a reconnection fee even though the old line hadn't been disconnected. Their customer service is terrible and they seem to bounce your call around as many different departments as possible. Also, seperate accounts for phone and broadband.
  • George
    Orange Mobile Phone, Poor 3G service even when showing full bars, Poor Customer service on the phone, Retail store are utter shite, all round cocks.
  • Daniel Z.
    Vodafone. Easily.
  • Matt
    Play.com I ordered a pair of headphones from them at a dramatically reduced rate, waited two weeks for a delivery which never came. Then I rang them up and was told the supplier that provided them at that price had run out, and I wouldn't recieve my order. Bearing in mind they had taken the money from my account the day after ordering, then neglected to tell me I wouldn't receive my product for two weeks, I was not a happy bunny. I got my money back in the end, but I won't be shopping with them after that farce. Also know others who have ordered products which haven't arrived, then been told weeks after they weren't going to be getting them.
  • oliverreed
    Jual Domestic - utter wankers. Take money for appliances with no delivery date in sight although the items aren't listed as 'out of stock', slag them off on reviewcentre and they'll insist the site alters or modify the review or face legal action. You can't get through to them via email/telephone. Loads of info on MSE http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1772663
  • klingelton
    I'm going to nominate Vodaphoney - several reasons. I'm not a customer of theirs, but their complete contempt for their own customer base over the last 12 months has been incredible. first dropping the FUP on the broadband, charging my mate for a text message if he sends a long text message (how is it not 2 single text?) and the fact that they could have written off our national debt if they paid their taxes, yet somehow got let off (maybe not a poor reflection of vodafone, more our own government). The main point over all of this is they havn't ever been made accountable in the main media. Watchdog shy away from the problem (as they do with any problem where they might have to do some work). And still subsidaries and vodafone shops are still trying to sell the "unlimited" internet package. my personal experience with vodafone was they were unable to provide me with a service to my own house (agreed it was after i moved) i used to have to sit at the end of the road and ring them to discuss this, yet they maintained there was a strong voda signal in my area. I invited them out to disprove this fact as there was nowhere which offered me above 1 bar near my house. They are liars, cheats and scam artists. In short - I fucking hate them.
  • oliverreed
    @Foss I hope you fucked 'em off at point?
  • Theo C.
    Skanska. A company whose main job is digging up roads is never going to win medals for being people-friendly. But some of the downright stupid things they do in the process of this really require either a lot of thought, or the complete inability to realise that the main point of pavements is for people to walk down and that roads are actually meant to allow vehicles to move freely, rather than be waiting for one of their excavations.
  • Murray
    Sorry, Daniel Z, but I've had no problems with Vodaphone at all. They've been totally helpful, phoned me to adjust my contract so that I save money, no arguments no loss of service, no problems at all. Now, Virgin Media is another story altogether... I signed up according to an offer on their website. Then I checked my direct debit and they're charging me more for no reason. How to get them to honour the original agreement, I don't know...
  • Nick T.
    Royal Bank of Scotland. God knows, most banks are rubbish but everything the lying gauleiters at RBOS do is geared around wringing more money out of you whilst reducing services, inventing bogus "advantages" to convince you to PAY to let them invest YOUR current account money (then pay themselves bonuses when they fuck that up too), and avoiding responsibility for any screw-ups. New Terms & Conditions are issued at least six times a year, each one more Stalinist by degrees. RBOS' incompetence is only exceeded by their arrogance and I can't believe I put up with their apathetic parody of customer service so long before ditching them (for First Direct, who have been okay so far).
  • Whisky
    @ Foss, had exactly the same thing early this year with BT. Complete bunch of wankers and I will never use them again. Went to Sky in the end and have been very happy since.
  • Jenni A.
    BT. Wankers. They charged us £200. No one in any of their departments know why we were charged this. We are still none the wiser. We ended up paying the money to keep them off our backs and our credit rating in tact, we still havent had the money back.Really hard to get hold of. Horrible customer service. I HATE THEM.
  • PS
    Tech Guys- possibly the biggest bunch of shit faces ever. None can comprehend English and that's including those who work in the UK. Have had so many problems with these guys- incredibly unreliable. Post Office Telecoms- Simply for being twats.
  • Mark F.
    Another vote for Orange. Went through their website to upgrade my phone which I had to pay for, was still waiting for a confirmation email the next day so I phoned them and was told that my order had been cancelled due to it going out of stock. Decided to try the shop in town and paid for my upgrade. When I checked my bank statement, they had charged me twice - 1 for online and another for the store - when I called them they denied that I had been charged. Had to get a statement from my bank and go to the store to fax them a copy as they wouldn't accept an emailed copy. Eventually got the refund.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. My vote is for Belgium.
  • Deech
    Zurich Car Insurance Daughter driving car, fully comp, hit from behind......6months for them to decide that it wasnt fraud, that she was alowed to drive (despite being a named driver and doing the advanced driver course THEY recommended!), no communications from them at all, other than over the phone, garage more help then the lazy gits who are supposed to sort this out. Lazy useless money grabbing douchebags
  • MrRobin
    RMT for instigating strikes over the most petty of changes The Labour Party for screwing up the economy close to the point of implosion
  • Danny
    Argos - hands down. I tried to buy a bike from them this year, twice they sent me bikes that the local bike shop said were not legally safe, cost me £25 in phone calls just to get them to pick the bikes up and have had no response to my written complaint over a month ago.
  • Zaphod
    Zavvi Zavvi Zavvi - Take orders for instock items, make you wait weeks telling you they are waiting on suppliers then let you down!!!!
  • Josh G.
    Without a doubt Royal Mail!!! Shocking service.
  • geaniuk
    BT BT BT
  • StauntonLick
    Royal Mail. Have had post delivered completely destroyed where it was shoved through the letter box. A letter sent to my girlfriend was clearly opened and read, despite (perhaps because of) saying "Confidential Documents" on the envelope. Complaining about this has done nowt. And that's not to mention the horrors of going to the Post Office - inept, slowly dying staff who take an insane length of time to carry out the simplest of tasks (such as sending your mail to completely the wrong address). A close second, but alas ineligible, is Brighton & Hove County Council. Surely the giants to which all of the other suggested companies on this page aspire.
  • NickS
    @Danny..why the hell did you not buy the bikes from your local bike shop to start with if you wanted road safe bikes?!
  • Andy
    Mesh Computers.... God awful.... take your money and cost an arm and a leg to chase your order. Couldnt tell me what was going on with my order after 6 weeks....
  • John I.
    I nominate CeX. For ripping people off, both in selling far too high, and buying far too low, for having zero quality control, for having disgusting, dirty shops, and for taking over a month to dispatch orders bought from their website.
  • Michael H.
    Northern Rail Competition = over
  • Whisky
    @Danny, I was under the impression that bikes from Argos were delivered "ready to assemble" therefore one would presume that they are not safe to ride in their delivered state. i.e with no front wheel attached? And furthermore, if they were unsafe when assembled prehaps that is down to the assemblees incompetance? Don't think this is a defense of Argos btw, they once sent me a wooden bed frame which was soaking wet, it had obviously been stored outside, in a swimming pool.
  • Whisky
    that should say assembler of course.
  • Zleet
    Sky £10 extra for every multiroom subscription but if you want HD it's an additional £10 per multiroom as they don't mirror the HD part of the original subscription. Two bedrooms each with multiroom and HD puts almost £500 a year onto your standard Sky package, all for someone hitting a few keystrokes in the Sky callcentre.
  • Alexis
    MICROSOFT Can't get onto their forum for Games for Windows Live and their telephone support for GWL takes you to someone who knows nothing about GWL and only deals with XBox. My copy of F1 2010 is sitting there, unable to be played. http://www.windowslivehelp.com/thread.aspx?postid=92d5346f-4f9f-4803-9db1-f12200733be1#92d5346f-4f9f-4803-9db1-f12200733be1
  • Josh G.
    To justify why I picked Royal Mail, not only have they "lost" at least 4 items I've posted this year, they also seem to think it's acceptable to post "Signed for" items through my letterbox without my signature. Thoe are all minor complaints to the time that a Royal Mail emloyee decided they couldn't be bothered to knock on the door to see if I was in, rather they would post the large breakable item through my open lounge window (approximately 5ft above the ground) which then landed on my HD projector. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard the bang as my parcel fell onto the projector. I have never seen such ineptitude and complete lack of concern for someones property. Josh
  • noodles
    Simple 3 mobile..utter trollops!
  • The g.
    England bid team. Wasted £15million of our money for the Prince, PM and some has been footballer to prance around the world making us look like bigger twats than we already are.
  • kv
    either DSGi, or the unholy trinity (ebay, paypal, royal mail)
  • donttouchthehair
    ROYAL MAIL - Because the theiving bastards have 'mislaid' and lost no less than 4 watches, 5 video games and a 24 series boxset.....
  • StauntonLick
    Really loving the Royal Mail hate. Keep it up guys, lets get them the Golden Turd!
  • Ian
    Vodafone, with a special mention for Jakub Hrabovsky and the rest of the idiots in web relations without whom this nomination wouldn't have been possible. Throw in the tax dodging and its really a non contest.
  • Mark C.
    I haven't had particularly problematic dealings with anyone this year (even having to send a computer back to Acer wasn't too painful) So in lieu of any personal experience to whinge about, I'd like to nominate both Tesco and the bookmaking industry (William Hill, Paddy Power, etc), for systematically attempting to annihilate, buy out or generally throttle independent businesses throughout London.
  • Ben
    How has EBay not been mentioned yet? combined with Paypal, to charge you three seperate times to sell something you already own, and retain your funds for as long as possible to make interest off it. My second nomination would go to EVERY HIGH STREET BANK. Because what other chain organisations aren't open at weekends? twats.
  • IhateArriva
    Arriva. They're fucking shite.
  • Dan S.
    Peverel OM (aka Consort PM and other pseudos) OMFG these guys are unbelievably incompetent. they're a property management firm and appear to be known for their horrific standards of business practices. In the last 6 months alone several of the things encountered are: 1. Being told I haven't paid my service charge and they've handed my account to a debt agency when I hadn't even received a reminder. The admin fee from the agency they use was 25% of the charge itself??????? After several blistering calls form me they backed down and admitted they never should've engaged the debt agency but that will go down on my credit record!!! 2. They recently painted the window frames on our listed building apartment block. What do you think happens when they are painted when shut.....drum roll.... thats right they are sealed shut! When calling them highlighting it as a fire hazard as its a main escape route for my ground floor apartment I was told to take a towel and throw a chair through the window "but we can't be held accountable for the cost of replacement" GENIUS!!!
  • Dan S.
    reviews to support Peverel OM may be worthy of entering this years running! http://www.google.co.uk/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=peverel+om+review&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&ei=BfL8TKSJHIuChQew1sXmCg
  • James L.
    It should be Sky with their cheeky attempt to increase the cost of my package while I'm still contracted to remain with them. The bastards!
  • tiny
    Banks, Politicians, Insurance companies, any company that insists on cold calling especially those that "aren't selling anything" and I've not even started yet
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patel's. £9 for a four pack of Tennetts Super. Cunt.
  • MrRobin
    Hmm.. I don't really understand all these nominations for companies that are apparently charging too much for their optional services... e.g. the chap above who complains about spending £500 on two sky hd multiroom extras... err, you could just chose not have these? It doesn't make Sky a bad company because you think you are paying too much, but won't go without it (obviously it's not too much otherwise you would cancel) Or the complaint about ebay and paypal charges... If you don't want to pay these then try hosting a garage sale or go to a car boot sale? I bet you won't get nearly as much for your items though! These two do have one thing in common; they're monopolies. Perhaps the people who nominate companies like these for reasons that involve their pricing structures should actually nominate the Competition Commission for their lack of intervention
  • Yoss
    A wee good customer service story to dilute the bad news ones a bit. Bought a cheap refurb netbook off Argos Clearance eBay shop for £170 or so back in April. Arrived with pressure marks on the screen so I emailed D & J Henry - the company who were listed in the supplied paperwork as providing the warranty. They arranged a DHL guy to pick the thing up the next day and sorted it out. Had it back good-as within a few days. Didn't cost an extra penny. So cheers D & J Henry! Good work.
  • peeved
    DSGI for shocking customer service in pcworld, currys and tech guys lost laptops not even attempted repairs and arrogant managers!
  • PokeHerPete
    Kudos to DJ Henry from me too. He played at my nephews birthday, he pumped out bare DJ Casper choons.
  • DP
    I nominate Premier Foods for the fact that 'extras' in your food appears to be more commonplace than ever. Surprisingly they haven't been mentioned yet considering the coverage they get on BW.
  • George
    Potential2 Lettings in Liverpool - bunch of bullies and WILL rob you.
  • Laura
    BT, no one else comes CLOSE. They caused me so much stress over a period of 8 months I can't even bear to talk about why incase I burst a blood vessel. I ended up resorting to recording their phonecalls with my iphone incase I needed to prove that they'd contradicted themselves for the 40th time. Happiest moment of my year was figuring out which combination of buttons to press to speak to someone who could understand anything I was saying and look back at my notes. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!
  • DP
    @Laura I had major problems with BT a few years back and Googled around which resulted in me finding the chief exec's email address. I sent him an email complaining about the service I'd received and I immediately had a phone call from his PA advising it had been passed onto one of the directors. This director called me a few times which resulted in my problem being sorted out within a day. I only got a verbal apology but I was just happy to have my problem sorted after months of trying to go through Customer Services. Going to the top and being polite can work wonders :-)
  • colin
    Dixons Retail / DSGi / PC World / Currys. If you want to pay more than anyone else and have a sales person who's brain has been replaced with "What ever happens" (insurance) sound box spend more time selling you an extended warranty then this is the place for you!!!
  • Christy
    Medion Electronics is my pick . Possibly the rudest most unhelpful people I have ever had the misforturne to deal with. Crap netbook that went missing in their warehouse, & 3 different formats of their address (Their own version, Companies House & Royal Mail) - never again.
  • Victoria
    HDNL - the worst courier company I have ever encountered. Parcels sit for days in various depots, go missing, claim to be 'posted at the property' when they weren't (especially annoying when the item is meant to be signed for and you were in all day waiting for your parcel but the doorbell never rang once and...). If your item doesn't disappear into the ether but you were out you are encouraged to rearrange delivery online. Which would be fine, except that when you do and wait in all day the parcel doesn't appear. And I guess that this happens a lot because HDNL don't acknowledge the redelivery request by email or on your account so you have no way to prove that they didn't deliver your item on the day they were meant to. You can't phone your local depot because HDNL don't provide depot phone numbers. Instead if there's a problem you have to phone a call centre where the twelve year old boy on the end of the phone is unable to comprehend the issue at hand and repeatedly drones a variation on "computer says no..."
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  • Michael
    First Group have to get a mention. Fares increasing every year beyond inflation, late, stinky, overcrowded buses (if you're lucky),the most miserable bastards imaginable driving their vehicles and a general "Fuck You" attitude to anybody with the temerity to express their displeasure. Quite frankly, DSGi, eBay, Paypal, Vodaphone, BT, RBS and Royal Mail combined couldn't stoop to a lower level than First Group.
  • Anthony M.
    BT. Piss-poor customer service. A bill that is incomprehensible and bares no apparent resemblance to our actual contract; being told by customers services that were are "technically but might not actually be" in credit when asked why we are paying much more than the monthly direct debit we'd agreed to, but she was unable to tell us why, by how much, or how to claim the money back as she by now "wasn't sure" and didn't know who to forward our call to to find out; a special offer package of reduced calls that were more expensive than the standard package; charging us a connection fee without being able to tell us exactly when we would be connected (the thought of being transparent in this area, after cancelling on us twice, being entirely alien); being unable to tell us over the phone if/how we carry our existing contract to a new address.... There is a scientific theory that if you place enough monkeys in a room with enough telephones and give them enough time they will form a BT call centre. Current theories put "enough time" at about three 1/2 days. Fucking useless.
  • Slacker
    Lazy, incompetent wanker couriers who insist on leaving my parcels in the fucking garden. I'd list companies but it's pretty much all of them. Today's one forged my OH's signature in order to dump her parcel as we were out & none of the neighbours were around. I'll be ringing the bastards in the morning & playing the 'the online tracking says it's been delivered but it must have been stolen as we didn't sign for it' card and see if I can get the idle cunt sacked.
  • Ross
    South West Trains. Bloody Expensive, Over crowded and cannot even bother to gritt thir own personal car parks for which we have to pay nearly £1,000 a year.
  • Graham
    @stauntonlick re: "A letter sent to my girlfriend was clearly opened and read, despite (perhaps because of) saying “Confidential Documents” on the envelope." ... Do you really, honestly think that the posties have the time or for that matter the interest in reading your documents. With the way that things are going, there are less posties and more work to do!! It is likely machine damage but I guess certain people are just paranoid and too quick to point fingers! Anyway, my vote goes to HDNL. They left a note stating they had attempted delivery and said that it would be held for a week. I arranged delivery for the next day and took the day off work. When I contacted them about it (which in itself cost me god knows how much with their nightmare phone system) they told me they had returned the item to sender after one day despite the redelivery request. Bunch of fucktards!
  • db
    Sky. Bunch of clueless, incompetent arsehats. Spent 4 months sorting out THEIR billing mistakes after cancelling their shitty, overpriced TV service.
  • JaffaCake
    Dear DHL - when you leave a delivery attempt notice for me, don't then leave my parcel with a neighbour when you've asked me to collect my parcel from your office. It's annoying for me, and it's annoying for the neighbour who has to then store my stuff. PS - Transport for London - stop striking
  • Elvis P.
    Bitterwallet. Especially after they stamped down on fox chat.
  • Zleet
    @MrRobin Although I have two multiroom subs I don't have HD on them for the simple reason they charge way to much for it. I don't begrudge Sky's right to charge money for services, what I do disagree with is the amount they charge for what they actually give. Charging for the HD pack on the main subscription is fair enough but charging the same for every multiroom even though it costs them nothing more is just greed. Also Sky anytime with Sky broadband for counting the anytime service as part of the download restrictions so forcing people onto the costlier service.
  • Ross
    Southeastern trains Cannot run a railway, constantly late & cancelling trains. Rude staff. Cannot cope with 1/8th of an inch of snow. oh, and they plan to put ticket prices up by 12% in the new year
  • rich
    vodafone for the fact of their vodafone 360 app which slows devices an is uselss yet un-removable without flashing etc also that they rush to get latest devices yet make everyone wait months to update whilst everyone else on other providers get miles ahead of us and for just bein generally crap an having staf that know nothing about the devices in store and "copy and paste" bulls**t replys to any emails sent to them
  • yak
    Orange.... without doubt Orange, For a company who have sold mobile phones for as long as they have, you'd think they would be able to sell me one without having to ring customer services no less than half a dozen times!!
  • Phil
    BT - Cold call me more often than any other company. Staff are then rude, refuse to believe I've got a better deal elsewhere. Also help a friend who's BT broadband had died. At one point, they refused to help unless she took out a new contract to get a new router. Thankfully the problem fixed its self - no idea what we could have done otherwise. The problem is they have a near monopoly and know it!
  • ABaker
    Orange (Mobile) Always takes longer than 5 minutes to answer the phone. Nothing has worked first time. Have been given incorrect information regarding visual voicemail on the iPhone. Have not received refunds where required and offered. Poor reception in areas shown as strong reception on their maps. Really poor 3G performance even with good reception. EDGE network doesn't seem to exist. Often end up speaking to staff with no idea of how to resolve a problem. Heavily commercialised website with no focus on customer support.
  • Paul I.
    COMET Sent me an email asking me to buy a new Ipod Touch 64Gb for £149. I logged on and paid up. Got the delivery date but it didn't turn up. Rang Comet - who said that they would not send the Ipod, saying that they had made a error - What error I say - you sent me the email asking me to buy it at £149 (retail £329)
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  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] we mentioned the nominations for our Worst Company In Britain 2010 Award yet? Yes, we have – just there, a couple of seconds ago. So if you haven’t already, get [...]
  • Gregg
    BT - complete and utter tosh. Caused stress and worst customer service I've ever received. Been with them 20+ years in one way another and the staff argued with me over something I was right about. Customers always right......just not for BT
  • amin
    play.com (slow customer service, no tracking etc) 3 (we all know why) google (absolutely no customer support especially for google checkout) paypal (they really don't care about anything)
  • Steve
    eBay for being rip off bar stewards, and DSGi for being cocks. Oh and Elephant insurance, as I took every last conceivable detail from the foreign driver who hit my car and the police attended, yet they still cannot find him, weird how I called the company and found them in two mins, yet that can't be used......
  • RDM
    HDNL Need I say more... utterly crap at their job, i.e. delivering things
  • Tony
    DSGI (microwarehouse, pc world, etc) - in small print call themselves "resellers" so if you buy a laptop which is in the clearance section and it arrives dead then they don't want to know - take your money but fob you off with 'speak to the manufacturer' (who said not their problem). I went to the top of DSGI and threatened everything - refund finally sorted out but no apology. Never use them again. Bunch of cowboys...
  • Andrew
    Vodafone, without a doubt!
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  • simon
    NPOWER Abbey national Talk talk head and shoulders the worst in the UK
  • Jo
    VODAFONE HANDS DOWN. For a whole range of reasons. -Pay your TAX -stop screwing over your customers -crap phone deals -asshole CEOs -crap policies and constant law-breaking policy changes -you have to do everything twice ie cancel your contract because they always fail to do it right the first time -they made me give my blackberry back when i cancelled my contract eventhough it was suposed to be a 'gift' D:< I do really hate ROYAL MAIL and SKY as well.
  • Mr.Vanko
    As a business point of view: 1.BT without a competitor. (do not have to say anything) 2.Biffa waste management. (simply useless) 3. Touchlocal ltd. (money rip of company taking unsigned, not agreed payments)

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